Exercise Cycles for Staying Fit at Home

Exercise bikes are one of the core gym equipment that can help you exercise and get a fitter body. These cycles are also useful in toning the leg muscles, improving upper body fitness, and engaging in cardio workout. One of the safest forms of exercise at home, these fitness cycles are available in two variants that can help you with workouts. If you too are willing to invest an hour or two to improve your overall health, look for a compact, robust, and comfortable exercise cycle. Check out our top recommendations before making your buying decision.

5 Best Indoor Exercise Cycles

1. Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle

The Reach Air Exercise Bike offers a full-body workout and supports up to 100kg weight easily. It is an ideal choice for those who want to tone their lower body. It features dual action arms that also work towards increasing your upper body endurance as you pedal. This indoor cycle comes with large adjustable seat cushions and has handlebars that are packed with high density foam to help prevent backaches and stiffness. The equipment is quiet and can keep track of time, speed, distance covered, and calories burnt.

Versatile Modes

This exercise cycle lets you experience different workouts by changing the setting from moving handles to stationary handles.

Editor’s Choice

2. Powermax Fitness BU-200

An attractive bike that sports a trendy red colour, this indoor exercise cycle is a fantastic way to get in shape. It is equipped with a smooth and silent belt system that allows you to exercise without disrupting others. This indoor cycle also comes with a monitor that enables you to measure distance travelled, speed, time and how many calories have been burned per session. It also comes with a cushioned adjustable seat, great for low-impact aerobic exercises.

Fitness Tracker

This indoor exercise bike comes with heart rate sensors on the handle grip which makes it convenient for riders to track their fitness.

Close Second

3. Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike

This upright stationary bike features dual-action handlebars for a full-body workout. This exercise cycle comes with a tension controller knob to adjust resistance levels to up the ante in your workout regime. It can accommodate an adult weighing up to 100kg. This gym equipment has an ergonomic design with an adjustable seat, backrest, and pedals with foot strap for a smooth cycling experience.

Fitness Tracker

This exercise bike comes with a digital monitor and can help track your complete fitness routine, including speed, time taken, distance covered, and calories burned.

Also Consider

4.Superfit Air Bike AB6099

Weighing 21kg, Superfit Air Bike AB6099 features belt drive resistance which requires limited maintenance. It helps improve the rider’s pedalling technique, permits less momentum-based recovery, and makes the rider work efficiently. This exercise cycle offers a noiseless operation, is an easy-to-install product and ideal for a full body workout. It is ergonomically designed for comfortable seating with a large adjustable seat cushion and a cushioned backrest.

User Friendly

This bike comes with a user-friendly tracker and an LCD that allows you to scan modes and track your time, distance, speed, and calories burned.

Runner Up

5. Trenzfit Air Bike AB-301

A stylish and portable indoor exercise bike, Trenzfit Air Bike allows you to have an elliptical and upper body workout in one machine. Built of alloy steel, the bike’s ergonomic design engages your arms and upper body for a true full-body workout by targeting cardio and strength training. The maximum weight that it can accommodate is of 125kg.

Easy Interface

This indoor exercise bike has a trendy LCD monitor which allows you to track burned calories in real time.

Also Consider

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