10 Best Shaver Brands in India for a Clean Shave

In this age of modern technology, our life is incomplete without machines. These days, electric shavers are taking the place of traditional shaving razors. They eliminate the need to go to the salon for a shave or use a whole shaving kit every time to wipe out facial hair. This makes bringing home a shaver a good decision. Here, have a look at our curated list of the best shaver brands in India that make your shaving routine easy and hassle-free. Here you can also check the best shaving creams in India.

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How Do We Choose the Best Shaver Brands for You?

Grooming is an important part of daily life, and a shaver makes it incredibly easy. It helps you rock a clean, close shave without taking much time, space, or effort. If you’re looking for the best shaver on the market, it’s usually a good idea to go with a brand that offers products that are compact, user-friendly, self-sharpening, and have long-lasting blades. In the Indian market, you can get a good quality shaver on a budget of Rs 1,500 to Rs 10,000. Here are some factors that helped us in curating the list of best shaver brands for you.


It is important to be sure the shaver is designed with a powerful motor that is enough to complete your shave without burning out in the midst. Also, it should be quiet to make the shaving process less noisy and irritating for you or the people around you.


The number, size, and material of the blades are some important factors to consider while making a purchase. The more the number of blades, easy it becomes to remove thick and coarse hair. They also ensure neat and safe shaving. Also, the size of the blade should not be large to hinder its performance. A 5/8-inch blade is considered to be the best for shaving smoothly.

List of the Top 10 Shaver Brands in India


Wahl Shaver

The Wahl Clipper Corporation, headquartered in Sterling, Illinois, is an American grooming manufacturer. The brand’s products are sold in over 165 countries worldwide and are regarded as an international market leader in grooming equipment. Among all its products, it is well known for producing strong and high-quality shavers.

Prominent Features of the Wahl Shaver: 

  • Wahl Shaver has a blade speed of 14,400 strokes per minute
  • It is powered by a powerful vibrating electromagnetic motor
  • These shavers have a V5000 motor and come with adjustable clippers
  • It has chrome-plated blades for accurate cuts and outlines
  • The engine of the shaver is quieter and more energy-efficient
  • Allows you to modify the taper and texture for different hair lengths


  • Extremely lightweight
  • No need to change the blades
  • Compact Design
  • Professional style shave


  • Smaller size takes longer to shave

Why We Picked the Wahl Shaver?

Wahl has some excellent grooming products for men. The powerful shavers are fast and comfortable. They come along with detachable parts that ensure different styles. Some variants offer up to 90 minutes of run time on a full charge.

Syska India

Syska India Shaver

Syska is an LED lighting system company based in India. LED tube lights, LED bulbs, street lights, power banks, dry irons, shavers, smartwatches, and other energy-efficient equipment and devices are available from the company. It is well known for its multifunctional trimmers and shavers for men.

Prominent Features of the Syska India Shaver: 

  • Dual track blade technology for a rapid and close shave
  • It has a high-end 360° rotating shaving system
  • Run time of 40 minutes on a rapid charge of 120 minutes
  • The 3D floating head of the shaver eliminates nicks and cuts
  • Long-lasting self-sharpening blade designed in Germany
  • Has a pop-up trimmer to improve your grooming experience
  • Features a protective cap for safe storage & extending product life


  • Up to ten times shave
  • Polished shave
  • Skin-friendly blades
  • Safe user experience


  • Less number of service centres available across India

Why We Picked the Syska India Shaver?

Syska offers high-precision shavers for men. You will have a smooth and refreshing experience with Syska India Products. They come with an LED battery indicator and a high-speed motor with a 360-degree shaving angle.


Remington Shaver

Remington is a personal care company based in the United States that produces electric shavers, hair clippers, epilators, and hair care products. It is a joint venture between Oak Hill Capital and Spectrum Brands. Remington offers smooth and powerful shavers for men that are an absolute joy to use.

