10 Best SSDs for Laptops in India: #1 Will Boost Performance!

We all know how irritating it is when the computer takes hours to boot, load applications, and open files. Using SSD (Solid State Drives) is the simplest way to speed up your machine. If you have an old laptop or it’s just unable to perform the way it once did, you’ve got to check out our list of the best SSDs for laptops which will help increase its productivity the right way.

Our Top Picks:

Rise of SSD Market in India

In recent years, India has witnessed a substantial surge in the adoption of SSDs across various sectors. This paradigm shift in data storage technology is reshaping the way businesses and individuals manage their digital information. As the demand for faster, more reliable storage solutions continues to grow, SSDs are emerging as the frontrunners in the race for efficient data storage.

According to India Hard Drive Market Review of CRM for Q2 CY2023, market shipments for consumer internal SSDs in India (SATA and NVMe) increased by an impressive 78% YoY. The market as a whole also saw a 31% QoQ gain.

A Statista report of the first quarter of 2021 shows that with a market share of 51%, WD was the market leader for external SSDs in India. Samsung, which had a market share of 41%, came in second. Adata, G-Technology, and LaCie were a few further brands that were available in the nation.

Market share of external SSD in India Q1 2021 by leading company

How Do We Choose the Best SSDs for Laptops?

The standard storage disks provided with desktops or laptops may or may not come with the latest SSDs. This could result in hours being wasted loading simple applications. SSDs are the new generation storage devices that can replace conventional hard disks and make your computer perform better. To help you make the right choice, we have rounded up the important factors you should take into account while choosing the best SSDs for yourself!


Hard drives typically come in 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch physical sizes. When you are looking for a SSD for laptop, you should go for NVMe SSD. This is because its dimensions are thinner and smaller. The most popular NVMe M.2 SSD sizes are 42mm, 60mm, and 80mm. They are also known as 2242, 2260, and 2280, respectively.


Next, you should look into the capacity of SSDs. They generally have a capacity limit of around 2TB. There are bigger variants available, but they are far more expensive. We recommend that you choose an appropriate SSD based on your needs and budget.


Generally, SSDs perform at a speed of 500 MB/s, while more recent NVMe SSDs may even reach amazing rates of 3,500 to 3,500 MB/s. This implies that transferring a 20GB file or copying a 20GB HDD to an SSD will take less than 10 seconds. Pick an SSD that is efficient and is compatible for your use.

List of Top 10 SSDs in India

SanDisk 500GB SSD

SanDisk 500GB SSD

This SanDisk SSD offers storage up to 1 TB, making it a perfect choice to save high-resolution images and videos. This robust device is dust-resistant, water-resistant, shock-resistant, and drop-resistant. Additionally, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 15,679
Digital Storage Capacity500 GB
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Compatible DevicesLaptop, Desktop
Installation TypeExternal Hard Drive

Prominent Features of the SanDisk 500GB SSD:

  • With read speeds of up to 550MB/s, this SSD enables rapid file transfers and efficient data management
  • It is water- and dust-resistant with an IP55 rating, making it a popular choice
  • Can withstand drops up to 2 meters, making it suitable for use in various environments
  • The compact design makes it pocket-sized, allowing you to carry your data and media with ease
  • SanDisk SecureAccess software offers 128-bit AES encryption for added data security.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and macOSHigh Sierra, Sierra or Mac OS X El Capitan


  • Shock-resistant
  • Water and dust-resistant
  • Compact and portable
  • Durable

Why We Picked the SanDisk 500GB SSD?

This SSD from SanDisk has a compact design, making it completely portable. It offers up to 550 MB/s read speeds that allow you to transfer high-resolution photos and videos in a matter of seconds. So, what are you waiting for? Get it right now!

My Personal Experience:

So, I tried out this SanDisk SSD to provide you with a first-hand experience, and let me tell you, it was amazing! This SSD has an amazingly sleek design, which definitely caught my eye. Additionally, it is resistant to water and dust, along with being IP55 certified, so that’s a bonus.

It has a high transfer speed of 550 mb/s and is compatible with my Windows. With this SSD, I can experience quick start times and faster loading times with video games. Guess you can never go wrong with SanDisk!

