10 Best Yoghurt Makers in India for Thick and Creamy Yoghurt

Yoghurt is one of the best superfoods. It is versatile and can be consumed in many ways or eaten as it is. Sure, one can buy a pack of yoghurt conveniently. However, fresh homemade, unprocessed yoghurt is always better than a packaged product. A yoghurt maker also allows you to make perfect and thick yoghurt in any season without having to set your curd in warm places. Yoghurt makers maintain a constant temperature that sets the curd to perfection without spoiling it. Consume fresh homemade curd by choosing the best yoghurt maker for your home. Read on.

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How Do We Choose the Best Yoghurt Makers for You?

Yoghurt makers help you have delicious yoghurt anytime you want. They provide you with total control over the whole procedure and don’t take much time to make yoghurt. In India, a good quality yoghurt maker costs anywhere between Rs 550 and Rs 11,200. Before you jump into our recommendations of the best yoghurt makers available in India, we suggest you go through the factors that helped us decide on the best products for you.

Type of Yogurt Maker

The first thing you should decide while buying a yoghurt maker is its type. Yoghurt makers generally come in two types: electric and non-electric. Non-electric yoghurt makers concentrate on preserving the temperature of the still-hot milk. On the other hand, electric yoghurt makers constantly generate heat to maintain that temperature.


You can choose between glass or plastic yoghurt makers. The major drawback of glass is the possibility of breaking it, which makes finding a substitute for certain yoghurt makers difficult.

Additional Features

Some added features of a yoghurt machine are delayed start or automated shutdown of the yoghurt maker after producing yoghurt. Some yoghurt makers just emit a signal when the timer expires, whereas others contain timers that turn them off. You can get a yoghurt maker with these additional features if you have a tendency to forget things.

List of Top 10 Yoghurt Makers in India

HSR Automatic Yogurt Maker

HSR Automatic Yogurt Maker
HSR Automatic Yogurt Maker

This automatic yoghurt maker by HSR is a high-temperature-resistant appliance that can make one litre of yoghurt in any climate. The stainless-steel inner container with a seal-tight lid can be removed from the yoghurt maker and stored in the fridge for more than three weeks. Available in pink and green colour, it adds a vibrant touch to your kitchen. It also comes with a milk bottle holder for warming up milk for the kids.

Prominent Features of the HSR Automatic Yogurt Maker:

  • Thanks to the inner container’s unique cover with a tight seal, you can keep the yoghurt maker in the refrigerator for up to three weeks
  • The yoghurt container is constructed of food-grade plastic that is PVC and BPA free
  • Additionally, this container is dishwasher-safe for simple cleaning when it’s time to prepare a fresh batch


  • This yoghurt maker machine uses only 15 Watt of power
  • Has a large storage capacity, so you can make yoghurt for your entire family
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • This yoghurt maker cannot make frozen yoghurt

Why We Picked the HSR Automatic Yogurt Maker?

You can put an end to your concerns about making curd every season with the help of the HSR Electric Yogurt Maker. This high temperature-resistant appliance enables you to make yoghurt in any environment with the flavour of your choice. This lightweight item has a milk bottle holder where you may even warm milk for your children.

InstaCuppa Automatic Probiotic-Rich Yogurt Maker

InstaCuppa Automatic Probiotic-Rich Yogurt Maker
InstaCuppa Automatic Probiotic-Rich Yogurt Maker

The InstaCuppa Yogurt Maker automatically controls the ideal temperature for good-gut probiotics and makes sure that the finished yoghurt is brimming with beneficial bacteria for the digestive system. Simply add milk, two to three spoonfuls of curd strains, and turn on the InstaCuppa Yogurt Maker. In 6 to 8 hours, your probiotic-rich yoghurt will be ready.

Prominent Features of the InstaCuppa Automatic Probiotic-Rich Yogurt Maker:

  • With a detachable stainless steel bowl, the yoghurt maker is both straightforward to use and simple to clean
  • The InstaCuppa Yogurt Maker has a double seal to keep it 100% fresh and encourage the development of probiotics that are excellent for your digestive system
  • The 15W machine reliably makes smooth-tasting yoghurt without using a lot of energy because of its PTC heating mechanism, which provides even heating


  • Automated yoghurt maker
  • Easy to assemble for convenience
  • Consistent and even heating


  • Build quality of plastic lids can be better

Why We Picked the InstaCuppa Automatic Probiotic-Rich Yogurt Maker?

The InstaCuppa Automatic Yogurt Maker ferments milk at the proper temperature to produce more probiotics that live longer in each batch. With its completely automated function, the yoghurt maker for home just requires that you plug it in to begin producing yoghurt or other excellent sources of probiotics.