Prominent Features of the Remington Shaver: 

  • Increased cutting capabilities provide a 2x smoother appearance
  • Perfect for wet & dry use, this shaver is excellent for use in the shower
  • Battery-powered and cordless shaver, there is no need to plug it in during usage
  • Features a high-performance battery with a runtime of 40 minutes
  • Designed with a quiet drive advanced motor for less noise & vibration


  • Travel-friendly
  • Comfortable experience
  • Consistent performance
  • Skin-friendly trimmer


  • Product limited to online stores

Why We Picked the Remington Shaver?

This Remington Shaver is a high-performance electric shaver that features 2X flexing foils for a precise shaving experience. The blades of the shaver capture hair with every pass and prevent irritation. Also, the hyperflex design of the shaver allows trimming at awkward angles as well.


Philips Shaver

Philips is a Dutch multinational business based in Eindhoven. It was formed in 1891 and was formerly one of the world’s largest electronics businesses. The company is engaged in a variety of industries, including consumer products, lighting, and personal care, healthcare products. One of the best products by this brand is its electric shavers, which are high-quality products and come at an affordable price.

Prominent Features of the Philips Shaver: 

  • After a 10-hour charge, you can use it cordlessly for up to 40 minutes
  • The powerful machine will ensure that you are protected from cuts
  • This shaver has a 3-directional flex head for close skin contact
  • For long-lasting performance, there are 27 self-sharpening blades
  • The skin protection system provides a clean, moist shave
  • Features ergonomically designed comfort cut blade system


  • Gentle on the skin
  • Convex shaving system
  • Non-slip handle
  • Battery indicator
  • Exquisite shaving experience


  • It has no clip system for zero cut

Why We Picked the Philips Shaver?

Perfect for every skin and hair type, Philips Shavers are the best for your skin. This shaver is engineered with self-sharpening blades that feature rounded blade caps shield for a safe experience. It is perfect for dry as well as wet shaves and can easily be opened with one touch of a button.


Nova Shaver

Nova Electrical is a private limited business situated in New Delhi that was founded in 1992. The company is well-known for producing appliances like hair trimmers, straighteners, and dryers, as well as other tiny household gadgets. Nova makes high-quality shavers that let you achieve salon-style styling at home.

Prominent Features of the Nova Shaver: 

  • Suitable for body grooming, beard & moustache, nose, ear & eyebrow, and hair clipping
  • It is a rechargeable all-in-one trimmer with superior cutting performance
  • The timer and all its attachments are washable for easy cleaning
  • Blades are designed to create fine lines, contours and details
  • Comes with a convenient timmer stand for hassle-free maintenance


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Excellent clean shave
  • Easy to hand
  • Highly versatile
  • Great build quality


  • Battery backup can be improved

Why We Picked the Nova Shaver?

This multi-purpose kit by Nova is ideal for the modern guy who deliberately cultivates a dishevelled look or enjoys the back brush impression when not a single hair is out of place. Also, it meets international shaving criteria and is a perfect choice for quiet, precise shaving.

VR Brite

VR Brite Shaver

Brite is a well-known personal brand in the Indian online market. Brite products may be purchased via online retailers. The brand sells a variety of equipment, such as trimmers, shavers, epilators, hairdryers, and hair straighteners. Brite shavers come with a silent yet powerful motor for an outstanding shaving experience.

Prominent Features of the VR Brite Shaver: 

  • The cordless devices come with a precision trimmer for easy grooming
  • Large-capacity rechargeable battery, powerful motor, and long-lasting life
  • These trimmers are easy to use and come with a six-month warranty
  • Designed carefully and feature skin-friendly blades that are comfortable
  • Blade made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring irritation-free performance


  • Consistent performance
  • Ergonomically body design
  • Powerful motor
  • 4 length settings


  • Blade quality can be improved


Panasonic Shaver

Panasonic is a significant Japanese producer of home appliances and consumer electronics. Based in Osaka, Japan, their diverse choice of shaver and trimmer models in a variety of price ranges keeps customers engaged with their brand. It has a variety of strong shaver models, which guarantees that your hair will be lustrous and bouncy after drying.

