15 Best Tea Tree Face Washes for Clear Skin

Tea tree has multiple skin benefits, and hence, it is a commonly used ingredient in the skin care industry. Among the many types of skin care products in which you can find tea tree is an array of face washes and cleansers. Along with deep cleansing the face, tea tree face washes can also solve various concerns like acne, pimples, dark spots, blemishes and skin irritation. You can pick up a face wash with a tea tree and enjoy its benefits. To make the process of finding the best formula for you easier, here are the top 15 tea tree face washes currently available in India.

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How Do We Choose the Right Tea Tree Face Wash for You?

Multiple brands have introduced tea tree face washes with a wide range of price tags. Other than the price, you should consider the following factors before making the purchase.

Ingredients Combination

Apart from tea tree, a face wash can have other ingredients too. You have to go through the list of ingredients of a product and see if they suit you. If not, it is better to avoid that product.

Skin Concerns

There are many benefits of using tea tree face washes. They promote healthy skin by lightening marks, blemishes, and pigmentation, deep cleaning the pores, reducing inflammation and redness, and controlling excess oil. So, before picking a face wash, check if it addresses your skin concerns and get one accordingly.

All of the following 15 tea tree face washes have received good ratings and positive reviews on Amazon. So, you can pick any of these without any worry. 

Top 15 Tea Tree Face Washes in India

Mamaearth Tea Tree Natural Face Wash

Mamaearth Tea Tree Natural
Mamaearth Tea Tree Natural Face Wash

Mamaearth aims to bring the best of nature to you through its range of products. The company emphasises using only natural ingredients and keeping all products free of toxins. 

Notable Features of Mamaearth Tea Tree Natural Face Wash:

  • Tea tree oil removes excess oil from the skin and provides freshness. 
  • Neem gets rid of impurities from the skin. It also fights the occurrence of breakouts.
  • Aloe vera has soothing properties that nourish the skin. It reduces skin irritation and redness. 


  • One of the best tea tree face wash for pimples
  • Removes skin impurities
  • Natural ingredients 
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Toxin-free
  • SLS-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Dermatologically tested


  • A little expensive

Why We Picked Mamaearth Tea Tree Natural Face Wash?

The combination of tea tree, neem and aloe vera is no less than a blessing for people with acne and pimple-prone skin. However, we have kept this among the best tea tree face washes in India because it removes all impurities from the skin without making it dry or stretchy. Wanted to get rid of dry skin? Check our list of face washes for dry skin available online.

Lotus Herbals Teatreewash Face Wash

Lotus Herbals Teatreewash
Lotus Herbals Teatreewash Face Wash

As the name suggests, the company is keen on using herbal and natural ingredients in all its skin care and hair care products. Since its foundation in 1993, it has been providing effective natural solutions all over India.

Notable Features of Lotus Herbals Teatreewash Face Wash:

  • Tea tree used in this face wash acts as a powerful antioxidant. It reduces blemishes and dark spots.
  • Cinnamon helps improve blood flow resulting in healthier-looking skin.
  • Oak bark, with its soothing properties, reduces skin irritation. 


  • Ideal tea tree face wash for acne
  • Only natural ingredients used
  • No toxin
  • No animal cruelty
  • Inexpensive

Why We Picked Lotus Herbals Teatreewash Face Wash?

This one is a popular choice on Amazon for its overall skin benefits. It not only deep cleans the face but also makes it healthier

The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing
The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash

The Body Shop is a cruelty-free brand with its origin in Great Britain. The brand has successfully launched its products in India and gained impressive popularity as well. Sustainability and community are two important factors for this brand.

Notable Features of The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash:

  • Tea tree oil is beneficial for oily skin. It has purifying properties. 
  • It is one of the best tea tree face washes for blemished skin.


  • Acne prevention
  • Vegan


  • Pricey

Why We Picked The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash?

It is one of the most purchased tea tree face washes on Amazon. It is quite effective on blemished skin, which makes it a must-mention on this list.

Aroma Magic Face Wash

Aroma Magic Neem & Tea Tree
Aroma Magic Neem & Tea Tree Face Wash

Aroma Magic is famous for introducing aromatherapy-based products crafted carefully with naturally sourced ingredients. The company has taken inspiration from Ayurveda as well. 

Notable Features of Aroma Magic Face Wash:

  • This is one of the best tea tree face washes for oily skin.
  • The tea tree oil, along with lavender oil essentials, gives comfort from skin irritation and prevents blackheads.
  • The neem and rose extracts reduce acne. 
  • Improves skin tone.


  • Lightens scars
  • Improves skin tone
  • Affordable
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No parabens
  • No alcohol
  • No artificial fragrances 

Why We Picked Aroma Magic Face Wash?

This tea tree face wash’s benefits are numerous. Providing so many benefits at a low price is the product’s USP.

St. D’Vence 100% Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem Face Wash

St DVence Tea Tree Oil & Neem
St D’Vence Tea Tree Oil & Neem Face Wash

Born in 2015, St. D’Vence blends art, creativity and innovation to curate pure products. It is a quality-driven brand committed to producing affordable skincare solutions. 

