7 Best Razor Brands In India

Are you looking for a razor that trims and gives a perfect finish to your face after shaving?

Some of the razors cause razor bumps, ingrown hairs, razor burns and inflammation that leads to further skin irritation. This is why, choosing the right razor is important for your skin. Here are some of the razors brands that manufactures razors which are right for your skin.

1. Gillette Fusion

Gillette Fusion Razor has 5 blades technology and a precision trimmer that gives an unmatched shaving experience. The lubrastrips provided in the razors release lubricants that reduces friction between your skin and the razor. Gillette Razors also have soft micro fins which prevent cuts and other skin irritations.

2. Personna Razor

Personna Double Edge razors have stainless steel blades that reduces the cuts on your skin that occurs while shaving. The lubricating strip reduces friction between your skin and the razor. The blades of the razor are L-shaped that rinse through well. Vitamin E provided by the razor makes your skin free from impurities and brings back the lost glow of your skin.

3. SuperMax Shaving Razor

SuperMax has a 3-blade technology with trimmer blades which gives a smooth shave. The long handle of the razor helps make your grip firmer. SuperMax provides a range of razors like Double Edge Blades razor, single and twin blade disposable razors, triple blade razors and much more. These razors comes in affordable range which you can buy according to your requirements.

4. Merkur 

Merkur Razors are designed for close and professional shaves. The chrome coating with a grip pattern makes provides you a great shaving experience. Standard double edge blades reduces cuts and friction while shaving.

5. Dorco Shaving Razor

It is the world’s first 6 blade razor. It also offers a precision trimmer at the back. It reduces cuts and irritations. It is enriched with vitamin E for a healthier looking skin.

6. Pearl Razor

Pearl Safety Razors come with a traditional design. It provides excellent balance and grip. It is made of brass. It provides the right angle and exposure for a smooth and comfortable shave.

7. Romer 7

It is a double edge razor. Romer 7 provides excellent grip and balance for regular users and beginners. It ensures the right angle for a perfect finish. It comes with a plastic safety cover kit box.


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