Watches are investment pieces in your wardrobe that you can never go wrong with. They are an essential accessory for every woman to show off their personality. Today, you can get smart watches that can track your health, help you answer calls and more, or get classic, sporty, or everyday wear watches, which makes finding the best watch for girls a tricky pursuance. Therefore, to go about your day looking absolutely chic, it is essential that you keep your closet stocked with some of the best watches for girls.

From affordable timepieces to elegant party wear watches and everything in between, we have done a rundown of some of our favourite watches for girls here.

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Best Watches for Girls in India

1. Timesoon Analogue Watch

Timesoon Analogue Watch
Timesoon Analogue Watch

One of the most popular girl’s watches, this studded watch comes in a solid black colour that goes well with any attire. The watch features designer bezels and a stainless-steel strap. Ideal for women and younger girls, this watch has an elegant and feminine look.

This minimalist watch delivers an ultimate elevated style around the clock. Slender and light, with sophisticated styling, this Timesoon Analogue Watch can lend a touch of class to any outfit.

What’s Good

  • This timepiece features a magnetic closure that can be cinched anywhere on the strap.
  • The black colour adds to its versatility and matches with almost everything.

What’s Bad

  • Colour may fade over time

2. Swisstone Analogue Watch

Swisstone Analogue Watch
Swisstone Analogue Watch

This affordable wristwatch for girls features a pretty contrast of pink and silver. Adorned with a silver-plated band, this watch has a slim bezel and studded dial. This stylish timepiece by Swisstone is an elegant and simple accessory that is ideal for women and girls.

The feel of the strap and the dial against the skin is comfortable, so that you can wear this watch for long hours. The attention to detail is magnificent, and this watch will be a great addition to any girl’s watch selection. This is one of the best watches for girls you can get online.

Whats’s Good

  • Precise Quartz movement
  • Ideal for gifting

3. Swisstyle Analogue Watch Combo

Swisstyle Analogue Watch Combo
Swisstyle Analogue Watch Combo

This stylish wristwatch combo is perfect for every occasion. The watches feature a simple round dial attached to a designer strap. The shiny timepieces are a perfect style statement for those who want a selection of everyday watches.

These wrist watches feature studded bezels, sub-dials, and stainless-steel straps that add to their charm. If you’re looking for a watch to make you feel like a princess, then look no further. They are light to wear and easy on the pocket.

What’s Good

  • These watches come in a classic combination of gold and white, and, gold and black
  • The combo set comes in at a very affordable price point

What’s Bad

  • Each watch has three subdials that can get confusing to read

4. Mikado Girls Watch and Bracelet Combo

Mikado Girls Watch and Bracelet Combo
Mikado Girls Watch and Bracelet Combo

This beautiful multicoloured watch has a round dial and features studded bezels with a pretty design on its right side. This watch has a colourful leather strap with a buckle closure that helps you adjust the size of the band as per your wrist size.

The numerals are distinct and easy to read, and the watch size is small to medium, which makes for comfortable wear. Featuring a brass case, this watch is also resistant to minor water splashes.

What’s Good

  • Both the pieces can be worn together or as stand-alone pieces
  • Perfect for parties and daily wear both

What’s Bad

  • This combo may not match with all your outfits

5. Imperious Analogue Women’s Watch

Imperious Analogue Women's Watch
Imperious Analogue Women’s Watch

Classic, chic, and understated, this timepiece is one of the most elegant watches for women out there. It evokes a bold and feminine charm and can make heads turn with its luxurious look and feel.

The low profile and refined dial is of a decent size and will look good on every girl and woman. This watch is exceptionally suitable for your boardroom attire as it can effortlessly add a sense of hardihood to the look.

What’s Good

  • This watch features a pretty bracelet-style band with a jewellery clasp that protects it from unlocking
  • Has a subtle yet delightful design to elevate your fashion quotient

What’s Bad

  • This watch is not water-proof or water-resistant

6. Fastrack Analog Silver Dial Women’s Watch

Fastrack Analog Silver Dial Women's Watch
Fastrack Analog Silver Dial Women’s Watch

Coming from the house of Fastrack, this is one of the best watches for women out there. This watch puts functionality first and has a sporty and chic look. The modish dial has a mesh like pattern on it along with numbering at the second, fourth, eighth and tenth hours.

It comes in a sturdy case to store the watch when not in use. The brass casing and mineral glass finish make this watch superior in terms of quality.

What’s Good

  • Water-resistant upto 30 meters
  • This watch has an ideal sized dial that will suit everyone

7. Swadesi Stuff Analog Watch

Swadesi Stuff Analog Watch
Swadesi Stuff Analog Watch

This watch is crafted to perfection with its precise details. Featuring a small bezel, this solid rose gold coloured watch has a studded strap. Available in a jewellery clasp variant, this watch comes with a white round dial with minimal numbering. It is ideal to be worn on any occasion.

This timepiece suits those with an eccentric yet refined style.

What’s Good

  • Contemporary and modern design perfect for a tailored look
  • The slim metallic strap that adds to the elegance of this timepiece

What’s Bad

  • The dial is relatively small and can make it difficult to read time

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