10 Best Water Sports Brands – Complete Guide with Price Range

Water sports are fast becoming popular in India and the beaches are filled with divers trying to learn snorkeling and scuba diving. However, it is absolutely essential to have a good gear while diving, because nothing is more important that the safety of the individual. The world under the water surface is quite different from above it but these brands have come up with some really good gear to make things easier. Here are some of the best brands for certain water sports items that are sure to help you.

List of the Best Water Sports Brands in India

1) Best Carrel Water Sport Brand

Carrel is known for their superior water sports items that range from swimming costumes to diving gear. The suits are made from superior quality latex and they are perfect for a day in the beach, or even in the pool. The items are reasonably priced and start from around Rs 800 and go up depending on the products.

2) Best Rovars Water Sport Brand

Rovars is well known water sports brand that sells premium products that are extremely popular among regular divers. The brand sells diving shoes and their suits are one of the best in the industry. The products are made from premium lycra that provides great comfort in water. The products are priced upwards of Rs 500.

3) Best Viva Water Sport Brand

Viva is known for its snorkeling equipments and at Rs 1180 only, they are one of the most affordable products in the market today. A lot of youngsters are taking interest in water sports and the equipments are great for first time users. The products are made from superior quality and eco friendly plastic.

4) Best Lycot Water Sport Brand

Lycot is a great option for those looking for compression vest and the brand is great for those who want the best support for themselves in water in terms of breathing and balance. The products are priced upwards of Rs 350 and come highly recommended.

5) Best Silvertrack Water Sport Brand

Silvertrack is known for its mesh clothing like leggings and shorts that are suitable for underwater and beach wear. The fabrics are light and breathable and do not keep moisture trapped in them. The brand is one of the most used ones when it comes to swimming suits and water fitness gear. The items are priced above Rs 800.

6) Best Allan Cooper Campus Water Sport Brand

Allan Cooper has always been associated with the best of the water sports equipments. There are shoes made specifically made for water sports which are completely water proof and do not get weighed down in any way when they are in water. The shoes are one of a kind and the stark blue color is in sync with the blue of the water. They are available for a price about Rs 900.

7) Best Vorcool Water Sport Brand

Vorcool is a much recognized brand in water sports and the diving socks are one of a kind. They are made from the best quality lycra and are extremely stretchable. The snorkeling beach shoes are also highly in demand because of the increasing interest in water sports. They products are priced at around Rs 450.

8) Best XtraLife Water Sport Brand

Xtralife is known for their rigorous and hardy items and they are much preferred by the regular water sports lovers. Not only are the products extremely durable, but they are made from high quality plastic and other natural materials for optimum support in water. Swimmign suits and diving fins are some of their most saleable products. They are priced at around Rs 750.

9) Best Champ Water Sport Brand

Champ provides a vast range of options when it comes to water sports equipments like swimming suits, pants and shoes and they are one of a kind. They are all mostly made with high grade polyester and they are also kid’s friendly. The products are of the top grade and they are also used by professionals. They can be availed around a price point of Rs 500 and above.

10) Best Getko Water Sport Brand

Getko is known for premium water equipments like water bags, carriers and other similar products that are needed under water. The ocean dry sacks are necessary to take care of many essential things below water and that is why they are much in use.  The products can be bought for a price of Rs 900 and above.

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