11 Best Shawl Brands in India

Shawls have been a part of the Indian heritage and are still widely used in this day and age. They come in a huge variety of styles and colours and are made all throughout India. In India, shawls like the Pashmina, Naga, Pattu, and Bhujodi are highly popular. These loose pieces of clothing fit everyone and every budget to help them remain warm on chilly winter days. 

Nowadays, shawls are produced using machines, which lowers the cost. However, if quality is more important to you than cost, hand-crafted shawls are the ones you should pick. Although there are many shawl sellers in the nation right now, we have compiled a list of the best shawl brands in India. The next time you buy a shawl, think about one of these top brands before making your final decision.

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How Do We Choose the Best Shawl Brands for You?

Many Indians, particularly weavers, take great pleasure in their shawls because of their luxurious elegance, aesthetic beauty, and exceptional warmth. They are a beautiful and important part of Indian traditional wear, created with intricate needlework. Shawls are available anywhere from Rs 500 to Rs 20,000 or more. Real Pashmina shawls can cost even higher, with prices going up to a few lakhs.


High-quality shawls are made from cashmere, the fleece of Himalayan goats. As a result, it’s important to regularly check or inquire about the fabric of the shawl. You can also look for other wool options and mix blend options depending upon the style, warmth, and the budget.

Size of the Fibre

Genuine shawls will have fibres that are between 15 and 19 microns in diameter, which is thinner than human hair. The airy, smooth, and sumptuous feel of Pashmina shawls is due to their low micron count. So be careful to check the fibres before making a purchase.


Due to its fragility, cashmere wool can only be spun by hand. Because of this, counterfeit Pashmina shawls made by machines will never have weave issues that make them uneven in specific places. The very precise handwork makes them quite expensive as well.

Best Shawl Brands in India

1. Pashtush


Pashtush was founded in 2017 by Pranav Malhotra with the purpose of offering the highest quality shawls. This company, which began on a very modest scale in Amritsar, Punjab, has grown to become one of the top shawl brands in the nation.

Prominent Features of Pashtush Shawls:

  • Pick from a variety of exquisitely created and woven shawls made both for men and women
  • Pashtush shawls are meticulously crafted with consideration for the illustrious traditional Indian art history
  • Pashtush is known for producing high-quality shawls


  • Quality material
  • Complementary gift box packaging
  • Variety of designs

Why We Picked The Pashtush Shawls?

Pashtush is a well-known brand in India which offers high-quality shawls in India. The brand also offers beautifully designed stoles, scarves, and suits.

2. Weavers Villa

Weavers Villa
Weavers Villa

Kautuk Popli, Sushen Popli, and Sahaj Popli founded Weavers Villa in 2014, with their centre being in Amritsar, Punjab. Weavers Villa is one of the top apparel businesses that offer a variety of shawls, from plain to embroidered.

Prominent Features of Weavers Villa Shawls:

  • The brand’s goal was to promote Indian shawls, stoles, and scarves in their original form online to customers
  • The meticulously chosen selections of ‘Weavers Villa’ are crafted keeping in mind the customs and culture of India
  • You can wear a chic shawl from Weavers Villa to look fashionable


  • Elegant designs
  • Wide variety of products
  • Premium quality material

Why We Picked the Weavers Villa Shawls?

In 2014, Weavers Villa began its adventure before quickly making its way into the list of the best clothing brands in India, particularly when it comes to shawls. They have so far expanded their selection of shawls, dupattas, stoles, etc., in their catalogue.

3. SWI Stylish

SWI Stylish
SWI Stylish

Beginning in Amritsar, Punjab, SWI Stylish has now established roots in other states. Vinay Vadhera and Navit Sethi created SWI Stylish in 2018. The brand has progressed to this point as a result of its commitment and perseverance in making its company stand out from the competition. 

