Best Water Based Lubricant Brands

Lubricants are needed for a wide range of reasons and the lack of proper lubrication can cause undue stress on the skin, also leading to injury. Dryness of the skin is a problem that plagues many and yet going ahead with proper lubrication will only ruin the pleasure further. To maintain optimum moisture and gain the desired smoothness, it is best to opt for a water based lubricant rather than an oil based one. Here are some of the best brands, and they are listed with their prices to help the buyer choose better.

The Best Brands for Water Based Lubricants

1. Best Durex lubricants

Durex lubricants are made from both water and oil and one can have their pick according to their requirements. A brand that has brought lubricants within the easy reach of the users and made it a must have product for every couple, Durex lubes are available around a price point of Rs 440.

2. Best Johnson and Johnson lubricants

One of the mildest lubricants out there, it is very effective and yet does not feel like anyone is using it. One of the mildest products in the segment, the product truly softens and lubes the skin for a better experience. One can find the product at a price range of Rs 300.

3. Best KY Personal lubricants

A very good water based lubricant meant for both men and women and it can be used to the best advantage for heightened pleasure. The product is a medicated one and is sterile, making it free from germs and also prevents the passage of any kind of it. It is priced around a range of Rs 599.

4. Best Veeon lubricants

Veeon is a standard lubricant and can be used anywhere, and is perfectly safe for use with its medicated formula. It can also be used as a massage gel which would double the experience. The product is suitable for use by both men and women and is priced around Rs 599.

5. Best Moods lubricants

One of the best lubricant brands out there, they are also available in a number of flavors and fragrances and are highly enjoyed by both men and women. It is a suitable and standard product for those who are interested in trying out a number of things. The products are priced around Rs 260.

6. Best Kama Sutra lubricants

The pleasures are increased manifold when the lubricant is used during the act, as it truly helps in heightening the pleasure by drawing it out. It comes in a juicy strawberry flavor and is quite affordable around a price point of Rs 250.

7. Best Yes WB lubricants

One of the best products in the market in the segment, the lubricant is completely water soluble and does not stain. The best thing about it is that it is completely organic and so there is no worry about any kind of sensitivity. The products are priced around Rs 1139.

8. Best Wicked Sensual lubricants

The pleasures are increased by a few times with the use of the lube effectively and are a great help especially during winter months. The product is also effective for anal action and is priced around Rs 1135.

9. Best Skore lubricants

Skore has always developed products that are made especially for the ultimate pleasure and using their lubricant is only going to heighten it. The lube produces a very warm and fuzzy feeling, just what is required for the moment. It is affordably priced around Rs 250.

10. Best Intimate Organics lubricants

This water soluble lubricant is meant for those who want to enjoy themselves to the fullest and it also helps in preventing injury due to roughness. They are priced around Rs 1165. Those who are particular about using herbal products in all aspects will find this especially useful.

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