Watches are much more than a fashion statement. These mini wearables are multifunctional and offer simplicity and poise to your appearance all at once. Some of the key standout pieces in a man’s wardrobe, watches are convenient to wear and can be paired with formals, casuals, and party outfits. You can find some of the best watches for men online and we are here to help you pick one that matches your style and needs.

Here we have curated a list of some of our all-time favourites, across a wide range of styles and price points. 

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List Of 7 Best Watches for Men

1. SKMEI Analog – Digital Watch

SKMEI Analogue – Digital Watch
SKMEI Analogue – Digital Watch

Available in 7 mesmerising colours, this analogue–digital watch comes from one of the best men’s watch brand- SKMEI. It is ideal for a man who loves to flaunt a sporty element with his outfit. Made of flexible yet sturdy rubber, this watch features a round dial and a stainless-steel buckle to give it a trendy look.

It is water-resistant up to 50m which makes it perfect for daily use. This analogue-digital watch has a chronograph, alarm clock, date display, week display, and a 12-24-hour clock for those who love multiple functions, making it top the list of best watches for men.

What’s Good

  • Quartz movement ensures precise and accurate timing
  • Buckle clasp for comfortable closure

What’s Bad

  • The 44mm dial can look bulky on some

2. Timex Analog Watch

Timex Analog Watch
Timex Analog Watch

From the house of Timex comes this classic timepiece, which features slim brass bezels and a round dial. Offering the perfect contrast of blue and brown, this stylish watch for men features a buckle clasp and is ideal to be worn with formal outfits. It is light in weight and can also function perfectly under 30m of water due to its water-resistant capabilities.

The dial features a break and scratch-resistant glass to ensure your watch last you long. The attention to details for this watch requires a special mention. This watch adorns a thick leather strap that sits comfortably on the wrist of the wearer.

What’s Good

  • Meticulously crafted leather strap
  • Exceptional after-sales service

What’s Bad

  • Watch crown is slightly smaller than what many would like

3. Fastrack Economy Analog Watch

Fastrack Economy Analog Watch
Fastrack Economy Anaog Watch

This stylish watch for men from Fastrack has a casual yet formal vibe. Crafted with perfection, this watch features a round dial with slim bezels. Having a water resistance of up to 50m, this watch is suitable to be used while swimming in shallow depths. The watch has a diver’s clasp closure which prevents it from slipping off or easily unlocking.

The sleek design of this watch makes it rather expensive looking but it comes in at a price that will not burn a hole in your pocket. The black dial complements the silver metal strap effortlessly and can elevate your fashion quotient in no time. This brand makes some of the best watches for men.

What’s Good

  • Uber chic design that will look outstanding on everyone
  • Suitable for formal and casual wear
  • Excellent price point

4. Titan Neo Analog Watch

Titan Neo Analog Watch
Titan Neo Analog Watch

Titan is one of the best watch brands in India with unmatched quality and a plethora of designs. This particular analogue watch from Titan features a round dial and a leather band that fits comfortably on the wrist. The watch also features a buckle clasp that allows you to adjust the watch according to the size of your hand.

Wear this watch with formal outfits to add a dash of confidence to your overall look. This watch is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a watch with a small dial and comfortable straps.

What’s Good

  • Premium aesthetic with high quality material
  • 24 months manufacturing warranty
  • Comes in a sleek looking case to store when not being worn

5. Sonata Analog Watch

Sonata Analog Watch
Sonata Analog Watch

Trusted for its unique designer watches, Sonata brings you this marvellous timepiece. This solid black wristwatch is made with stainless steel and features a thick dial case with medium-sized bezels. The black dial and black strap make it look ultra-luxurious. The watch also has a diver’s clasp, which adds to this watch’s fit and secure aspect.

The minimal looking dial adds a very unique aesthetic to it and makes you stand out. Whether you’re going for a festive, formal, or fashion-forward look, with this watch you can nail it all. That’s the reason why this Sonata watch has made it to the best watches for men list.

What’s Good

  • Contemporary design excellent for most occasions
  • Water-resistant up to 30 metres
  • Remarkably pocket friendly

What’s Bad

  • Some complaints of the clasp getting loose

6. Timewear Analog Watch

Timewear Analog Watch
Timewear Analog Watch

This timewear classic is a watch every man needs to add to their collection. The silver and black dial look absolutely stunning against the black leather starp. The slim and sleek dial has quartz movement and features two hands – an hour hand and a minute hand. The watch has a firm fit with a buckle and pin closure that sits perfectly on your wrist.

This well-presented steel and leather analogue watch is pretty much the benchmark for day-to-night wear. It can go well will all your outfits and can subtly uplift them.

What’s Good

  • Budget friendly watch for men
  • Premium Design

7. Royal Step Casual Analogue Men’s Watch

Royal Step Casual Analogue Men's Watch
Royal Step Casual Analogue Men’s Watch

This unique watch makes a very stylish statement unlike many others. This watch has a medium face and the simple to read dial with quartz movement for ultimate accuracy. The silicone strap not only adds cool texture to your wrist game, but makes the entire timepiece ultra-light.

The USP of this addition to the best watches for men list is that it is highly durable and comes in a at a very affordable price point.

What’s Good

  • Affordable Price
  • 6 months warranty

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