11 Best Sofa Sets in India for Your Modern Home

A sofa can make or break the look of your living room. It is an important piece of furniture where you can relax after a long day of work, watch a movie with your partner, cuddle with your pet, or have a deep conversation with your family. This highly versatile furniture, when chosen right, changes the ambience and adds character to your home.

Since a sofa set is a one-time investment and is meant to last several years, it should be picked very carefully. While there are so many options for different budgets, the best sofa sets will be the ones that are plush, affordable, sturdy, and easy to maintain. To assist you in making the right choice for your modern home, here is our handpicked list of the 10 best sofa sets to check out this year. These are the perfect choice to enhance the beauty of your home.

Our Top Picks

How Do We Choose the Best Sofa Sets for You?

There are many types of sofa sets that can be a two-seater, three-seater, five-seater, or six-seater and may feature an array of designs. They come in different shapes, sizes, styles, colours, and budgets. In India, you can get a good quality, durable, and comfortable sofa set starting from Rs 10,000.

While all the mentioned options on our list are great choices, here are some factors that will further help you make an informed decision. We kept these factors in mind for picking these options for you.


Checking the material of the sofa is a crucial factor that you can’t neglect. There are different kinds of wood that go into the frame, foams that are used inside for the softness, and fabrics for the outer cover. All the options on the list are made with a high-quality frame and have different materials so that you can pick the one that suits your need the best.

Number of seats

Just like the shape and colour, the size of the sofa also matters while making a selection. On this list, you will find three-seater, five-seater, and nine-seater sofa sets. According to the available area and requirements, you can pick the desired size.

List of the 10 Best Sofa Sets in India for Your Modern Home

Adorn India Sofa cum Bed

Adorn India Sofa cum Bed
Adorn India Sofa cum Bed

What appears as a classy three-seater sofa can turn into a relaxing bed at night. This sofa set by Adorn India is made with a sturdy wooden frame and polished chrome legs making it one of the best sofa sets for people who like to entertain a lot.

With high-density foam and reclone fibres, the seats and cushions of this sofa do not sag early. The underlying elastic belt and velvet upholstery deliver a comfortable experience, always.

Prominent Features of the Adorn India Sofa cum Bed

  • It has a sturdy spring mechanism that makes it easy to fold and turn the sofa into a bed with ease
  • This is an aesthetically pleasing and functional sofa set that does not require any assembly
  • Features shiny chrome legs that are sturdy and rust-resistant, making it highly durable and long-lasting


  • Non-toxic, odourless fabric
  • Minimise wastage of space
  • Easily convertible design
  • Premium quality upholstery


  • It is a little bit pricey

Why We Picked the Adorn India Sofa cum Bed?

This sofa cum bed by Adorn India features high-density foam and an elastic belt for an absolutely comfortable experience. It is a highly functional addition to your living room with a sleek design to maintain a clutter-free home. Also, it is made from non-toxic and odourless material with a solid wooden frame for long-term usage.

Amazon Solimo Tulip Leatherette Sofa

Amazon Solimo Tulip Leatherette Sofa
Amazon Solimo Tulip Leatherette Sofa

If you are on the lookout for something comfortable, spacious, and stylish, this three-seater sofa by Solimo is the one for you. Filled with foam padding and covered with premium-quality PU leather, it has a thick frame made of solid wood. Sturdy and durable, it can easily withstand a little extra weight from time to time and is ideal for homes with kids as well.

Prominent Features of the Amazon Solimo Tulip Leatherette Sofa: 

  • It is a three-seater sofa set whose fabric is free from harmful chemicals like AZO Dye and formaldehyde
  • This lightweight sofa set is easy to move and has long legs for good ground clearance and easy clean underneath
  • It passes through 30 safety and quality tests to ensure high quality and durability for long-term usage


  • Extra support
  • Does not lose colour
  • Free from toxins
  • Easy sweeping


  • Expensive

Why We Picked the Amazon Solimo Tulip Leatherette Sofa?

Amazon Solimo Tulip Leatherette Sofa is a high-quality, comfortable sofa set that looks trendy and adds aesthetic value to the living room. It is made with toxin-free, durable material that does not lose its hue even after long-term use. This sofa set has a seating capacity of 3 persons and comes in different vibrant colours that make sit stand out from the rest.

Royaloak Antalya Turkish Signature Fabric Sofa Set

Royaloak Antalya Turkish Signature Fabric Sofa Set
Royaloak Antalya Turkish Signature Fabric Sofa Set

Looking for a classy, mid-century-styled sofa set to enhance the aesthetics of your living room? Royaloak has a wide range of luxurious and economical options for you! This sofa set features a strong wooden frame and luxe upholstery to make it look super premium. Comfort is paramount when it comes to this brand, so you can pick any product you want without any second thoughts.  

