10 Best Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Companies

Tile adhesive is a new-age formulation used for the smooth application of tiles to floors or walls. The dry powder used has different material mixes to either lay new tiles or reconstruct existing ones. Applying the mixture does not require professional experience; any novice can go through the instructions and have a suitable fix for problems associated with the application of tiles. If you plan to buy tile adhesive, there are multiple quality options available. Here we have made a list of the 10 best tile adhesive manufacturers in India.

Our Top Picks:

How Do We Choose the Best Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Companies for You?

We don’t change tiles every now and then. Once the tiles are in place, they last years and even a lifetime. So, when buying tile adhesives, it is crucial to carefully check the quality. Go through the following three elements and then opt for the best fit. 


Presently, 5 different types of tile adhesives are sold in the market: Cement-based adhesive, epoxy-based adhesive, water-based dispersion adhesive, tile adhesive mat, and polyurethane-based adhesive. You should know which type of tile adhesive is suitable for the tiles you plan to install and then make a decision. 

Type of Tiles

Tiles made of metal, stone, ceramic, and glass usually can be fixed with multipurpose tiles fixing gum or adhesive. On the contrary, some tiles like mosaic tiles require specific adhesion agents to stick to the surface properly.  Porcelain is a heavy-weight material. So, the adhesion capacity is lower than other tiles; opting for a strong bond adhesive is suggested for such tiles. 

Type of Surface

The surface where the tiles have to be fixed is a matter of importance when choosing a tile adhesive. Outdoor wall surfaces are vastly different from that of the indoors. Tile adhesive for exterior surfaces needs to be stronger than the ones applied indoors as the tiles go through harsher climatic and other experiences than indoor tiles. 

List of the Top 10 Tile Adhesive Companies in India 



MYK LATICRETE is a pioneer in tile & stone installation products that offers the best tile adhesive and best tile grouts for your dream house and building projects. And guess what? They’ve teamed up with the legendary cricketer M.S. Dhoni, who believes in their top-notch products too.

Here’s what makes MYK LATICRETE stand out:

  • Super Strong Solutions: They offer amazing products like adhesives, grouts, and tile & stone care items that are strong and reliable. Say goodbye to worries about weak tile & stone installation materials!
  • Quality You Can Trust: Just like how you can trust M.S. Dhoni on the cricket field, you can trust MYK LATICRETE products too! They never compromise on quality, ensuring your projects will last for a long time.
  • Always Innovating: MYK LATICRETE loves to keep up with the latest technology. They are always on the lookout for new and better ways to make your tile & stone installation work easier and more efficient.
  • Faster and Easier: Time is precious, and MYK LATICRETE knows it! Their quick and easy-to-use tile adhesive and grouts speed up your construction work without sacrificing quality.
  • Caring for the Environment: MYK LATICRETE cares about the planet. They have eco-friendly products that help you build sustainably and reduce your environmental impact.
  • Supporting Skilled Workers: They’re not just about selling products. MYK LATICRETE also supports tile masons and contractors by providing training and support to help them excel in their installation work.

So, if you want to build strong, durable, and environmentally-friendly projects, choose MYK LATICRETE! With M.S. Dhoni’s endorsement, you know you’re making a winning choice!


  • High strength formula
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Improved shock and impact resistance
  • Can withstand thermal stress
  • Easy to install & apply – fast and economical
  • Hassle-free and long-lasting

Our Select Range of Tile Adhesive

  • LATICRETE®️ 325 High Flex- Installation of Tile on Tile
  • MYK LATICRETE 335 MAXI- Installation of large format/ slim tiles
  • LATAPOXY® 310 – Spot Bonding Adhesive
  • PUA 212® – Suitable for all substrates, including metal
  • DWA 215® – Tile on Plywood


A notable name in the construction industry, Simcrete manufactures world-class raw materials for building commercial and domestic units. The primary motto of the brand is to reach out to the construction needs of India by providing sustainable results and redefining management policies. By identifying the requirements of the customers, Simcrete has managed to build a strong portfolio with multiple quality construction products.