Notable Features of St. D’Vence 100% Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem Face Wash:

  • The antiseptic properties and acne-healing properties of tea tree oil make this face wash a great choice.
  • Neem, with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, reduces skin irritation, allergies and rashes. 
  • Aloe vera and Vitamin E are also used in the formulation of this face wash.


  • Deep cleanses skin
  • Removes impurities
  • Reduces acne and pimple occurrence
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Paraben-free
  • Phthalates-free
  • Mineral oil free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Reasonable pricing

Why We Picked Aroma Magic Neem & Tea Tree Face Wash?

This face wash provides multiple skin benefits. But the best part is that it is suitable for all types of skin, including dry, oily, normal and sensitive skin. That is why we have added this to our list.

Moreover, if you are looking for a suitable face wash for your sensitive skin, then you might not want to miss our blog, where we have covered the best face washes for sensitive skin. Do check it out.

Bella Vita Organic Anti Acne Face Wash

Bella Vita Organic Tea Tree & Aloe Vera
Bella Vita Organic Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Face Wash

Bella Vita Organic has handcrafted natural solutions made with 100% natural ingredients. It also follows some ancient skin and hair care practices. If you are looking for the best tea tree face wash for acne, Bella Vita Organic has a great option for you

Notable Features of Bella Vita Organic Anti Acne Face Wash:

  • Tea tree reduces excess sebum production.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of neem clear pores and lessens acne.
  • Aloe vera has healing agents.
  • Tulsi purifies the skin by deep cleansing.


  • Controls oil
  • Heals itching and redness
  • Helps fight acne and pimples
  • No chemicals
  • Price within reason

JOVEES Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash

JOVEES Tea Tree Oil Control
JOVEES Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash

The journey of Jovees started in 2004 with the mission of creating innovative products. Today, the company has a huge customer base in India and many other countries all around the globe. It uses many natural ingredients in its products, including tea tree. 

Notable Features of JOVEES Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash:

  • Tea tree deep cleanses pores and gets rid of oil build-up
  • Lemon extracts pull out dead skin cells that clog the pores. 
  • Vitamin E is a cleansing agent. It is effective on acne scars and dark spots.


  • Prevents acne
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Controls sebum production
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Paraben-free
  • Affordable

Good Vibes Tea Tree Gentle Cleansing Face Wash

Good Vibes Tea Tree Gentle Cleansing
Good Vibes Tea Tree Gentle Cleansing Face Wash

Good Vibes desires to bridge the gap between daily skincare routines and nature’s goodness. The brand handpicks the best quality ingredients and uses them to create a huge line of products. It wants to help you design a rejuvenating skincare regime to give the much-needed comfort in your busy life. 

Notable Features of Good Vibes Tea Tree Gentle Cleansing Face Wash:

  • Its key ingredient, tea tree is loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 
  • Tea tree gets rid of acne-causing bacteria and other skin impurities. 


  • Manages oil production
  • Deep cleanses and moisturises the skin
  • Comforts irritated skin
  • No paraben
  • No mineral oil
  • No animal cruelty
  • Not expensive

Oriflame Sweden Purifying Gel Wash

Oriflame Sweden Organic Tea Tree & Lime
Oriflame Sweden Organic Tea Tree & Lime Face Wash

Oriflame is one of the leading beauty companies in India. Its presence is also noticed in 60 other countries in the world. In its 50 years of existence, the company has been able to create a massive customer base and earn the loyalty of many. 

Notable Features of Oriflame Sweden Purifying Gel Wash:

  • Tea Tree oil combined with salicylic acid reduces blemishes.
  • Organic lime acts like a toner and makes the skin look mattified.


  • Controls excess oil and sebum
  • Removes impurities
  • No paraben used
  • Low price

NATURALI Daily Purifying Face Wash

NATURALI Tea Tree Oil & Avocado
NATURALI Tea Tree Oil & Avocado Face Wash

Naturali is inspired by nature. Hence, it uses natural ingredients and avoids chemical agents. The brand has opted for the super blend technology that uses two complementary ingredients to make powerful solutions.

Notable Features of NATURALI Daily Purifying Face Wash:

  • Tea tree is an antimicrobial agent. The ingredient fights pimple-causing bacteria, making the product a beneficial tea tree face wash for pimples.
  • Avocado is a moisture-enhancing agent. It keeps the skin hydrated. 


  • Removes oil from the skin
  • Deep cleanses
  • No paraben
  • No sulphate
  • No phthalates
  • No mineral oil
  • No cruelty 
  • Affordable

Aryanveda Tea Tree Face Wash

Aryanveda Tea Tree
Aryanveda Tea Tree Face Wash

Aryanveda represents a blend of Ayurveda and modern science. The brand takes pride in understanding the skin care needs of Indian women and providing them with solutions taken from the old practices of Ayurveda. 

Notable Features of Aryanveda Tea Tree Face Wash:

  • Tea tree has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory abilities.
  • Ashoka gets rid of toxins.
  • Rose keeps excess oil away.
  • Olive has antioxidant properties.
  • Aloe vera helps with skin irritation.
  • Basil improves skin tone.