SP Silicon Power 256GB SSD

SP Silicon Power 256GB SSD
SP Silicon Power 256GB SSD

SP Silicon Power SSD comes with a super-fast PCIe interface and can deliver up to 2,200MB MB/s read and 1,600MB/s write speed. The slim and portable form factor makes it highly compatible with desktop and laptop motherboards. This SSD offers tremendous speed and high performance yet consumes lower power, making it an ultimate addition to your gaming arsenal.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 2,735
Digital Storage Capacity256 GB
Connectivity TechnologyPCIe NVMe
Compatible DevicesLaptop, Desktop
Installation TypeInternal Hard Drive

Prominent Features of the SP Silicon Power 256GB SSD:

  • Ideal for both laptop and desktop computers, this SSD significantly improves system boot-up times, data transfers, and application responsiveness.
  • With support for NVMe 1.3, Host Memory Buffer (HMB), and SLC Cache, this SSD delivers high and efficient performance
  • Advanced data protection features, including LDPC, ECC technology, E2E data protection, and a RAID engine, ensure the safety and stability of your data


  • High-speed performance
  • Offers extended coverage
  • 5-year warranty

Why We Picked the SP Silicon Power 256GB SSD?

The SP Silicon Power 256GB SSD is a standout choice for users seeking a substantial boost in their system’s performance. Its high-speed read and write speeds, versatile capacities, and advanced data protection technologies make it a reliable option for both laptop and desktop users.

Can’t decide if its the perfect choice for you? Take a look at customer reviews.

Pratima C. rates 4 out of 5

“Work Just Fine Loads Up Games And Apps Pretty Fast And Is Available At An Affordable Price Highly Recommend For Budget PC Builds”

Samsung T7 500GB SSD

Samsung T7 500GB SSD
Samsung T7 500GB SSD

This SSD offered by Samsung speeds up your system’s performance and makes multitasking effortless. With this device, the speed stays consistent, even with heavy files and gaming. It has a storage capacity of up to 1 TB. Besides, this SSD reads files at speeds up to 1,050 MB/s ensuring fast operations and comes in various compatible form factors and capacities.

Prominent Features of the Samsung T7 500GB SSD:

  • Offers speeds of up to 1,050MB/s, making it an excellent choice for rapid data transfer and access, significantly outpacing traditional HDDs
  • The shock-resistant internal frame can withstand drops from up to 2 meters, ensuring your data stays safe even in challenging situations
  • With optional password protection and AES 256-bit hardware encryption, your data remains secure.
  • Compatible with a variety of devices, including PC, Mac, Android, and gaming consoles, offering versatile use
  • Uses ePCM technology and the Dynamic Thermal Guard to manage heat effectively


  • Fast speed
  • Durable build
  • Portable design
  • Compatible with all kinds of laptops online

Why We Picked the Samsung T7 500GB SSD?

This SSD from Samsung has been designed for mainstream laptops and computers to store and manage data safely. With its latest technology, this SSD provides enhanced endurance and speed. The solid aluminum unibody construction is roughly the size of a credit card and weighs just 58 grams, providing portability and style. Gamers, you’ve got to add this to your top 3 choices of the best SSDs for laptops you use for gaming.

Kingston 1TB A2000 Internal SSD

Kingston 1TB A2000 Internal SSD

Upgrade your PC with the high-performance SSD from Kingston. The A2000 SSD is an affordable storage solution for your PC to offer impressive performance. It delivers 3x the performance of a SATA SSD and provides quicker loading times, low power consumption, and lower heat.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 22,353
Digital Storage Capacity1000 GB
Connectivity TechnologySATA
Compatible DevicesDesktop
Installation TypeInternal Hard Drive

Prominent Features of the Kingston 1TB A2000 Internal SSD:

  • Delivers high-speed read/write performance, reaching up to 2,200/2,000MB/s, which significantly enhances your computing experience
  • Provides NVMe PCIe performance at a fraction of the cost, making it an excellent choice for users looking for a balance between performance and budget
  • The A2000 supports a full-security suite, including TCG Opal, AES 256-bit encryption, and eDrive, ensuring data protection.
  • Slim M.2 design is perfect for Ultrabooks and small-form-factor PC systems, making it a versatile choice for various setups


  • High speed performace
  • PCI Express x4 hardware interface
  • Ideal for Ultrabooks and small-form-factor PC (SFF PC) systems
  • Affordable storage solution

Why We Picked the Kingston 1TB A2000 Internal SSD?

This SSD comes with Kingston’s self-encrypting feature to protect and secure your data. It is a self-encrypting drive that supports end-to-end data protection using 256-bit XTS-AES hardware-based encryption. So, you do not have to worry about anything!

