Best Razors for Women in India
Razors for Women

Want quick hair removal anytime, anywhere? Check out our list of best razors for women that glide smoothly on the skin and offer painless hair removal. If you’re having second thoughts about buying a hair remover for yourself, you will be relieved to know that these women’s razors are the perfect equipment to get clean arms, underarms and legs without any hassle.

List of Best Razors for Women

1. Gillette Venus Hair Removal Razor

Best Razors for Women
Gillette Venus Razors for Women

Hands down one of the best razors for women, this hair removal razor from Gillette is preferred by many women. This easy-to-use razor can quickly and efficiently shave your body hair. This razor’s flexible pivoting head can contour your body’s curves and move smoothly on the skin. 

Featuring 3 movable blades attached back-to-back, this women’s razor can remove the finest hair with just one glide. With lubricating strips and a rubber handle for a comfortable grip, it is one of the best hair removal razor for ladies 

What’s Good 

  • This women’s razor has a glide strip that is infused with avocado oils and body butters 
  • It is a reusable razor that will last you many shaves 

What’s Bad 

  • The replacement heads are on the expensive side

2. LetsShave Evior Facial Razor 

LetsShave Best Razors for Women
LetsShave Evior Razors for Women

This pack contains three best razors for women’s face. Featuring a typical razor design, this hair removal equipment features a thin blade that can be used to shape eyebrows, upper lip, remove chin hair, peach fuzz and bikini line hair. 

Designed keeping in mind the sensitive aspect of the women’s skin, it also exfoliates the skin. The razor has a comfortable grip and features a cover for its high-quality blade to prevent the user from getting accidental cut. 

What’s Good 

  • This facial razor for women glides smoothly on the skin 
  • Helps eliminate fine hairs and dead skin  

What’s Bad 

  • Can cause facial bumps if not used right 

3. Bombay Shaving Company Defender

Bombay Shaving Company Razor
Bombay Shaving Company Defender For Her

Equipped with a flex-blade, this women’s razor has a compact head that can reach difficult areas very easily. The flex-head can pivot in either direction to offer maximum coverage and easy hair removal without much effort. 

 Ensuring an irritation-free shave, this razor can offer efficient shaving without causing razor bumps and cuts as it glides along the curves of the skin and gently clears off the hair while contouring the skin. It is one of the best razor for women’s private areas. 

What’s Good 

  • This women’s razor features an anti-clog design 
  • Prevents ingrown hair to give it a smooth shave 

4. Sirona Disposable Hair Removal Razor for Women 

Sirona Razor
Sirona Hair Removal Razors

Sirona Disposable Hair Removal Razor features two Swedish stainless steel blades are made of that  provide a close, smooth shave without causing irritation or bumps. With its aloe boost strip, the razor can help you shave and moisturise simultaneously without the need for additional shaving foam. 

Perfect to be used by women who have sensitive skin, this razor is disposable in nature which can avoid infections, bacteria growth and other issues that come with multi-use razors. When used with a foaming base to soften the hair, this razor can help remove them effortlessly. 

What’s Good 

  • This women’s razor can work without shaving gel 
  • Gives precise and clean shave that makes it one of the best razors for women 

What’s Bad 

  • The razor is meant for a single round of shaving body hair 

5. LetsShave Evior 6 Body Hair Removal Razor 

Evior Women Razor
LetsShave Evior 6 Razor

Our list of best razor for women cannot be complete without LetsShave Evior 6 Body Hair Removal Razor for Women. Smaller in size than other women’s razors, this tiny shaver comes in a plastic pod that consists of one razor handle, one blade cartridge, and one blade case. 

Infused with aloe vera, chamomile, and lavender oil extracts it can moisturise your skin while shaving it. The pivoting head can help you shave hairs from all curves of your body. The rubber handle offers an easy and comfortable grip for close shaving precision and painlessly removes minutest hair.  

More so, this razor can also enrich the skin with avocado oil benefits and can be used on arms, underarms, bikini area and legs. 

What’s Good 

  • This tiny razor is the world’s first six blade razor 
  • Brush touch around the blade massages the skin and lift the hairs 

What’s Bad 

  • Finding cartridge replacement can be tricky 

6. Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Trimmer 

Veet Sensitive Razor
Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Trimmer for Women

Looking for a trimmer instead of a razor? Look no further as this is the best trimmer for women that you can get your hands on. You can use it for wet and dry trimming without any hassle and comes with seven delicate accessories to help you achieve precise shaping and styling. 

Get salon like finish when you use this to shape your eyebrows as you can switch between 2 mm and 4 mm trimmer to trim the hairs. Use shape attachment for optimal eyebrow shaping. This is a multi-use trimmer and is also accredited as the best trimmer for bikini line hair removal. 

What’s Good 

  • Has different attachments like bikini head, bikini comb, inclinable precision head among others 
  • The trimmer has no direct contact on the skin so no fear of cuts and bumps 
  • Can be used for wet and dry trimming 

What’s Bad 

  • It is expensive than its counterparts 

7. Gillette Simply Venus Disposable Razor 

Gillette Razor
Gillette Simply Venus Razor for Women

This disposable razor is a perfect handheld women’s razor that can trim the hair present on the bikini area, arms, legs, and other body parts quickly and with complete ease. Featuring a glide strip with aloe vera extracts, you can shave on the most sensitive parts of your body with this razor. 

One of the best razors for women, this can last you for 2-3 weeks and can remove the minutest hair from the skin. It boasts of easy-grip handle for maximum control and precision. 

What’s Good 

  • Painlessly removes hair from the skin 
  • It is a use and throw product that makes it hygienic 

What’s Bad 

  • Single use razors are not the most environmentally friendly option 

Tips to Get Smooth Hair Removal

Well, now that you a list of the best razors for women, here are some tips for you that might help ensure a perfect, close and smooth shave. 

  • Always soften the skin with warm water before shaving the hair. Dry shaving can increase the risk of irritation and razor induced cuts. 
  • Exfoliate your skin before shaving to get rid of the dead skin cells that otherwise may reduce the sharp efficiency of the razor. 
  • Use a conditioning agent- soap, shaving gels, shaving creams, conditioner; all of them work for a comfortable shave. 
  • Always shave in the direction of hair growth. 
  • Post shaving, wash off the residue with cold water to soothe the skin and pores. 
  • Replace your razors or blades after 6 – 8 shaves.

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