10 Best Stainless Steel Cookware Brands in India

Cookware is a vital component of any kitchen. And talking about utensils, stainless steel is the most popular material that is highly known for its durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance. Being a healthy alternative to non-stick utensils, the market for stainless steel cookware is quite vast. However, with so many options available on the market, choosing the right one is quite difficult. This is why we are here with a list of the 10 best stainless steel cookware brands that enhance your cooking experience. 

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How Do We Choose the Best Stainless Steel Cookware Brands for You?

Stainless steel cookware is a popular and budget-friendly choice that will last a lifetime of use. It has a better ability to retain flavours and works well for all cooking needs. In the Indian market, there are a plethora of brands that provide quality stainless steel cookware that costs anywhere between Rs 400 to Rs 3,500 and more. 

Before you move ahead with our selection of the 10 best stainless steel brands in India for cookware, have a look at the factors that played a crucial role in making the selection. We kept these factors in mind to ensure that you will only find the right products on the list. 

Cooking tops compatibility

While buying stainless steel utensils, you must check their compatibility with cooking tops. Since not all stainless steel cookware is suitable for induction cooking, it is important to choose the product as per your requirement. However, it is always recommended to pick the one that can work both with inductions and gas. So that if you ever decide to switch the cooking top, the utensil can still be used.

Quality of the Stainless Steel

Since stainless steel comes in different grades and qualities, we carefully picked the brands that are known for manufacturing high-quality products. All of the mentioned brands design cookware with 18/10 stainless steel, which is more durable than others. 

Advantages of Using Stainless Steel Cookware

Here are some reasons why using stainless steel cookware is the right choice. 

Lightweight: Such utensils are lighter in weight as compared to traditional ones. This makes them easy and convenient to use. 

Non-reactive: Unlike other cookware materials, stainless steel is a non-reactive metal. It does not impart a metallic taste or cause any reaction with acidic or alkaline foods.

Versatile: Stainless steel utensils can be used on different cooktops like gas, electric cooktops, and induction. They can also be used in the oven for roasting and baking dishes.

Even heat distribution: Stainless steel has excellent heat distribution properties for even and quick heating. It helps in keeping the utensil safe and makes it perfect for cooking different food items.

Aesthetics: Sleek and modern look is another advantage of stainless steel cookware. They are available in a range of finishes that go well with all kitchen aesthetics. 

List of the 10 Best Stainless Steel Cookware Brands

Top Stainless Steel Cookware Brands


Bergner Argent Triply Stainless Steel Kadhai
Bergner Argent Triply Stainless Steel Kadhai

Founded in 1999, Bergner is a renowned manufacturer of comprehensive kitchenware. It has an exclusive range of stainless steel products which are perfect for modern-day cooking and fulfilling the diversified needs of the Indian household.

Prominent Features of the Bergner Argent Triply Stainless Steel Kadhai: 

  • Made with tri-ply stainless steel with a middle layer of the aluminium sheet
  • It has a 360° induction base for faster cooking time and energy saving
  • Comes with highly durable stay-cool cast handles for a safe usage


  • Scratch resistant
  • Strong built
  • 5-year warranty
  • Dishwasher safe


  • A bit expensive 

Why We Picked the Bergner Argent Triply Stainless Steel Kadhai?

This stainless steel kadhai by Bergner is a non-rust product that facilitates healthy cooking. This cookware ensures precise and even heating and comes with a flared rim for neat pouring. Also, it has heat-resistant riveted joints to prevent hands from burning.  


Vinod Stainless Steel Classic Deluxe Combo Set
Vinod Stainless Steel Classic Deluxe Combo Set

Vinod is an Indian brand in the cookware industry that was established in 1962 with the aim to provide durable and elegant products to customers. The brand crafts all the products using state-of-art technology and gets them approved by ISI for safe usage.

Prominent Features of the Vinod Stainless Steel Classic Deluxe Combo Set: 

  • The utensils are ergonomically designed with stainless-steel riveted handles
  • It has an AISI 430-grade magnetic base, making it compatible with induction
  • Available in various combinations in a set of 2, 3, and 4 pieces of utensils


  • Handles stay cool
  • 24 months warranty
  • Robust construction
  • Easy cleaning

Why We Picked the Vinod Stainless Steel Classic Deluxe Combo Set?

This Classic Deluxe Combo Set by Vinod contains 4 pieces of stainless steel utensils including, a saucepan of 2.1 litres, a saucepot of 3.8 litres, a kadai of 1.8 litres, and a 20 cm frypan. They are made with food-safe AISI 304 grade material for higher durability. 