Notable Features of Simcrete:

  • The range of construction products manufactured by Simcrete includes wall plasters, tile adhesives, repair mortar, sand, joining mortar, and floor screed. 
  • Simcrete makes many types of tile adhesives. It manufactures the best tile adhesive in India for porcelain material tiles. 
  • Easy-to-apply tile adhesives are manufactured by Simcrete. The products are premixes that do not require multiple pieces of equipment. 


  • Excellent workability 
  • Self-curing adhesives

Why We Picked This Brand?

Simcrete is the brand that people look forward to for construction solutions. The products are easy to apply and required in decent quantities to accomplish a task. Among the tile adhesive companies in India, Simcrete expanded its horizons in most regions, including remote, inaccessible areas. 


The trusted name in the Indian paint industry, Berger has put on an amazing performance for over 100 years. The brand focuses on consumers and innovation, to satisfy its huge base of customers. It makes numerous products to facilitate the needs of beautifying homes and their walls. From paints to coating chemicals and adhesives, it makes products in different ranges and options.

Notable Features of Berger:

  • Berger has good tile adhesive options for different varieties of tiles.
  • The multipurpose variety is one of the most sold adhesives of this brand. It can be used to fix mosaic tiles on both exterior and interior surfaces. 
  • This is one of the few tile adhesive brands that makes adhesive for tile-on tile applications. 
  • Every product is uniquely formulated and has a large variety. 


  • Strong bonding molecules of tile adhesive enable superior adhesion
  • Self-curing
  • Waterproof adhesives
  • Green pro Certified


  • Little expensive

Why We Picked This Brand?

Berger strictly believes in the philosophy of beginning innovative change in the construction industry. Every practice is carried out ethically with the values of stakeholders and customers. Managing, meshing, integrating, and putting in effort are the four prime values the brand follows to the core. 


Roff is a leading tile adhesive maker brought to us by the Pidilite industries. The brand works with expert teams to provide cutting-edge fixing solutions for tiles and stones. The state-of-the-art infrastructure of this Pidilite unit has enabled it to reach out to masses of the Indian subcontinent. The brand images provide efficient on-site feedback and engage in last-mile delivery at nooks and corners of the country.


Notable Features of Roff:

  • Roff has great teams working with it to assist the customers with sample testing and redressal of problems during the installation of tiles with their respective tile adhesive. 
  • Roff produces the best chemical for tile fixing, especially for interior use. 
  • The adhesive can be used on walls as well as on floors for getting long-lasting results


  • Ready-to-use adhesive mixes
  • Low shrinkage levels with great adhesion capacity
  • Self-curing adhesives

Why We Picked This Brand?

Pidilite is an industry that offers different renowned brands, and their products well suit the purpose they are meant for. Roff adhesives are one of a kind and manufactured using formulations of international standards. It also provides tiling services in India to get durable outcomes and good finesse. 

Dr Fixit

Another venture by Pidilite industries, Dr Fixit, is the waterproofing brand dealing with minor to major dampness. The R&D team, with its rigorous efforts, formulates construction chemicals, including the tiles fixing chemical. Sealants, coatings, fixings, and grouts are some of the common products by Dr Fixit extensively found in the market.


Notable Features of Dr Fixit:

  • Dr Fixit’s building materials are suitable for different construction purposes, and their effect lasts for years. 
  • It employs highly trained professionals to come up with formulations that are fruitful and affordable. 
  • From small crack fixings to large renovations, the brand has multiple solution options.
  • The tile adhesives have excellent adhesion and can be used on internal as well as external surfaces. It makes the best chemical for fixing wall tiles that are waterproof as well.


  • Ready to use adhesives
  • Easy to apply formulation
  • Low shrinkage 
  • Waterproof 

Why We Picked This Brand?

Dr Fixit solves all leakage problems with easy fixes. The variety and the distinct formulation enable the users to have relevant results with long-lasting effects. The efforts of experts and the labour of experienced technicians combined with innovative products make the brand an ideal choice. 