CuisinArt Conair Frozen Yogurt Maker

CuisinArt Conair Frozen Yogurt Maker
CuisinArt Conair Frozen Yogurt Maker

If you’re looking for cafe-style smooth and fresh frozen yoghurt, then this yoghurt machine will help you achieve just that. With a 1.5 l capacity, it can make enough yoghurt for the entire family. You can also make other frozen desserts with this automatic yoghurt maker machine.

Prominent Features of the CuisinArt Conair Frozen Yogurt Maker:

  • Thanks to its unique circular motion, the yoghurt maker freezes and mixes the ingredients slowly to form uniform and tiny ice crystals that feel refreshing to taste
  • The need for ice is not necessary because of the double insulation of the freezer basin
  • Simple and mess-free ingredient addition is made possible by the big, clear lid with an easy lock


  • Equipped with a safety feature that prevents its motor from overheating
  • Comes with an instruction manual to give you a step-by-step guide to using the product
  • Easy to use
  • BPA-free


  • You cannot control the temperature of this yoghurt machine

Why We Picked the CuisinArt Conair Frozen Yogurt Maker?

The CuisinArt Conair Frozen Yogurt Maker will help you make yoghurt easily. In 20 minutes or less, the powerful device can produce frozen yoghurt, ice cream, sorbet, and even frozen beverages.

EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker

EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker
EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker

The EuroCuisine glass electric yoghurt maker has two tiers that can store seven jars each. Each jar comes with a lid, which helps in keeping the stored yoghurt fresh and makes it easy to eat the yoghurt on the go. Making different flavours of yoghurt at home at the same time is easily achievable with this electric yoghurt maker.

Prominent Features of the EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker:

  • This yoghurt maker is built with a unique structure that distributes equal heat
  • By introducing a second stack of glass jars, the capacity of this yoghurt maker is doubled
  • You can create numerous jars with various flavours of yoghurt


  • This yoghurt maker provides extra space as it comes with two tiers
  • It is dishwasher safe, hence easy to clean
  • Can be used to make different flavours of yoghurt at once


  • The glass jars are prone to breakage

Why We Picked the EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker?

Make a batch of your preferred yoghurt with the EuroCuisine Yoghurt Maker. Additionally, the glass jars are sold separately as well, which makes the device cost-effective.

Agaro Classic Portable Yogurt Maker

Agaro Classic Portable Yogurt Maker
Agaro Classic Portable Yogurt Maker

The Agaro Classic Yogurt Maker is the perfect appliance for your family as it has a large capacity of up to 1.2 litres. This yoghurt maker allows you to enjoy wonderful yoghurt with your family. It is appropriate for 2-3 people, produces no waste, and has the finest nutrition.

Prominent Features of the Agaro Classic Portable Yogurt Maker:

  • A microcomputer system with an inner pot made of 304 stainless steel provides steady and even heat transfer, maintaining yoghurt activation
  • Yoghurt is smooth and delicious because of equal heat transfer
  • This yoghurt maker is made from the highest quality materials, making it durable


  • Multifunctional, as it can make various types of yoghurt
  • Advanced heating control
  • Perfect for making desserts for large dinner parties, thanks to its capacity


  • Length of the wire may be short

Why We Picked the Agaro Classic Portable Yogurt Maker?

With the Agaro Classic Portable Yogurt Maker, you can prepare many varieties of yoghurt. The device has four cooking options. You can make yoghurt smoothies, yoghurt fruit cups, yummy cheese chips, Greek yoghurt salad, and more.

Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker

Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker
Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker

The Greek yoghurt maker from EuroCuisine is small and light in weight. The plastic body doesn’t emit any toxins and is devoid of harmful substances like BPA. The jar’s outside has markings that can be used to measure the amount being prepared.

Prominent Features of the Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker:

  • The yoghurt maker has a sturdy and durable construction and can be used for a long time
  • The device has markings on the outside so that you can decide on the quantity that you desire
  • The yoghurt maker comes with stainless steel strainer


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Markings for convenience


  • Capacity is less

Rujem Yogurt Maker

Rujem Yogurt Maker
Rujem Yogurt Maker

The next best yoghurt maker on the list is the Rujem Yogurt Maker. Bring this simple and compact yoghurt maker to your home for a seamless yoghurt-making experience. The outer body of this machine is made from plastic, and the inner bowl is made from stainless steel. This ensures that the product will not rust or decay easily, making it long-lasting.