Prominent Features of SWI Stylish Shawls:

  • Although stoles and shawls from SWI Stylish now rule the market, their website also offers other apparel
  • SWI Stylish provide both plain and embroidered shawls for both genders
  • In order to give traditional Indian clothing a cosmopolitan flair, SWI Stylish have also employed designers from all around Europe


  • Premium quality material 
  • 100% manufactured and processed in-house
  • Elegant designs

Why We Picked the SWI Stylish Shawls?

SWI Stylish is the product of tireless efforts made to provide fashion to each of its customers’ doorsteps. Their embroidery technique of Aari Shawls uses concentric rings of colourful threads to create designs that are quite stunning.

4. Kashmir Box

Kashmir Box
Kashmir Box

Founder Muheet Mehraj had the notion of bringing Kashmiri culture to other regions of the nation. Thus, Kashmir Box was born in 2011. Kashmir Box set out on its mission to provide the best offerings of Kashmir, Pashmina shawls being one of them.

Prominent Features of Kashmir Box Shawls:

  • Kashmir Box has quickly become one of the leading retailers of high-quality shawls since online shopping in India started developing 
  • A tiny portion of their overall revenue supports the Kashmir Box Foundation, which aids craftspeople with costs associated with schooling, marriage, and other life events
  • Kashmir Box comprehends the needs of clients and provides superior, authentic, and Kashmiri products right to their homes


  • High-quality Kashmiri shawls
  • Variety of products
  • Affordable

Why We Picked The Kashmir Box Shawls?

Today, Kashmir Box serves as a marketplace for regional producers, craftspeople, producers, and creative entrepreneurs that want to show the world their goods. More than 10,000 artisan families are a part of the Kashmir Box community. The brand is still expanding to serve them all around our valley.

5. Pia Ka Ghar

Pia Ka Ghar
Pia Ka Ghar

Pia Ka Ghar was launched back in 2010 to provide the highest quality clothing and accessories. Due to the high demand for Pia Ka Ghar’s shawls in the Indian market, their websites have an entire section devoted to them. Customers like the Pashmina shawls supplied by this brand because they come in a range of prices, making them accessible to everyone.

Prominent Features of Pia Ka Ghar Shawls:

  • The goal was to empower women who practised “Kantha,” a Bengali stitch painting art form in native Bengal
  • Pia Ka Ghar also produces private-label, customised wedding wear in collaboration with premium design firms in India
  • The Pia brand is an artisan direct brand that offers the greatest quality Indian ethnic sarees, lehengas, shawls, and blouses from India


  • Variety of designer products
  • High-quality material
  • Offers worldwide shipping

6. Himalayan Weavers

 Himalayan Weavers
Himalayan Weavers

The Himalayan Weavers is an Indian company renowned for producing Pashmina shawls of the highest quality, as well as other items produced from wool and yak wool. The final product is somewhat more expensive since weavers devote a lot of time and effort to gather the fibres, but you won’t have to sacrifice quality. When Patricia and Ghayur Alam founded Himalaya Weavers in 2005, this was their only objective. They also sought to advance the culture of the real mountain people.

Prominent Features of Himalayan Weavers Shawls:

  • Himalayan Weavers now offers a wide variety of handcrafted goods, such as shawls, stoles, scarves, and more
  • The brand mostly employs natural colours in the production process
  • The final product has a sense of luxury and a beautifully sophisticated design


  • Hand-spun wool
  • Uses natural dyes
  • Soft and cosy

7. Oswal


When it comes to casual clothing, Oswal is one of the most well-known companies. Oswal provides machine-made shawls of excellent quality at a very low cost. The Oswal group’s founders worked very hard to establish their roots all across India when the company originally started in 2003. Oswal is thus regarded as one of the top clothing and accessory companies. The primary facilities were first established at Bathinda, Ludhiana, and Nalagarh. 