Pigeon Stainless Steel Idli Maker
Pigeon Stainless Steel Idli Maker

Pigeon is a trusted kitchenware brand that was established in 1999. It offers a premium range of products across multiple categories like cookware, cooktops, grinders, mixers, and several cooking appliances. All the products by this brand have superior quality and innovative designs for a better experience. 

Prominent Features of the Pigeon Stainless Steel Idli Maker: 

  • It is a strong and sturdy idli maker with a thick gauge for higher durability
  • Comes with a high-grade whistle that provides better pressure control
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust, this idli marker is hygienic and safe to use 


  • Versatile use
  • Stay cool handle
  • Easy to clean
  • High durability


  • Does not come with extra nuts

Why We Picked the Pigeon Stainless Steel Idli Maker?

If you love cooking idli or dhokla at home, this Stainless Steel Idli Maker by Pigeon is a great investment. It is an easy-to-use cookware that comes with 6 plates, having 4 cavities each. This helps you cook 24 idlis at a time without much effort.


Sumeet Stainless Steel Cookware Set
Sumeet Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Sumeet Cookware is a widely known brand that is committed to providing the best quality, high-performance products at an affordable price. All the products by this brand are equipped with the latest technology and go through multiple quality checks before coming into the market. 

Prominent Features of the Sumeet Stainless Steel Cookware Set: 

  • It is a set of induction-friendly cookware that works on gas stoves as well
  • These flat base containers are rust-free for easy cleaning and long-lasting use
  • Being compact and stackable, these containers are easy to store and use


  • Unique design
  • Different sizes
  • Premium coating
  • Affordable


  • Comes with a lesser warranty

Why We Picked the Sumeet Stainless Steel Cookware Set?

Sumeet presents this 10 pieces of cookware set that contains 1 to 3 litres of containers or deep vessels with individual lids. This set is made with high-quality stainless steel that heats evenly and cooks faster. Also, they are easy to maintain and can be used for a longer duration.

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Meyer Stainless Steel Mini Pot
Meyer Stainless Steel Mini Pot

Meyer entered the Indian market in 2017 and has become a top-notch brand for safe, robust, and high-quality kitchenware. The brand has a premium collection of toxin-free, innovative, and heavy-duty products that are perfect to meet all your kitchen requirements. 

Prominent Features of the Meyer Stainless Steel Mini Pot: 

  • It is a mini-size pot with a 0.6 litres capacity for boiling water, cooking noodles, etc.
  • This pot is 100% nickel free with superior pitting resistance for safe cooking
  • Comes with a ‘stay cool’ handle that has a silicone grip for a comfortable use


  • Multipurpose usage
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • For all cooktops


  • Expensive

Why We Picked the Meyer Stainless Steel Mini Pot?

Meyer Stainless Steel Mini Pot is a BPA-free cookware that is highly resistant to wrapping and pitting. This pan is specially crafted with a mess-free and non-dripping pouring design that helps you to cook without creating an unwanted mess. 


Butterfly Curve Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
Butterfly Curve Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Founded by the late Shri V. Murugesa Chettiar, Butterfly is the first brand to launch stainless steel pressure cookers and vacuum flasks in the country. It provides highly-efficient and innovative stainless steel cookware that helps to make your cooking even more enjoyable. 

Prominent Features of the Butterfly Curve Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker: 

  • It is an ergonomically designed cooker with a thicker base for quick cooking
  • Designed with a gasket release system for preventing hazardous situations
  • The cooker has a uni-directional rotating handle with a lock arrangement


  • Food-grade material
  • 5-year warranty
  • Energy efficient 
  • Regulates steam pressure


Hawkins Stainless Steel Tea Pan
Hawkins Stainless Steel Tea Pan

Next, we are going to talk about one of the best stainless steel cookware brands in India that need no introduction. Since 1959, Hawkins has been serving the market with superior quality, food-grade material utensils that have a sturdy design and innovative construction. Also, all the products are easy to clean and highly durable. 