  • Removes dirt
  • Gets rid of environmental pollutants
  • Prevents acne
  • Enhances skin radiance
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Zero Alcohol
  • No animal cruelty
  • Not expensive


THE NATURAL WASH Anti Acne Face Wash

TNW-The Natural Wash has its inspiration rooted in ancient texts of Ayurveda. It focuses on handpicking herbs and natural ingredients as done in ancient times. With natural ingredients, following Ayurvedic recipes, the brand has created a wide range of products. 

Notable Features of TNW-THE NATURAL WASH Anti Acne Face Wash:

  • Tea tree oil comforts swelling and redness.
  • Salicylic acid unclogs the pores and purifies the skin. It helps prevent acne.
  • Neem extract diminishes dark spots and acne scars.
  • Rosemary leaf extract reduces skin irritation. 


  • Prevents acne
  • Controls whiteheads and blackheads
  • Gives a natural glow to the skin
  • Soothes the skin
  • Has no chemicals
  • Reasonably priced

Mars by GHC Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash

Mars by GHC Tea Tree Foaming
Mars by GHC Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash

Mars by GHC is motivated by the dream to break the stereotypes associated with men’s personal care. Hence, the brand has time and again launched innovative solutions for men’s skin and hair. 

Notable Features of mars by GHC Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash:

  • Aloe vera has antibacterial and antioxidant effects. It heals wounds.
  • Tea tree oil addresses acne, infections and burns.
  • Rose oil provides nourishment to the skin and improves blood circulation.
  • Lemon extract prevents infections.
  • Orange peel extract leaves the skin fresh. 


  • Makes the skin healthy
  • Treats acne and mild infections
  • No sulphate
  • No paraben
  • No chemical
  • Price within reason

ZM Zayn & Myza Foaming Face Wash

Zayn & Myza Tea Tree & Salicylic Acid Foaming
Zayn & Myza Tea Tree & Salicylic Acid Foaming Face Wash

ZM Zayn & Myza creates clean products that are easy to use. All their products are backed by science. 

Notable Features of ZM Zayn & Myza Foaming Face Wash:

  • Australian tea tree is a key ingredient. It gets rid of acne-causing bacteria.
  • Salicylic acid helps with clogged pores.
  • Neem brightens skin and reduces dark spots. It also controls skin inflammation.
  • Basil and aloe vera keep the skin soft, toned and hydrated. 


  • Deep cleansing ability
  • Prevents acne
  • No chemicals
  • Dermatologically tested 
  • pH neutral 


  • Expensive

Aaranyaa Sulphate Free Face Wash

Aaranyaa Tea Tree and Moringa
Aaranyaa Tea Tree and Moringa Face Wash

Blending the principles of Ayurveda and modern technology, Aaranyaa has introduced multiple fine products. The ingredients used in the formulas are carefully selected, and the products are thoroughly tested before they enter the market.

Notable Features of Aaranyaa Sulphate Free Face Wash:

  • Tea tree oil offers great protection to the skin against acne, inflammation, blemishes and dark spots.
  • Rosemary also acts as an antioxidant. 


  • Deep cleanses skin
  • Smoothens skin
  • Improves skin texture
  • Affordable 

In addition to this, we would also like you to check our latest blog, where we have mentioned some of the top face wases for blackheads available online in India. Do check it out.

Final Word

There is no scarcity of tea tree face washes in India, and the above-mentioned ones are your best bets. That being said, remember that each product has specific features and focus. You can match your skin requirements with these products’ features and benefits. Then, opt for the one that fulfils all your needs. 


Is tea tree good for face wash?

Yes, tea tree is a good ingredient for face wash. It is helpful for people with oily skin and acne problems.

Is tea tree face wash good for pimples?

Yes, tea tree has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that kill pimple-causing bacteria, giving you clean and clear skin. It also aids in reducing dark spots and marks.

Which tea tree face wash is best for acne?

Mamaearth’s tea tree natural face wash is best for acne. It is effective yet gentle on the skin as it is hypoallergenic, free from toxins, and paraben and sulphate free. It also suits all skin types.

Can I use tea tree face wash every day?

Yes, a gentle tea tree face wash can be used every day like any other face wash.

Is tea tree good for oily skin?

Yes, tea tree helps in controlling oil production on the skin and is therefore helpful for those with oily skin.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro has a team of experts that carefully crafts each review after a thorough evaluation of products and brands. The same has been done while enlisting top tea tree face washes. Each face wash was tested based on ingredient combination, skin concerns and prices. Then, only the best products were placed on this list. 

Sanskriti Mathur
Sanskriti Mathur

Sanskriti is a creative content writer working as a Senior Content Associate with CashKaro since 2021. She has 3+ years of experience producing buzz-worthy blogs and social media posts. She specialises in writing product descriptions and lifestyle blogs and curating quality brand listicles to help users make the right purchases. She also has great expertise on writing about major appliances, electronics, and is a keen audio tech enthusiast. She completed her graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication from Manipal University Jaipur. Although a full-time content savvy, she moonlights as a metal musician and has a profound inclination toward art, food, and travelling.

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