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Western Digital SA510 SATA 250GB SSD

Western Digital 2.5 250GB SSD

This SSD from Western Digital comes with premium speed and high capacity features to take care of all your high-end computing needs. With read speed up to 560 MB/s, you can get your job done in the blink of an eye! Its advanced technology also ensures a smooth gaming experience and makes multi-tasking easier to handle.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 4,467
Digital Storage Capacity250 GB
Connectivity TechnologySATA
Compatible DevicesLaptop, Desktop
Installation TypeDashboard Mount

Prominent Features of the Western Digital SA510 SATA 250GB SSD:

  • Delivers read speeds of up to 560MB/s to boost your PC’s performance and productivity.
  • With up to 1TB of storage, high endurance, and reduced power consumption, it’s ideal for breathing new life into your PC
  • The Western Digital SSD Dashboard allows you to keep tabs on your drive’s health, temperature, available space, and firmware version.
  • Available in 2.5″ and M.2 form factors, making it compatible with a wide range of PCs, including older machines


  • Sequential read and write speeds up to 560MB/s
  • High capacity with enhanced reliability
  • Drive monitoring
  • Offers data protection

Why We Picked the Western Digital SA510 SATA 250GB SSD?

This SSD from Western Digital consumes 25% less power than the previous generation SSDs. Therefore, it helps you work longer without having to recharge your laptop. If you’re a workaholic looking for the best SSDs for laptops you use, you just found it! Furthermore, it is compatible with a wide range of laptops and desktop PCs.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB SSD

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB SSD
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB SSD

Designed for tech enthusiasts, this Samsung SSD comes in an M.2 (2280) form factor and features an NVMe interface for unrivalled performance. The 970 EVO Plus provides exceptional endurance to sustainable and lasting performance. It is one of the best SSDs for laptops since it automatically monitors and maintains optimal operating temperatures to minimize performance drops. Isn’t that great?

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 18,149
Digital Storage Capacity1 TB
Connectivity TechnologySATA
Compatible DevicesDesktop
Installation TypeInternal Hard Drive

Prominent Features of the Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB SSD:

  • With sequential read and write speeds of up to 3,500MB/s and 3,300MB/s respectively, this SSD offers exceptional data transfer speeds
  • Features the latest V-NAND technology, firmware optimisation, a proven Phoenix controller, and Intelligent TurboWrite boost to ensure top-tier performance
  • The M.2 (2280) form factor allows for up to 2TB of storage in a compact size, providing ample space for other components in your system
  • Equipped with a nickel-coated controller and heat spreader, the Dynamic Thermal Guard ensures optimal operating temperatures, minimising performance drops


  • Sequential Read/Write speeds up to 3,500/3,300 MB/s respectively
  • NVMe (PCIe Gen 3.0 x 4) interface
  • Up to 1TB capacity
  • Reliable performance

Find out what others have to say about this SSD through customer reviews.

Koijam rated 5 out of 5 stars

“This is one of the best SSDs out there. My pc is running 5x times faster after i swapped out a wd green ssd to this. You cannot go wrong with this ssd. Go for it.”

Crucial MX500 500GB 2.5-inch SSD Card

best ssds for laptops
Crucial MX500 500GB 2.5-inch SSD

With the Crucial SSD, you can start your system in seconds, load files and updates instantly. Besides, you will be provided with an install guide to make the installation process faster and easier. This is one of the best SSDs for laptops if you face regular power cuts at home, since it comes with an integrated power loss immunity that auto-saves all your work in case of a sudden power-cut.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 7,500
Digital Storage Capacity500 GB
Connectivity TechnologySATA
Compatible DevicesLaptop, Desktop
Installation TypeInternal Hard Drive

Prominent Features of the Crucial MX500 500GB 2.5-inch SSD Card:

  • This SSD consumes little power and gives a quieter, cooler and amazingly fast experience
  • It can store up to 2 TB data, and its hardware-based encryption keeps all your data secure
  • Integrated Power Loss Immunity safeguards your work by preserving saved data in case of an unexpected power loss


  • Reads/writes up to 560/510 MB/s
  • AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption
  • Secure from hackers and thieves
  • Preserves all saved work during power cuts

Zebronics SD13 128GB SSD

Zebronics SD13 128GB SSD
Zebronics SD13 128GB SSD

The Zebronics SD13 128GB SSD is a compact and efficient storage solution designed to enhance your system’s performance and reliability. With a 2.5-inch form factor, this SSD offers a storage capacity of 128GB, making it a great choice for those looking to upgrade from traditional HDDs to faster and more efficient storage. It is engineered with features such as S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology), silent operation, and ultra-low power consumption to ensure optimal functionality.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 4,499
Digital Storage Capacity128 GB
Connectivity TechnologySATA
Compatible DevicesLaptop
Installation TypeInternal Hard Drive

Prominent Features of the Zebronics SD13 128GB SSD:

  • The SSD operates silently, contributing to a quieter computing environment
  • Equipped with thermal management features, and helps maintain an optimal operating temperature, preventing overheating and ensuring stable performance
  • With its ultra-low power consumption, this SSD is energy-efficient, which can lead to extended laptop battery life and reduced energy costs
  • Notably faster than traditional HDDs, providing faster data access and improved system responsiveness.


