Best Super Woofer Speakers

Looking for the best bass system to rock your house parties? Here are some of the best woofer speakers that’ll make your gatherings more enjoyable.

If you’re a music lover, having a super woofer speaker in your home is a must. They provide you with an immaculate audio experience; one we’re sure you’ve never had before. Without a super woofer, you’re missing out on so many things like the low frequencies, which truly make the sound seem almost three dimensional. These super woofer systems can help you enhance your entertainment. Let’s have a look at the top picks for super woofer speakers in India.

Best Super Woofer Speakers

1. Obage Super Woofer Speaker

Towering over all the other super woofers out there, the Obage Soundbase SB-001 does not disappoint. For a single soundbar speaker, it is very powerful. It specialises in those low frequencies to ensure there is no shrill feeling in your ears and does justice to your music. You can control the volume and music playback, and switch between modes to customise it to your liking.

Multiple Modes

The speaker can play music via Bluetooth, AUX, SD card, and USB to enjoy your favourite music seamlessly.

Editor’s Choice

2. JBL Infinity Super Woofer Speaker

The JBL Infinity Multimedia Speaker gives you 2.1-channel sound, which delivers an amazing dynamic sound. It features a 6.5-inch bass driver for the subwoofer to provide you with thumping bass while you enjoy your favourite rock music. It supports music streaming via Bluetooth, AUX, and USB. The system consists of two satellite speakers for powerful sound and a multifunction remote, which lets you control the volume, change modes, and switch between songs.

Pulsating LED

The subwoofer is equipped with pulsating LED, which illuminates to complement your surroundings.

Popular Choice

3. iBall Super Woofer Speaker

The iBall Cinebar 200DD comes in a sleek and modern design, unlike any other super woofer speaker out there. It offers a crisp and loud sound output with all the features that most people would need for their TVs, making it a great alternative to other good quality brands that include a super woofer. The design of the iBall Soundbar is minimal but functional; it offers 120W sound output with Dolby Digital for rich and deep bass.

Wireless Playback

This speaker provides seamless wireless Bluetooth connectivity for ease of music playback.

Next Best

4. Tronica Super Woofer Speaker

The Tronica multimedia speakers can be considered the jack of all trades because they come with a vast array of connectivity options. You can listen to your favourite tunes from your USB drive or SD card, or stream a mellow playlist by connecting your phone via Bluetooth. It is known for its clear sound clarity, and this speaker is recommended for smaller spaces. It comes with a multifunctional remote control to make using these speakers easy and efficient.

Crystal Clear Bass

It has a powerful 4-inch subwoofer with two front speakers to provide crystal clear sound with rich bass.

Runner Up

5. Zoook Super Woofer Speaker

Immerse yourself completely into the music with the Zoook Rocker party speaker. It has a trolley attached so you can bring the party anywhere! Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, it can be used on any special occasion or maybe even a chill karaoke night at home. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, this 10-inch super woofer removes the fuss of wires and the pain of installation. Just set it up, and you’re ready to go!

Extra Bass

With the powerful 200W output, experience legendary sound along with hard-hitting bass.

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