Weber debuted in the construction industry in 1902. The brand has made a global name with its presence in 64 countries. It has over 10,000 people working in unison in over 200 production units. The large variety of products includes natural stones, mineral-based products, technical mortar solutions, plastering mortars, and many more. Since 2004, Weber has been improving its game in India and has managed to make a remarkable presence.

Notable Features of Weber:

  • Weber manufactures the best chemical for fixing wall tiles. The formulation has material that strengthens the mixture and increases the durability of the product. 
  • The experts working with the brand analyse local formulations and provide easy solutions for fixing stones and tiles. 
  • The high polymer modified adhesion products allow them to sit over multiple substrates. 
  • Tiles fixing chemical which is manufactured by Weber can be used for different porosity of tiles. 


  • Self-curing formulation
  • Sustains heat ageing well
  • Zero shrinkage products

Why We Picked This Brand?

Weber has backed a good position in the construction industry with quality products made with extensive research and analysis. This one of the high structural tile adhesive manufacturers in India provides adhesion products with zero hacking of substrates which is an important criterion to fulfil for strong bonding between the adhesive and tiles. 


Loctite is an imminent name in the Henkel portfolio. The venture started in 1997 with the production of sealants and adhesives of superior quality. Implementing anaerobic technology, the brand has spent over 50 years making vital equipment for assemblies and machinery in varied industries. The adhesive technology is not only being used in the construction industry but also in various other fields like biomedical, automotive, and electronics. 

Notable Features of Loctite:

  • Loctite makes the best tile adhesive in India for the minute detailing of tiles. The product helps to resolve problems associated with small cracks and gaps in tiles. 
  • It does not require any additional agent for an application. Besides, it does not require any premixing. The adhesives can be directly applied to the required surface. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Well suited for porous tiles


  • Expensive


The JMH Group brand Fosroc International Limited has been in the industry for over 80 years. Their tiles paste name has bagged a good position in the market for its innovative formulation. With adhesives, it also manufactures products like concrete repair products, grouts, surface treatment solutions, and joint sealants. With experience and expertise, the brand has thrived throughout its path. 

Notable Features of Fosroc:

  • The adhesives for tiles have a gaseous expansion system that largely compensates for shrinkages due to uneven surfaces.
  • The ceramic tile adhesive variant has no metallic iron as a component. So, there is no chance of rusting on tile surfaces. 


  • Ensures low permeability through the tile
  • Has a low water/cement ratio


TIELO is an Indian company providing solutions for tile and stone instalments. The brand is committed to providing quality solutions for all construction-related answers. The tile and stone fining solutions are loved by several builders, and the brand is the first choice of many.

Notable Features of TIELO:

  • The company mostly makes ceramic-based tile adhesive with high bonding capacity.
  • Formulations are mostly ready to use, which makes application less time taking. 


  • Non-shrinking adhesives
  • Excellent adhesion on any surface
  • Required in small quantities
  • Long durability


  • Little expensive

Magicrete Magic Bond

Magicrete Magic Bond is a brand solely working on providing tile installation and care solutions. The formulae used for making construction materials are proven scientifically to work well on different surfaces. 2008 was the year of its establishment which started with a team comprising mega minds from IIT Delhi, Kharagpur, and IIM Lucknow. The brand has gained a global market with several awards and recognitions. 

Notable Features of Magicrete Magic Bond:

  • Magicrete Magic Bond has successfully built over 100 homes in Ranchi using 3D modular technology within a year of its establishment. 
  • It produces polymer integrated adhesive materials for fixing tiles made of vitrified and ceramic.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent waterproofing formulation
  • Prevents tile cracks

Final Words

Tile adhesives are commonly used to easily install tiles regardless of the tile material. Many tile adhesive companies in India are creating a difference by producing adhesion solutions with innovative ideas and formulations. Berger and Simcrete are the most popular brands for producing stone and tiling solutions in India. But not all types of tile adhesives are manufactured by all brands. So, pick a tile adhesive that suits your requirement the best. 

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

While listing products and brands, CashKaro regards the views of multiple experts in the respective fields. All the above brands offer ideal choices and are reviewed carefully before making the list.

Sanskriti Mathur
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