Prominent Features of Oswal Shawls:

  • Oswal now oversees a number of factories that produce garments all throughout India
  • Produces amazing shawls in terms of both quality and pricing


  • High-quality material
  • Affordable
  • Wide variety of designs

8. Indie Picks

Indie Picks
Indie Picks

At Indie Picks, you can get gorgeous, traditional Indian clothing. It is a company that offers shawls with Indian influences. They weave and embellish shawls with exquisite needlework and vivid colours

Prominent Features of Indie Pick Shawls:

  • The shawls come in a variety o colours and designs, so choose one according to your liking
  • The brand produces its products from good-quality material and is durable
  • Indie Pick makes shawls which have beautiful embroidery


  • Wide variety of colours
  • Affordable
  • Exquisite embroidery

9. Pashmoda


Parth Agarwal made the decision to move his grandfather’s shawl company online when he was a college student in the US. Pashmoda is now a top shawl brand in India, even though it was launched in 2019 and is relatively new in this market. 

Prominent Features of Pashmoda Shawls:

  • Pashmoda shawls go with any ensemble and give it a sophisticated appeal
  • Pashmoda shawls are the perfect present for any occasion since the price range suits all pocket sizes
  • Each product is painstakingly crafted from the softest, finest wool, and the cloth is put through rigorous quality controls and inspections


  • Simple to maintain
  • Elegant design
  • Premium-quality mateial

10. Romano NX

Romano NX
Romano NX

Romano NX is a full-fledged apparel brand that was started in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in 1976. It started off as a little store, but thanks to digitization, they have been able to establish roots all throughout India. They are now selling their goods all across the nation with the use of internet marketplaces and their own website. 

Prominent Features of Romano NX Shawls:

  • Romano NX shawls are very affordable and are made from good quality material
  • Romano NX has a sizable social media following, which has allowed them to grow their inventory
  • The shawls from Romano NX are simple to maintain and can be easily draped


  • Affordable
  • Good-quality material
  • Wide range of products

11. Ahujasons


Although Ahujasons was established in 1979, it soon began expanding into the international market. As of now, Ahujasons is one of the top manufacturers of Pashmina shawls.

Prominent Features of Ahujasons Shawls:

  • Ahujasons produces authentic Pashmina shawls, so you can trust them if you want one
  • You can select a shawl from Ahujasons that best matches the colour scheme of your outfit, whether it is monochrome or bold and vibrant, thanks to its wide range of colours
  • Select an embroidered fashion scarf with sequins from Ahujasons for a really stunning look


  • Premium quality material
  • Authentic Pashmina shawls
  • Wide variety of colours and designs

Final Word

Shawls come in a variety of styles and designs. Follow our curated list to choose the shawl company that best suits your requirements. According to us, Pashtush, Ahujasons, and Weavers Villa are our favourite picks for the best shawl brands in India. We also considered factors like purity, size of the fabric, and weave while making our recommendations.


Which Indian shawls are famous?

A few most popular Indian shawls are Pashmina shawls, Naga shawls (Nagaland), Bhujodi shawls (Gujarat), Kapadaganda shawls (Odisha), Kantha shawls (West Bengal), Kalamkari shawls (Andhra Pradesh), Himroo shawls (Aurangabad and Hyderabad), and Pattu shawls (Kullu).

Which fabric shawl is best?

Pashmina is considered to be the best fabric for shawls.

Which is the softest shawl?

Cashmere, Merino, and Silk offer the softest shawls.

Which city is famous for shawls?

The state of Kashmir is famous for shawls. The Kashmiri shawl is distinguished by its unique Kashmiri weaving and for being produced of quality Shahtoosh or Pashmina wool. It is the forerunner of the modern cashmere shawl.

Is Kashmiri shawl expensive?

Yes, Kashmiri shawls are expensive because Kashmiri Pashmina is luxurious and the best quality yarn. The wool is collected from local Capra hircus goats in the Kashmiri highlands. One shawl needs wool from about 3 goats, along with skilled weaving and soft texture, adding to the shawl’s price.

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