Prominent Features of the Royaloak Antalya Turkish Signature Fabric Sofa Set:

  • The strong wooden frame with metal legs make this sofa set sturdy and durable
  • This 3+2 seater sofa set is ideal for a big family
  • Nubuck fabric upholstery adds a touch of class and luxury to this set
  • You get a beautifully-cushioned sofa that offers superior comfort
  • It weighs 145 kg


  • Looks and feels extremely luxurious
  • The button-tufted design adds to the elegance even more
  • It can be converted into a sleeper as well


  • Colour might fade if kept in direct sunlight

Why We Picked the Royaloak Antalya Turkish Signature Fabric Sofa Set?

The Royaloak Antalya Turkish Signature Fabric Sofa Set features incredible craftsmanship and comfort that’s worth every penny you spend on it. Its superior cushion and amazing back support make the set a great catch. If you’re looking for a piece of furniture to amp up your spaces instantly, this sofa set is a must-have!

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SofaArchitect Wooden Moris Sofa Set

SofaArchitect Wooden Moris Sofa Set
SofaArchitect Wooden Moris Sofa Set

Want to buy a quality sofa set at an affordable price? Look no further than SofaArchitect Wooden Moris Sofa Set. It is a 5-seater set that is a perfect amalgamation of class and elegance. This sofa set has thick, wide legs with a strong wooden frame and high-density premium quality Recron Fiber making it extra soft and comfortable for everyday usage.

Prominent Features of the SofaArchitect Wooden Moris Sofa Set: 

  • It is made with high-quality recon fibre and 50/40 density foam that adds to its durability
  • This sofa set has a sturdy elastic belt that easily lifts the weight and offers a comfortable experience
  • It has a tufted backrest design and comes in different colours that complement the modern house


  • Large sitting area
  • Pre-assembled sofa
  • Built with durability
  • Hassle-free assembly


  • Dust gets settled easily on the fabric

Why We Picked the SofaArchitect Wooden Moris Sofa Set?

SofaArchitect Wooden Moris Sofa Set is an elegant addition to your living room. Made with premium quality material, this sofa set is highly durable and long-lasting. It is sturdy yet light in weight, which makes it easy to move and ensures better cleaning underneath. Also, it has the strongest quality wooden frame with an elastic belt to withstand heavy weight.

Home Centre Emily Fabric Sectional Sofa Set

Home Centre Emily Fabric Sectional Sofa Set
Home Centre Emily Fabric Sectional Sofa Set

Home Centre is a renowned furniture brand in India that offers the best quality products with next-level comfort. This Emily Fabric Sectional Sofa Set by Home Centre has a pinewood frame and features a minimal and simple design. It is a 5-seater sofa that has one 3-seater settee and a two-seater setup. For medium-sized living rooms, this sofa set is definitely a perfect choice.

Prominent Features of the Home Centre Emily Fabric Sectional Sofa Set: 

  • The sofa features a non-siliconised virgin polyfill, providing greater back support and optimum comfort while sitting
  • It is upholstered with polyester fabric, which is easily recyclable and has high tensile strength and durability
  • The fabric used is resistant to the growth and spread of microorganisms, making it hygienic for long time usage


  • Lightweight pine wood frame
  • Available in two colours- beige and brown
  • High-resilience foam that does not sag
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • It is a little too lightweight

Why We Picked Home Centre Emily Fabric Sectional Sofa Set?

Home Centre Emily Fabric Sectional Sofa Set is a stylish-looking sofa set with a smooth finish to go well with the aesthetic of the room. It has high strength and stiffness while being lightweight for easy portability. This sofa set is resistant to shock and has chemical-generated fabric, which is skin-friendly and stays intact for the long term.

CasaStyle L-Shaped Sofa Set

CasaStyle L-Shaped Sofa Set
CasaStyle L-Shaped Sofa Set

Made with solid wood, handpicked polyester fabric, and high-density foam cushions, this CasaStyle lounger is one of the best sofa sets that you can bring home. Its unique L-shaped design provides space for six people and makes your living room look a class apart. This stylish yet functional sofa set is something that you can’t miss.

Prominent Features of the CasaStyle L-Shaped Sofa Set: 

  • This sofa set has 3-inch fibre legs that support the weight of the sofa and make it easy to move
  • Made with premium upholstery and high-density foam for better comfort and pure relaxation
  • With expert craftsmanship, this sofa set is easy-to-install that requires a simple assembly of the legs


  • Extremely spacious
  • Solid wood for prolonged use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Highly affordable


  • Customer service should be better

Why We Picked the CasaStyle L-Shaped Sofa Set?

With classic accents, a one-side armrest, and in-depth broader seating, this sofa by CasaStyle brings together the best of comfort and class. It is a spacious design made with kid-friendly and pet-friendly material, which is easy to clean and looks stunning.

If you are looking for complete relaxation, this sofa set is an incredible addition. It is comfortable, durable and meets stringent conditions.

Furny Aniston Sofa Set

Furny Aniston Sofa Set
Furny Aniston Sofa Set

This three-seater sofa by Furny truly understands your contemporary needs. One of the best sofa sets for compact spaces, it has greater depth compared to regular sofas to give you a relaxed and comfortable seating experience.

This sofa is delivered in individual modular units that are easy to assemble. Easy to maintain, it can be cleaned with a dry cloth in case of spillage to avoid staining.

