You don’t need to go the barber for a shave anymore. Neither do you need a whole shaving kit everytime you fancy changing the facial hairstyle. Bring home some exciting shavers that allow you to style your beard or simply clean shave with easy usage. Here are some top brands offering the best shavers:

1. Wahl

Wahl has some excellent grooming products for men. The powerful shavers are fast and comfortable. They come along with detachable parts that ensure different styles. Some of the variants offer upto 90 minutes of run time on battery.

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2. Syska India

Syska offers high precision shavers for men. You will have a smooth and refreshing experience with these Syska India Products. They come with a LED battery indicator, high speed motor and have a 360 degree shaving angle.

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3. Remington

Remington offers smooth and powerful shavers for men that are an absolute joy to use. Some of the shavers include a turbo mode for thick beards. The shavers have a Hyperflex design allowing trimming at awkward angles as well.

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4. Philips shaver

The AquaTouch Shaver for men by Philips provides for an exquisite shaving experience. The powerful machine will ensure that you are protected from cuts. These shavers have a 5-directional flex head that is useful for close skin contact.

5. Nova

Nova offers a good variety of shavers. They are waterproof and cordless. They give an excellent clean shave as well. Nova shavers are easy to handle and also come with a 2-year warranty.

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6. Brite

Brite shavers come with a silent yet powerful motor. It is designed carefully and features skin friendly blades that are very comfortable. These trimmers are easy to use and come with a six-month warranty.

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7. Panasonic

Panasonic offers powerful grooming machines for men. They are designed for all types of hair thickness. It has a high performance linear motor which provides fast and efficient shaving. There are pop-up trimmers to let you choose your own facial hairstyle.

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8. Kemei

Kemei has affordable, cordless shavers to offer. They are waterproof and rechargeable. Some of the products come with facial contour tracking system which makes the process even more comfortable.

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