Prominent Features of the Panasonic Shaver: 

  • It has a powerful motor with a speed of 8800rpm
  • Because of its precise blade, it is preferred at most salons
  • There are pop-up trimmers that let you choose your own facial hairstyle
  • Employ a twin-blade approach to provide a deep, clean shave
  • Designed for all types of hair thicknesses and trimming beard or sideburns
  • High-performance linear motor, it provides fast and efficient shaving


  • 8 hours charge time
  • 24-month guarantee
  • Wet & Dry shaving
  • Quick charging
  • Washable


  • It is a little bulky to handle


 Kemei Shaver

Kemei is a Chinese firm with its headquarters in Shenzhen. It employs over 300 skilled quality control personnel who ensure that its goods are of the highest quality. At a reasonable price, the brand provides a high-quality shaver with three-speed options. Because these shavers are modest in size, you may always take them with you when travelling.

Prominent Features of the Kemei Shaver: 

  • Kemei has affordable, cordless shavers to offer
  • It is a multi-purpose usage shaver with 4 length settings
  • Comes with a facial contour tracking system for a comfortable process
  • This waterproof and rechargeable shaver offers precise shaving
  • The shaver has a rechargeable lithium battery with 5W power consumption


  • Heavy duty build
  • 2-hour charge time
  • Maintenance free
  • Multi-purpose usage


  • Complaints of charger disfunction


Havells Shaver

Havells India is a Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) producer and is the country’s major supplier of industrial and consumer electrical goods. It was formed in 1983 and manufactures personal care appliances, LED lights, fans, switches, induction motors, wiring accessories, and other goods. One of its best manufacturing is its electric shavers, which work wonderfully in a precise, clean shave.

Prominent Features of the Havells Shaver: 

  • Features a 3D floating veneer technology for a pleasant shave
  • Double-ring circular blade for a smooth and quick experience
  • The automatic grinding blade guarantees that it remains sharp for a long time
  • Built-in pop trimmer for precise sideburn and moustache cutting
  • The IPx7 waterproof technology is suitable for both wet and dry use
  • After 8 hours of charging, you’ll have 45 minutes of run time


  • Circular blades
  • Waterproof system
  • Long-lasting usage
  • 2 years warranty


  • Havells shavers are expensive as compared to peer-category products


Barun Shaver

Braun is a German consumer goods firm that was formed in 1921. It is a highly dependable brand, with all of its product ratings ranging from good to exceptional. Braun grooming and styling products are chosen by stylists all over the world. Its shavers are high-quality products that ensure clean and even shave without making much effort.

Prominent Features of the Braun Shaver: 

  • The blades come with four cutting parts to operate at 450 movements per second
  • This trimmer and shaver have a SkinGuard comb to protect your skin
  • The stainless steel 4D blades of the shaver are designed to last a long time
  • You can trim up and down using the two-way comb for accuracy and control
  • The rubberized, anti-slip grip allows you to shave safely and comfortably


  • Extended battery life
  • Easy cleaning system
  • 2 years warranty
  • Wet or dry usage


  • Expensive

Final Words

Electric shavers are a perfect device to style and trim your beard or simply clean it with ease. With the right shaver in hand, self-grooming becomes a breeze. In this blog, we have listed some of the best shaver brands in India that you can use to make your shaving routine easy. While all the options are easy to use, durable, and safe for the skin, we really like using the shavers from Wahl and Philips. Do let us know your top pick from the list.


Which shaver brand is the best?

Philips, Syska, Havells, and Wahl are some of the best packet shaver brands in India.

Which Philips shaver is best?

A wet and dry Philips shaver is best.

Which is the best trimmer or shaver?

Both a trimmer and shaver are the best. If you need to shape and style your beard and moustache, a trimmer will be the best option. However, if you want a close shave in a short time, you m must go for an electric shaver.

Is a foil razor better?

Electric shavers come in two forms – foil and rotatory. Generally, both the foil and rotary shaver are best used for facial hair only – that’s what they were designed for. However, for most users, foil shavers make a better choice for everyday use. They are generally more comfortable and faster, work great on short stubble, and are easier to clean thoroughly.

How long do electric shavers last?

An electric razor is a significant investment for your grooming routine, and it can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years, depending on the brand you purchase. To prolong your electric razor’s life, wash or brush any loose hairs away from the foils and blades after every use.

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