12 Types Of Sofa Sets You Must Know About

Sofa Sets are not only mere tools for resting but the most highlighted piece of furniture in the entire home decor. Thus, finding the right piece of sofa set for your home or workplace can be a make or break factor. Finding the right sofa is not always an easy job. But, with more than 1500+ sofa designs at your fingertips, Pepperfry has made this task as easy as picking apples from a grocery shop.

Below is a list of most trending sofa styles that can add a modish feel to any space.

12 Best Types Of Sofa Sets To Shop For

1. Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofa

“Old is gold” is the best way to put the Chesterfield Sofa’s exceptional elegance in words. One of the oldest sofa styles, it began to grow popular around the 1800s and even today, the most elegant places in the city feature Chesterfield Sofas. These sofa styles are known for their luxury material, deep buttoning, low back and high arms. The Chesterfield Sofa style is a must-have for people who want their homes to feel like grand palaces of England.

2. L-Shaped Sofa Without Recliner

L-shaped Sofa Without Recliner

Need a larger sofa but running low on space? Don’t worry, this L-Shaped Sofa is here to your rescue. With options of the L-extending to each side, these L-shaped sofas are the perfect space utilizing sofa sets available in the market. A single sofa that does the work of two is a perfect way to complete the look of your drawing room. Choose a classy leatherette design if you are looking for something sophisticated or go ahead with other comfortable fabrics.

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3. L-Shaped Sofa With Recliner

L-shaped Sofa With Recliner

There is always someone in the family who loves to lie on the sofa instead of sitting but in doing so they take up all the space. The L-Shaped Sofa With Recliner ends this misery for once and for all. With all the advantages of a traditional L-Shaped Sofa, the added option of stretching out your legs and yet not missing up on family time gives this type of sofa set an advantage over the others.

4. Modular Sofa Set

Modular Sofa Set

Modular furniture has taken the industry by storm. A Modular Sofa Set is the perfect blend of utility with beauty. Numerous movable parts with various options of rearrangements are added advantages of modular sofas. Its adaptability feature ensures that you do not have to give up your beloved sofa while redecorating or switching your home. Most modular sofa sets come in varieties of materials to fit perfectly with different interiors.

5. Classic Sofa Sets

Classic Sofa Sets

The market may be overflowing with ample design options but sometimes nothing resonates with beauty more than simplicity. These Classic Sofa Sets are sure to go along with almost all types of interiors. With an abundance of colours and fabrics to choose from, these sofa sets are perfect for cosy homes and classy workspaces.

6. Retro Sofa Sets

Retro Sofa Sets

While the world is moving towards modern designs, opting for durable retro designs is something that can change the appeal of your living room. Stitched from modern materials, these retro sofa sets give an edge to your living room. Retro designs cover a multitude of options from vintage to funky and modern ones.

7. Mid-Century Sofa Set

Mid-century Sofa Set

The mid-’90s saw a lot of design transitions and the sofa industry was a part of that too. Mid-century sofa sets are remarkably known to be higher from the floor which helps to make those cleaning sessions less tedious. Apart from the raised height, these sofas are also known for utilizing sitting space with linear armrests. The angular designs governed by simplicity and functionality make this style a coveted one in today’s’ time.

8. Statement Sofa Set

Statement Sofa Set

Are you someone who believes that everything you own must leave an impression? Well, look no further as Statement Sofa Sets are bound to steal your heart. Built with perfect craftsmanship, each statement sofa set tells a unique story of its own. These sofa sets are crafted to celebrate the uniqueness of an individual. While these sofa sets would do wonders for homes, these are also suited for workplaces, especially for the places you have to conduct business meetings and interact with clients.

9. Box Sofa Sets

Box Sofa Sets

The name of this category of sofas sprung up because of its resemblance to boxes. And since generations, these sofa sets have been admired for their compactness. These sofa sets are usually built with sturdy materials that focus more on durability instead of the visual appeal. But, with time even the box sofa moved on to have more visually appealing designs. These sofa sets are highly suited for workplaces and for homes that are compact and minimalistic.

10. Traditional Sofa Sets

Traditional Sofa Sets

Modern flats have taken away the magnificence of our traditional homes. But, this is where these kinds of sofas help by bringing in a classic essence. Even if you have moved into a modern home, these traditional sofa sets can bring back memories from your past. From materials to colours, these sofa sets are dipped in the essence of tradition from tip to toe.

11. Futon Sofa 

Futon Sofa 

A contemporary sofa design that adds value to your home décor must be your next pick. This sofa style has a laid-back design which can also be used as a bed. Futon sofa looks like a wooden bench which can give a quirky appeal to any space, both interior and exterior. The foldable mattress makes you at ease and gives a comfortable experience every time you relax on it. If you are ready to give your home a modish makeover then Futon Sofa will solve the purpose for you.

12. Sofa Cum Bed

Sofa Cum Beds are the perfect example when it comes to utilizing space in the chicest way possible. This ultra-urbane sofa cum bed is made in the most refined wood which gives your home a classy appeal. It has a three-seater style which can be transformed into a comfortable bed at any time. These sofa cum bed designs are currently in vogue and can make any home décor beautiful.

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