Prominent Features of the Hawkins Stainless Steel Tea Pan: 

  • It has a 4.7 mm extra thick bottom that ensures even heat distribution throughout the pan
  • Comes with a snug-fit glass lid that locks in the heat, steam, and flavours of the food
  • This tea pan has a strong, sturdy, and stay-cool handle for a comfortable use


  • Versatile use
  • 5 years warranty
  • Sturdy rivets
  • Multiple capacity options


Stahl Triply Artisan Belly Sauce Pot
Stahl Triply Artisan Belly Sauce Pot

Stahl is another best brand for high-grade cookware that provides intuitive and innovatively designed products with high safety standards. Stainless steel utensils by this brand are induction friendly, can be washed in a dishwasher, and do not react with food. 

Prominent Features of the Stahl Triply Artisan Belly Sauce Pot: 

  • This belly sauce pot is a 2.5 mm thick utensil with a 2.4 litres capacity, perfect for 3-4 people 
  • It has 100% heat-proof handles that prevent the hand from buying and ensures continent use
  • Comes with an ergonomically designed stainless steel lif that fits the pot perfectly


  • Saves fuel
  • Induction friendly
  • Spill-proof edges
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive


Cello Steelox Stainless Steel Steamer
Cello Steelox Stainless Steel Steamer

Cello is one of the most preferred household brands in India that has a wide array of aesthetically pleasing, innovative products. It was established in 1967 and since then it has been offering quality products at an affordable price. If you want to add one of the best brands of stainless steel cookware to your kitchen, Cello is a must-check. 

Prominent Features of the Cello Steelox Stainless Steel Steamer: 

  • Made with heavy gauge stainless steel, this steamer is 100% flame proof
  • It has a tempered-glass lid with an anti-slip finish handle for a comfortable use
  • This steamer is highly durable, rust-resistant, simple to clean, and easy to hold


  • 1-year warranty
  • Mirror finishing
  • Highly functional
  • Anti-rust steel


  • It is not dishwasher safe


Alda Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Wok Pan
Alda Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Wok Pan

Last on the list we have Alda which is known for offering top-notch quality kitchen appliances and cookware. It has a range of innovative designs and technically advanced stainless steel cookware that enhances the pleasure of cooking. Also, they are convenient, safe, and hassle-free to use.

Prominent Features of the Alda Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Wok Pan: 

  • The pan has a 2.5 mm of thickness for even heat distribution and to prevent food from getting burnt
  • It is crafted with high-heat conductive aluminium that ensures faster cooking
  • Available in different sizes: 18 cm, 20 cm, 22 cm, 24 cm, 26 cm, 28 cm, 30 cm, and 32 cm


  • Induction friendly
  • 5 years warranty
  • Highly durable
  • Offers better grip


  • It is a bit expensive 

How to Clean Stainless Steel Cookware?

Cleaning stainless steel cookware is an essential task that must be performed the right way to maintain its shine and durability. Here’s how you should do it:

  • Rise the cookware after cooking with warm water to get rid of the residue. 
  • Next, you have to use a mild detergent and a soft sponge to prevent scratches on the surface. 
  • Rub it gently and rinse the cookware with warm water. 
  • However, if it has tough stains, soak it in warm water or use baking powder to clean the cookware.
  • Once, it is cleaned and rinsed, leave it for drying.
  • You can also use a soft cloth or towel to dry it properly with no marks of water droplets.

Final Words

Stainless steel is a popular choice when buying cookware. It is clean, durable, and much more reliable than others. In this article, we have listed the 10 best stainless steel cookware brands that are a perfect choice to give a chic upgrade to your kitchen. While all the options are worth considering, we really like the products from Vinod, Pigeon, and Hawkins. Do let us know the brands that you like the most.


Which company’s stainless steel cookware is the best?

While all the brands mentioned above produce high-quality products, Meyer, Bergner, Vinod, and Pigeon are considered to be the best in the Indian market.

Which steel cookware is the best?

When it comes to steel cookware, stainless steel is regarded as the best. It is a highly durable and versatile material that is rust and corrosion free. Also, it spreads heat evenly and can easily be washed in the dishwasher.

Which is the healthiest stainless steel cookware?

The healthiest stainless steel cookware depends on the quality of the material that is being used in the construction of the utensil. If it is made with 18/10 stainless steel, i.e. 18% chromium and 10% nickel, it will be considered a healthy choice for cooking.

What cookware do most chefs use?

Professional chefs use a variety of cookware like stainless steel, cast iron, copper, non-stick, etc. The choice depends upon the dish that is being cooked and its cooking technique.

What is the longest-lasting cookware?

Stainless steel cookware is one of the long-lasting options. It is durable, corrosion-resistant, and provides even heat distribution. Also, they are easy to clean which makes them last for decades with proper care.

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