Prominent Features of the Rujem Yogurt Maker:

  • The non-electric parts of this yoghurt maker are dishwasher safe, making this a very easy-to-maintain product
  • The yoghurt maker uses an interior container made of stainless steel, which is secure and cleanable
  • You can include your preferred fruit or honey in the yoghurt maker, depending on your preference


  • This machine saves electricity as it only consumes 15 Watts of power
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • This yoghurt maker works best for making yoghurt, rice wine, and other exciting dishes


  • It only has a capacity of 1 litre, making it fit for 2-3 people

Hatrigo Greek Yogurt Maker

Hatrigo Greek Yogurt Maker
Hatrigo Greek Yogurt Maker

Make delicious Greek yoghurt with the Hatrigo Greek Yogurt Maker. One serving from this yoghurt maker is plenty for the whole family. This device strains nut milk, almond milk, cheese, and other items in addition to producing several kinds of yoghurt.

Prominent Features of the Hatrigo Greek Yogurt Maker:

  • Greek yoghurt strainers are BPA-free and cleverly made to maximise the amount of space in your refrigerator
  • The yoghurt strainer has a 1-gallon volume and can be used to filter your preferred instant pot greek yoghurt, nut milk, almond milk, cheese, or other excellent delicacies


  • Sturdy and durable container
  • Good quality strainer
  • Large capacity


  • Higher priced compared to other brands

EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker

EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker
EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker

Enjoy your favourite, tasty, freshly prepared yoghurt at home with no trouble. Seven 170-gram food-grade glass jars with a food-grade seal are included with the EuroCuisine yoghurt maker. Therefore, you can make seven different tasty yoghurt variations at once. The device takes from six to ten hours to complete the operation.

Prominent Features of the EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker:

  • Features an on/off switch and a light to show when the device is operating
  • Features timed markers (1–12) next to the button so you can monitor the fermentation process
  • The EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker can be used to make seven different varieties of yoghurt at once


  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher-safe glass jars
  • On/off switch with light for indication

Kitchenif Frozen Yoghurt Maker

Kitchenif Frozen Yoghurt Maker
Kitchenif Frozen Yoghurt Maker

The portable yoghurt maker from Kitchenif allows you to manufacture batches of yoghurt that are consistently smooth and tasty. You can even have your own custom flavour added. It is equipped with a strong motor and a mixing paddle that complete the task without the need for personal labour. The yoghurt maker from Kitchenif is a practical appliance since it is simple to use and clean up.

Prominent Features of the Kitchenif Frozen Yoghurt Maker:

  • This device from Kitchenif can create 1.5 litres of yoghurt in a variety of flavours
  • With its dial switch on the top, it can be quickly switched on or off
  • Includes an input spout through which you may enter flavours and ingredients at any point throughout the process


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to use

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Final Word

Modern yoghurt machines are simple to use and can manufacture a variety of yoghurt recipes, including greek yoghurt and others. Based on our research, the HSR Automatic Yogurt Maker, InstaCuppa Automatic Probiotic-Rich Yogurt Maker, and CuisinArt Conair Frozen Yogurt Maker are our top picks for the best yoghurt makers in India. While making our recommendations, we also took into consideration factors like the type of yoghurt maker, material, and additional features. Let us know which one worked out the best for you!


Is homemade yoghurt a probiotic?

Yes, homemade yoghurt contains probiotics. Probiotics are destroyed by the extensive processing and additive usage in yoghurt purchased from a shop. On the other hand, you may make homemade yoghurt by allowing milk to ferment naturally without any processing or chemicals.

Which stabilizer is best for yoghurt?

Gelatin is the ideal stabilizer for yoghurt. In cold water, gelatin may absorb five to ten times its own weight. Gelatin specifically stops whey from evaporating from the casein gel in yoghurt.

How long is homemade yoghurt good for?

Homemade yoghurt is good for two weeks, Once the starting culture has been activated and the yoghurt-making process has begun, homemade yoghurt may often be kept fresh for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. We advise utilising the yoghurt to produce a fresh batch within 7 days of re-culturing.

What is the best temperature to set yoghurt?

Yoghurt bacteria need a temperature range of 108°F to 112°F to develop correctly. Bacteria cannot grow at low temperatures, and they are inactivated at high temperatures.

Is homemade yoghurt healthy?

Yes, homemade yoghurt is healthy. Making yoghurt at home protects you from unwanted chemicals and sugars in store-bought yoghurt and is also healthier and more nutrient-dense. When prepared properly, homemade yoghurt is thick, creamy, and naturally flavoured. This negates the need for thickeners, sweeteners, or other chemicals that are artificial.

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