Kids watches are a great way to start teaching children about telling time at an early age. There are plenty of options available that they’ll probably love wearing on their wrists. Some watches for kids are designed to help understand time through the analogue or digital way, while some offer a few more features such as alarm settings, backlight, and more. Several brands have also developed smartwatches for children laced with GPS functionality, a camera, and panic buttons for safety.

From flashy glittery watches to simplistic designs, the marketplace has several options in these wearables for kids. To make your search easier, we have a rundown on the best watches for kids that make for a great style statement.

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8 Best Watches for Kids

1. Spider-Man Digital Watch for Kids

Generic Digital Watch for Kids

Generic Digital brings an attractive watch for kids with an inbuilt projector, making it a top-favourite among kid’s watches. It offers 24 image projections of the popular superhero Spider-Man in a combination of red and blue colours in the dark. This Spiderman-themed watch features a digital dial that shows time.

Ideal for kids aged three and above, this watch will surely grab the eyeballs of your kids and their friends when they wear it.

What’s Good

  • Trendy look in a budget
  • Attractive for Marvel superhero fans

2. Titan Zoop Watch

Titan Zoop Watch for Kids

This analogue watch is a great timepiece to start teaching your kids to tell time. It features a round dial with printed designs. The plastic strap features floral designs that’ll attract your kid’s attention towards it. The watch is equipped with a crown that facilitates time adjusting, while the buckle closure helps secure a comfortable fit on the wrist.

This analogue watch for kids is available in vibrant colours, including blue and pink.

What’s Good

  • Bright straps
  • Affordable price point

3. V2A Digital Child Watch

V2A Watch for Kids

This multifunctional watch for kids by V2A holds everything that your little one would need. It features a round digital dial that displays time, date, weekday, and more. It is equipped with four buttons dedicated to light, alarm settings, date and time adjustment, and stopwatch features. The watch has a premium PU band and stainless steel buckles. It boasts water resistance of up to 50 metres.

This watch for kids is available in three colours – black, pink, and blue.

What’s Good

  • Superb water-resistance
  • Great range of strap colours

4. Zoop Analog Silver Dial Watch

Zoop Watch for Kids

This cute and adorable analogue watch from Zoop is designed especially for girls. It features a round-shaped dial with a floral design and has a lid on the top that resembles a tiny hat with flowers. The watch is equipped with an analogue dial and a crown to adjust the time. It has a synthetic strap that is gentle on your child’s skin and won’t cause itching when worn for a longer period.

This watch has a small flower in the middle of the dial that rotates and works as a second’s hand. The minute and hour hands are distinctly coloured to help children read the time without any hassle. However, it offers water resistance only upto 3 metres, not a great pick for children who love swimming.

What’s Good

  • Beautifully crafted
  • Good pick for kids who like floral designs

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5. Sonata Analog Blue Dial Watch

Sonata Watch for Kids

This Sonata watch for kids is a cool blue coloured timepiece in an analogue display. It features a round-shaped dial with blue coloured plastic straps and tang buckles. This watch makes for super stylish wear without compromising on comfort.

Additionally, this watch for kids from the house of Sonata is water-resistant up to 30 meters.

What’s Good

  • Superior comfort

6. Wild Sparrow Spiderman

Wild Sparrow Kids Watch

This trendy watch from Wild Sparrow is inspired by your kid’s favourite superhero, Spider-Man. It has a round multicoloured dial just perfect for your child’s wrist. This watch is fitted with a transparent plastic case around the dial that glows when the light button is pressed.

The watch for kids has a digital display that makes it easy to tell the time. It is equipped with three multifunctional buttons that allow date and time adjustment, alarm settings, and glow light. The bands are made of soft and comfortable silicone material.

What’s Good

  • Skin-friendly
  • Glow-in-the-dark functionality

7. VM Quality Mart

VM Quality Mart Watch for Kids

This watch for kids by VM Quality Mart features the Japanese Quartz movement. It comes in pink and transparent white colours bearing pictures of animated characters from iconic movies. As a bonus, this watch has an easy to read display and flashing glowlight, adding to its aesthetic appeal among kids.

This watch is a perfect gifting option for kids on birthdays, festivals and other occasions.

What’s Good

  • Glow in the dark
  • Popular characters part of the design

8. Turet Kids Smartwatch for Children

Turet Smartwatch for Children

This smartwatch for children by Turet doubles down as a wearable phone and GPS locator for kids. It is designed to keep track of children by allowing parents to contact, locate, monitor and protect the wearer through its live tracking function.

Additionally, it provides  2-way communication to call and even text through voice messages anytime, anywhere. This waterproof smartwatch for children allows parents to fetch photos from the camera embedded in the smartwatch and get an idea about their kid’s location.

What’s best- you can create an electronic fence around your home using this smartwatch for children. Once your child leaves or enters the designated area, the watch will send you alerts. This watch for kids also boasts an SOS button that can be used in case of emergencies.

What’s Good

  • GPS locator for additional convenience

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