A sofa can make or break the look of your living room. Your sofa is where you relax after a long day of work, watch a movie with your partner, cuddle with your pet, or have a deep conversation with your family. Since a sofa set is a one-time investment meant to last several years, the best sofa sets will be the ones that are plush, affordable, sturdy, and easy to maintain.

A sofa set can be a two-seater, three-seater, five-seater, or six-seater, and may feature an array of designs. To assist you to make the right choice for your modern home, here is our handpicked list of the best sofa sets to check out this year.

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8 Best Sofa Sets for Your Modern Home

1. Home Centre Emily Fabric Sectional Sofa Set – 5-Seater

Best Sofa Sets
Home Centre Emily Fabric Sectional Sofa Set

This sofa set has a pinewood frame and features a minimal and simple design. One of the best sofa sets for medium-sized living rooms, 5-seater sofa has one 3-seater settee and a two-seater setup. The cushions are firm yet stiff, and provide optimum comfort while sitting. The sofa features a non-siliconised virgin polyfill, which promises greater back support, especially in the lumbar region.

What We Love

  • Lightweight pinewood frame
  • Available in two colours- beige and brown
  • High-resilience foam that does not sag
  • Durable and long-lasting

2. Adorn India Sofa cum Bed – 3-Seater

Adorn India Sofa Set
Adorn India Sofa cum Bed

What appears as a classy three-seater sofa, can turn into a relaxing bed at night. Made with a sturdy wooden frame, balanced on polished chrome legs, this sofa cum bed by Adorn India is one of the best sofa sets for people who like to entertain a lot. With high density foam and reclone fibres, the seats and cushions of this sofa do not sag early. The underlying elastic belt and velvet upholstery deliver a comfortable experience to you, always.

What We Love

  • Non-toxic, odourless fabric
  • Sleek design to minimise wastage of space
  • Easy-use convertible design
  • Premium quality upholstery for long-term use

3. CasaStyle L-Shaped Sofa Set LHS– 6-Seater

CasaStyle Sofa Set
CasaStyle L-Shaped Sofa Set LHS

Made with solid wood, handpicked polyester fabric, and high-density foam cushions, this CasaStyle lounger is one of the best sofa sets that you can bring home. Suitable for bigger spaces, it can seat six people with its unique L-shaped design, and will make your living room look a class apart. With classic accents, one-side armrest, and in-depth broader seating, this sofa brings together the best of comfort and class.

What We Love

  • Extremely Spacious
  • 3-inch fiber legs that support the weight of the sofa and make it easy to move
  • Solid wood and serpentine springs for prolonged use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Highly affordable

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4. Furny Sofa Set – 3-Seater

Furny Sofa Set
Furny Sofa Set

This three-seater sofa by Furny truly understands your contemporary needs. One of the best sofa sets for compact spaces, it has greater depth compared to regular sofas to give you a relaxed and comfortable seating experience. This sofa is delivered in individual modular units that are easy to assemble. Easy to maintain, it can be cleaned with a dry cloth in case of spillage, to avoid staining.

What We Love

  • Deep fiber cushioning
  • High density foam
  • Premium quality material
  • Timber-wood frame for prolonged use

5. Adorn India L-Shaped Sofa Set RHS– 5-Seater

Adorn India Sofa Set
Adorn India L-Shaped Sofa Set RHS

Available in a range of classy colours, this sofa set can accommodate five people easily. It features an L-shaped design with ample seating space and can be placed in the corner of your room. One of the best sofa sets for corner placements, it is best suited for living rooms of medium and large sizes. The sofa has a luxurious look and is highly comfortable. Easy to move, the sofa set comes in two separable seats that are easy to move around.

What We Love

  • High-density foam for optimum lumbar support
  • Fiber legs to provide space for sweeping and cleaning
  • Elastic blet and reclone fibres that prevent sagging
  • Available for both right and left side placements
  • Washable pillow cover set of 6

6. MH Decoart Sofa – 2-Seater

MH Decoart Sofa
MH Decoart Sofa

Looking for the best sofa sets for your contemporary apartment? This sofa is the go-to option for lovers of subtlety. With short legs and removable cushions, this ergonomic design gives you optimum space and comfort. It comes with an assembly manual to help you set it up without much effort. Constructed with seasoned, dry Sheesham wood, it can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth or a soft duster.

What We Love

  • Sheesham wood lends durability, strength, and toughness
  • Available as 1-seater, 2-seater, 3-seater, or a 5-seater set
  • Ergonomic design- maximum capacity, minimum space
  • Removable cushions for easy maintenance

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7. Uberlyfe Sofa cum Bed – 3-Seater

Uberlyfe Sofa Set
Uberlyfe Sofa cum Bed

This sofa cum bed by Uberlyfe is here to make your life easier. A great solution for limited space, it turns into a full-size (6x6ft) bed within seconds. Accompanied by two patterned cushions, it can seat three adults comfortably, and has enough space for two adult and one child when turned into a bed. Made with three layers of foam for support and cushioning, it does not compromise on your comfort. The dark grey colour is an instant match for all coloured or monochrome rooms.

What We Love

  • Washable Jute Upholstery
  • Use as a sofa, a lounger, or a full-fledged bed
  • 6-inch foam provides firm support for orthopedic benefits
  • Available in a rang of colours and patterns

8. Amazon Solimo Leatherette Sofa – 3-Seater

Amazon Solimo Sofa Set
Amazon Solimo Leatherette Sofa

If you are on the lookout for something comfortable, spacious, and stylish, this three-seater sofa by Solimo is the one for you. Filled with foam padding and covered with premium-quality PU leather, it has a thick frame made of solid wood. Sturdy and durable, it can easily withstand a little extra weight from time to time and is ideal for homes with kids as well. Available in a range of colours, the beige truly stands out.

What We Love

  • Foam padding on the back and cushioned sides for extra support
  • Does not lose colour upon rubbing or cleaning
  • Free from toxins and chemicals
  • Fiber legs to allow easy sweeping

List of the Best Sofa Sets

Best Sofa SetsPrice*
Home Centre Emily Fabric Sectional Sofa SetRs 32,899
Adorn India Sofa cum BedRs 19,379
CasaStyle L-Shaped Sofa SetRs 19,949
Furny Sofa SetRs 12,595
Adorn India L-Shaped Sofa SetRs 26,249
MH Decoart SofaRs 13,399
Uberlyfe Sofa cum BedRs 12,949
Amazon Solimo Leatherette SofaRs 23,099
*Prices are subject to change. Price changes with change in set-type.

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