10 Best Women Razor Brands- Complete Guide with Price

Razors are a woman’s best friend. Women razors are specifically designed keeping in mind a woman’s sensitive skin. Razors glide smoothly over the skin for keeping you clean and hygienic.  But the Indian market is swarmed with so many razor brands, that it makes it almost an impossible task to decide what you want. So, for your ease and convenience, we have curated a list of the top ten razor brands in India for women.

Here is the list of best brands for women razor brands:

1. Best Veet Women Razor

Veet is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to women’s personal care and hygiene. Now you can forget about cuts and nicks as Veet beauty trimmer trims hair from the most sensitive parts of your body seamlessly and painlessly. The product is also waterproof and can be easily washed and reused. The trimmer’s head can be adjusted for higher precision. The product also comes with a wide range of accessories like precision head, comb, beauty cap, cleaning brush, AA battery and more only at a price of Rs. 1600.

2. Best Gillette Venus Women Razor

Only a few women razors can match this high-end product in the Indian market in terms of features and specifications. Gillette launched its Gillette Venus exclusively for use by women . The glide strips are coated with aloe vera extracts and vitamin E. Also, the razors are available in different fragrances like vanilla, tea, sugarberry, freesia and other floral scents. Now that doesn’t make hygiene and cleanliness a tedious thing, does it? Go for the Gillette Venus razors as they are available at an affordable price of Rs. 55- Rs. 450

3. Best LetsShave Women Razor

LetsShave is a popular brand of razors in India. They are famous for having introduced the world’s first six blade razor for women. The product has brush fingers around all six blades for gentle massage and lifting bits of hair off the skin. The non-slip handle prevents petty accidents and hence reduces the risk of cuts. The moisturising bands are present both at the top and bottom of the razor and are enriched with essential oils to provide instant hydration to your skin. The razor can be yours at a nominal price of Rs. 500.

4. Best RazorEx Women Razor

RazorEx finds its place in the list of the top ten best razor brands in India because of its matchless features. The razors are sterile, biocompatible and medically certified. The ergonomic large handle makes for a perfect grip and prevents accidental mishaps. The razors can be used on any part of the body, including the face. It helps in keeping your cleanliness meticulous and keeps your skin hydrated, supple and soft. The RazorEX razor will be yours at a price of Rs. 200 for a 4 piece pack.

5. Best OutofBox Women Razor

If you are looking for good razors within your budget, then these OutofBox razors are what you need. They are a painless way to get rid of facial and body hair without having to worry about nicks and cuts. Ergonomic grip handles provide you with a firm grip on the razor while gliding it across your skin. Cleaning the razor is super simple: just run the product under cold tap water. It is a time saving shaving option at an affordable price of Rs. 150 post discount for 6 pieces a pack.

6. Best Philips Women Razor

Philips is a renowned brand in the electronics category in India. With the Philips electric trimmer you can forget about skin irritations, cuts and nicks. The trimmer trims hair flawlessly leaving your skin smooth and clean. The ergonomic and sleek design enable you to navigate the trimmer easily on your body. The trimmer is available at a price of Rs. 1700. What’s more? The product comes with a warranty period of 2 years!

7. Best Maharsh Women Razor

Maharsh razors for women are easy to use and dispose. It uses a superior platinum coated blade technology to prevent skin irritations and itchiness. The razor comb aligns body hair in one specific order to prevent drag. The ergonomic handle of the razor gives you a firm grip for easily navigating and gliding the razor across your skin. The razors can be disposed easily too. Maharash razors are available at a price of Rs. 181 for 3 pieces a pack.

8. Best Gracy Women Razor

Gracy offers some of the most superior quality razors in India. The razor blades are Teflon coated German blades with widest edge. You get optimum shearing coverage and a strong grip on the handle that makes the razor easier to navigate. The Teflon coating prevents congestion on the razor blades. Gracy razors are disposable razors that need to be in your health and hygiene kit. Gracy razors are available at a price of Rs. 200 for 8 pieces.

9. Best Zomoza Women Razor

Zomoza razor blades are made from high quality materials. One needs to apply minimum pressure to get a clean smooth look. The razor blades are made of stainless steel and are platinum coated. The razor leaves the skin smooth, soft and supple post use. The Zomoza razors can be yours at a price of Rs. 225 for 12 pieces in a pack.

10. Best Zeebly Women Razor

Zeebly razors are known for their ultra-long handles and sharp, safe razor blades. The lubricant strips ensure that your skin feels smooth, soft and supple after every use. The strips contain aloe vera extract and vitamin E extracts for hydrating your skin. The ultra-long handles give you a firm grip for easily navigating the razor with precision. The Zeebly razor is available at a price of Rs. 219 post discount for a 12 piece pack.

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