  • S.M.A.R.T monitoring
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Compact and portable

Ant Esports 690 Neo Sata 2.5″ 256GB

Ant Esports 690 Neo Sata 2.5" 256GB
Ant Esports 690 Neo Sata 2.5″ 256GB

The Ant Esports SSD is a high-performance and durable storage solution designed to enhance your system’s speed and reliability. It offers a maximum read and write speed of up to 500MB/s and 400MB/s, providing blazing-fast speed under all circumstances. Additionally, it is backed by a generous 3-year warranty, providing a hassle-free and worry-free usage experience.

PriceRs 3,399
Digital Storage Capacity256 GB
Connectivity TechnologySATA
Compatible DevicesLaptop
Installation TypeInternal Hard Drive

Prominent Features of the Ant Esports 690 Neo SATA 2.5″ 256GB SSD:

  • The use of a Quad Channel controller and 3D TLC NAND technology makes this drive highly durable, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • With a maximum read and write speed of up to 500MB/s and 400MB/s, this SSD provides rapid data transfer speeds for improved system responsiveness.
  • The 2.5-inch form factor and SATA III support (SATA 3.1 standards) ensure compatibility with a wide range of motherboards and systems


  • High durability
  • Fast speed
  • Universal compatibility
  • Long warranty
  • Fast performance

Acer SA100 240GB SATA Internal SSD

Acer SA100 240GB SATA Internal SSD
Acer SA100 240GB SATA Internal SSD

The Acer SA100 240GB Internal SSD is a high-quality storage solution designed to enhance your system’s speed and reliability. It is equipped with high-quality 3D NAND flash memory ICs, which dramatically reduces the time it takes for apps to load and the starting speed of the system. This allows for quicker and more fluid operations, making it a popular choice.

PriceRs 4,500
Digital Storage Capacity240 GB
Connectivity TechnologySATA
Compatible DevicesDesktop, PC, Computer, Laptop, Netbook
Installation TypeInternal Hard Drive

Prominent Features of the Acer SA100 240GB SATA Internal SSD:

  • Offers a maximum capacity of up to 1.92 TB, making it suitable for storing video, audio, and various other files for entertainment, home office, or study use
  • Has a read speed of up to 560 MB/s, which enables quick PC boot times and faster application loading
  • Designed for efficiency, with a maximum power consumption of only 1.97 W, making it an energy-efficient choice


  • Better system startup and application loading.
  • Extra capacity
  • Lower power consumption

Want to know what others think about this product? Check it out here!

Chanakya Reddy rated 5 out of 5 stars

“I’m satisfied with it’s performance. The package is brand new and sealed. Installed this SSD in my old Acer Aspire 4739z laptop. The Read/Write Speeds are less than the mentioned ones because it depends upon the type of SATA port in your laptop/PC and processor capability. Now the Laptop boots within 20 sec. Definitely recommended.”

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SSD vs HDD: Which Should You Choose?

In the ever-evolving landscape of data storage, the age-old debate between SSDs and HDDs continues to be a pivotal consideration for consumers and businesses alike. Each technology boasts its own set of strengths and weaknesses, making the choice between them a matter of careful consideration.

Here are the cases for both SSDs and HDDs:

Solid-State Drives (SSDs)

Speed and Performance: SSDs are the speed demons of the storage world. Using them results in lightning-fast data access and transfer speeds, making them a preferred choice for tasks requiring rapid processing.

Durability: SSDs have an edge in durability due to their lack of mechanical components. This means they are less susceptible to physical shock or damage, making them a robust choice for laptops and portable devices.

Energy Efficiency: Additionally, SSDs consume less power compared to HDDs. This is advantageous for laptops, as it translates to extended battery life, and for data centers, leading to reduced energy costs.

Compact and Lightweight: SSDs are smaller and lighter than their HDD counterparts. This makes them ideal for devices where space and weight are crucial factors.

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)

Capacity: HDDs have traditionally offered higher storage capacities at a lower cost per gigabyte. This makes them an attractive option for users dealing with massive amounts of data.

Cost-Efficiency: When it comes to cost per gigabyte, HDDs still hold the upper hand. They are generally more budget-friendly for users who require a large amount of storage without breaking the bank.