Prominent Features of the Furny Aniston Sofa Set: 

  • It is a sturdy and durable design sofa set with broader seating that can lift weight easily
  • Features padding, high-density foam with deep fibre cushioning for utmost relaxation and comfort
  • There is a huge collection of sofa sets with different sitting options for better decision making


  • Deep fibre cushioning
  • High-density foam
  • Premium quality material
  • Timber-wood frame


  • DIY installation

Adorn India Rio L-Shape Decent Sofa Set

Adorn India Rio L-Shape Decent Sofa Set
Adorn India Rio L-Shape Decent Sofa Set

Available in a range of classy colours, this sofa set can accommodate five people easily. It features an L-shaped design with ample seating space, which makes it perfect for the living room. One of the best sofa sets for corner placements, it is best suited for medium and large size rooms. Also, it has a luxurious look and is highly comfortable.

Prominent Features of the Adorn India Rio L-Shape Decent Sofa Set: 

  • Made with high-density foam, it offers optimum lumbar support and ultimate comfort for relaxation
  • High-quality Chenille fabric is being used in the construction, which is highly durable and lasts longer
  • It has 3-inch thick fibre legs that easily support the weight and allow cleaning underneath


  • Elastic belts prevent sagging
  • Available for both right and left-side placements
  • No assembly required
  • Multiple colour variants

MH Decoart Sofa Set

 MH Decoart Sofa Set
MH Decoart Sofa Set

Looking for the best sofa sets for your contemporary apartment? This sofa by MH Decoart is the go-to option for lovers of subtlety. With short legs and removable cushions, this ergonomic design gives you optimum space and comfort. It comes with an assembly manual to help you set it up without much effort. Constructed with seasoned, dry Sheesham wood, it can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth or a soft duster.

Prominent Features of the MH Decoart Sofa Set

  • Made with highly-durable Sheesham wood that lasts longer and durability, strength, and toughness
  • It is an ergonomic design sofa set, which takes minimum space and offers maximum capacity
  • This contemporary style sofa set is available as a 1-seater, 2-seater, 3-seater, or a 5-seater set


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Intact polish
  • Easy maintenance
  • Removable cushions


  • It is a self-assembly set

Uberlyfe Sofa cum Bed

Uberlyfe Sofa cum Bed
Uberlyfe Sofa cum Bed

This sofa cum bed by Uberlyfe is here to make your life easier. A great solution for limited space, it turns into a full-size (6x6ft) bed within seconds. Accompanied by two patterned cushions, it can seat three adults comfortably and has enough space for two adults and one child when turned into a bed. Made with three layers of foam for support and cushioning, it does not compromise your comfort.

Prominent Features of the Uberlyfe Sofa cum Bed

  • It is an ergonomically designed sofa set with 6-inch foam that provides firm support for orthopaedic benefits
  • This sofa set has double stitching and an incline to 135 degrees for ultimate comfort and relaxation
  • A double-concealed zipper with interlocked seams offers smoother functioning and aesthetics to the living room


  • Washable jute upholstery
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Easy to maintain fabric
  • Extremely lightweight


  • It might feel a little hard

Quality Assure Furniture Sectional Hardwood Sofa Set

Quality Assure Furniture Sectional Hardwood Sofa Set
Quality Assure Furniture Sectional Hardwood Sofa Set

Quality Assure Furniture Sectional Hardwood Sofa Set is one of the best sofa sets for big families. It is a 9-seater set that is suitable for office spaces, bedrooms, living rooms or other occasional seating areas. This sleek and modern design sofa is made with linen fabric and is fluffy and soft for the ultimate comfort level. It offers outstanding softness for a relaxing experience.

Prominent Features of the Quality Assure Furniture Sectional Hardwood Sofa Set: 

  • Made with high-grade engineered wood, this sofa set has leatherette fabric and polyurethane foam
  • It has high-quality, soft, and comfortable microfiber that does not catch dust too easily and is easy to maintain
  • Contains a parallel net and serpentine spring on the inside for lifting the weight and offering better comfort


  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Solid wood legs and frame
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Expensive

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Final Word

Sofa sets have been a constant companion for several years and are essential to decide the aesthetic of the room. They are functional and useful while being a major attraction in a room. The above-mentioned are some of the best options that act as a safe space to relax after a long day. While sofa sets from Adorn India, SofaArchitect, and Home Centre are our top choices because of their vast options, build quality, and outstanding comfort, let us know which one reflects your style and is your favourite from the list.


Which sofas are the best quality in India?

While all the sofas mentioned on the list are of great quality, the ones by Home Centre and Adorn India are considered to be the best in India.

Which is better, a fabric sofa or a leather sofa?

Leather sofas are considered to be extremely durable and known to last at least five years longer than fabric sofas. On the other hand, fabric sofas come with a stain-repellent treatment for long-term usage.

How long should a sofa last?

Usually, a sofa set lasts between 7 to 15 years. However, the point it starts sagging and not offering the required support, you must consider replacing it.

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