Healthy and Nutritious Cat Food

Best Cat Foods

Cats belong to a predatory species and require proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, etc., to survive. While feral cats often fulfil these nutrition requirements by using their hunting skills on birds and rodents, house cats must be provided with appropriate cat food. Most cat foods are manufactured using premium quality ingredients that offer your feline friend improved immunity, increased growth, better health, and incredible strength. However, at each stage of growth, cats need a different combination of vitamins and nutrients. Here we have a list of popular brands of cat food for young and adult cats that are packed with a whole lot of nutrients.

Best Cat Foods

1. Whiskas Kitten Food

Suitable for junior cats of all breeds, this dry cat food offers a complete and balanced diet to energetic kittens. Loaded with the goodness of wholegrain cereals and poultry products, this kibble contains natural ocean fish flavor that quickly attracts kitties. This pack is a complete meal for kittens and is sufficient for a month as per usage.

Nutrient Packed

This pack of dry cat food contains the goodness of 41 essential nutrients that can offer your kitten a healthy immune system and energy for play.

Kitties of 2 – 12 months

2. Meat Up Kitten Food

Made with premium quality ingredients, this cat food contains mackerel and sardine fish which are a rich source of proteins essential for the kitten’s growth. This crunchy kibble also ensures complete health and development of your cat. This nutrient rich cat food protect kittens from developing hairballs, makes their coat and skin healthy, controls urinary pH, and ensures heart health and sharp eyesight. Suitable for all breeds, one pack of this cat food can last up to 35 days depending upon the usage.

Promotes Digestion

A flavorful kibble, this cat food contains probiotics which help in digestion and keep your pet’s metabolism healthy.

Kitties of 1 – 12 months

3. Let’s Bite Kitten Food

Suitable to be fed to all breeds including Persians, Maine Coons, and Siamese, this cat chow is loaded with the goodness of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for a cat’s growth. Let’s Bite kitten food contains vital amino acids like taurine that ensures kitten health and improves eyesight. It is also rich in fatty acids that provide a lustrous coat. One pack of this cat food can last for up to 15 days or more as per its usage.

Rich in Proteins

This kitten kibble is an excellent source of proteins and fats as it contains fatty and protein-rich ingredients like fish, eggs, whole grains, etc.

Kittens up to 12 months

4. Drools Dry Cat Food

Made with real ocean fish, this dry cat food offers complete nutrition and energy to the cats. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals for your cat’s growth, this kibble also contains probiotic and natural fibres which enhance digestion and bowel movement. This cat food can also make fur lustrous and healthy while preventing hairball formation. A pack of Drools dry cat food can last for more than 30 days.

Guaranteed Nutrition

This cat food guarantees 100% nutrition for your feline friend and offers them much higher protein content owing to its protein-rich ingredients.

Cats above 1-year

5. PurePet Adult Cat Food

Ideal for all cat breeds, this adult cat food contains fatty and protein-rich ingredients that deliver incredible health benefits to cats. The probiotics and natural fibres in this cat food also improve digestion and ensure that your cat stays healthy and energetic throughout the day. The nutritious ingredients present in this crunchy kibble can also offer multiple benefits on the skin and coat, making it soft and shiny. This big pack of PurePet cat food can last for up to 40 days.

Organic Minerals

This cat food is made with a selection of ingredients containing natural minerals that can help maintain urinary pH.

Cats of 12 months or more
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