Longevity: Historically, HDDs have proven to have a longer lifespan compared to early iterations of SSDs. However, modern SSDs are designed with longevity in mind and can last for many years under normal usage.

So, which one should you choose?

Choose SSDs when you want efficiency and speed.

  • Gaming and Multimedia Production: SSDs shine in applications where high-speed data access is crucial, such as gaming, video editing, and 3D rendering.
  • Laptops and Ultrabooks: For those who value portability and battery life, SSDs are the preferred choice due to their compact size and energy efficiency.
  • Enterprise Applications: Businesses dealing with large volumes of data and requiring fast processing speeds benefit significantly from SSDs.

Choose HDDs when you prefer capacity.

  • Archival and Backup Storage: For users who need to store a large amount of data that isn’t accessed frequently, HDDs provide a cost-effective solution.
  • Budget Constraints: If you require a significant amount of storage without breaking the bank, HDDs are still the go-to option.
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS): HDDs are popular choices for setting up NAS systems at home or in small businesses, providing ample storage for shared files.

Is it getting a little too confusing for you? Here’s a summary that will definitely help!

Comparison of SSDs on Key Features

SSD ModelConnectivity TechnologyStorageRead/Write SpeedPriceBuying Link
SanDisk USB500 GB550 MB/sRs 15,679Buy Now
SP Silicon PowerPCIe NVMe256 GB2,200 MB/s (read speed)
1,600 MB/s (write speed)
Rs 2,735Buy Now
Samsung (Portable)USB500 GB1,050 MB/s (read speed)
1,000 MB/s (write speed)
Rs 12,999Buy Now
KingstonSATA1 TB2,200 MB/s
(read speed)
2,000 MB/s
(write speed)
Rs 22,353Buy Now
Western DigitalSATA250 GB560 MB/s
(read speed)
Rs 4,467Buy Now
Samsung SATA1 TB3,500 MB/s
(read speed)
3,300 MB/s
(write speed)
Rs 18,149Buy Now
Crucial SATA500 GB560 MB/s
(read speed)
510 MB/s
(write speed)
Rs 7,500Buy Now
Zebronics SATA128 GB500 MB/s
(read speed)
400 MB/s
(write speed)
Rs 4,499Buy Now
Ant EsportsSATA256 GB500 MB/s
(read speed)
(write speed)
Rs 3,399Buy Now
Acer SATA240 GB560 MB/s
(read speed)
Rs 4,500Buy Now

Final Word

SSDs have become an essential upgrade for laptops, breathing new life into ageing machines and significantly enhancing the performance of newer ones. Our top choices for the best SSDs for laptops in India turned out to be SanDisk 500GB SSD, SP Silicon Power 256GB SSD, and Samsung T7 500GB SSD. Let us know which one turned out to be perfect for you!


Which SSD is best for laptop?

The best SSD for a laptop depends on your specific needs. If speed is a top priority, NVMe SSDs offer the fastest performance. For general use and budget-friendly options, SATA SSDs are a solid choice. We recommend that you choose from reputable brands like SanDisk, Samsung, Crucial, and Western Digital for reliable options.

Which SSD type is fastest?

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSDs are the fastest SSD type available. They utilise the PCIe interface, allowing for much higher data transfer speeds compared to traditional SATA SSDs. Additionally, NVMe SSDs are ideal for tasks that demand high-speed data access, such as gaming, video editing, and professional applications.

What is the longest lasting SSD type?

Among SSD types, SLC (Single-Level Cell) SSDs tend to have the longest lifespan. They have the highest endurance and are often used in enterprise-grade applications where durability and reliability are paramount. SLC SSDs can only store 1 bit per memory cell. Also, they are relatively expensive and less common in consumer laptops.

Can SSD increase laptop speed?

Yes, upgrading to an SSD can significantly increase a laptop’s speed. SSDs have faster read/write speeds compared to traditional hard drives, which results in quicker boot times, faster application loading, and smoother overall system performance.

Is a 256GB SSD better than a 1TB hard drive?

In terms of speed and performance, a 256GB SSD is generally better than a 1TB hard drive. However, it offers less storage space. If you prioritise speed and responsiveness, go for the 256GB SSD. But if you need ample storage for large files and don’t mind sacrificing some speed, the 1TB hard drive might be the better option.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Our highly qualified and experienced researchers at CashKaro work hard to provide you with the best market recommendations. We assess a wide variety of products and brands and compare them based on a number of criteria to come up with a list of choices you can trust. Our list of the best SSDs for laptops in India is intended to help you make an informed decision.

Prices are subject to change*

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