Healthy Chips for Guilt-Free Snacking

Best Healthy Chips

Who doesn’t love chips? While watching our favourite movie, playing a video game, or binge-watching the latest TV series, we need a pack of chips by our side. But munching on fried potato chips can lead to obesity and tons of health problems. Fret not; there are plenty of healthy chips available in the market that you can munch on guilt-free, without compromising on the taste or your health. Check out our curated list of healthy, tasty chips and find one for yourself.

8 Healthy Chips to Munch On

1. Nutty Yogi Soya Twister Chips

Nutty Yogi Soya Twister Chips are crunchy savoury snack time chips made from soya. It has the right mix of spices and chillies to add to the flavour. To top it all, these delicious chips are not fried and thus a healthier option to satiate your cravings. These chips are low in sodium, low in calorie and high in fibre.


These soya chips are high on proteins and give you a quick energy boost without any regrets.

Best Overall

2. RiteBite Max Protein Chips

These delicious protein chips from RiteBite are gluten-free, so they are easy on the stomach and hold 35% less fat than other munchies or snacks. They are packed with protein and fibre to keep you energized and healthy throughout the day without the extra carbs. These chips are made with super grains like quinoa, sorghum, oats, and ragi in cheese and jalapeno flavour with the perfect pinch of herbs and spices, making them both tasty and healthy.

Full Of Nutrition

These chips are full of nutrition, rich in proteins and fibre, and hold significantly less fat to help you maintain good metabolic health.

Leading Contender

3. TBH – To Be Honest Chips

These nutritious and tasty chips are made from real vegetables which are cooked using vacuum cooking technology. This means that they are slow-cooked on low heat and pressure to keep the natural colour and nutrient content intact. These high fibre chips are flavoured with finger-licking seasonings to provide you with a delicious taste that can be enjoyed guilt-free. With no artificial colour and added preservatives, these vegan chips are gluten-free and have 50% less oil than regular chips.


These chips come in a pack of 6 with two exciting flavours – purple sweet potato with pani-puri masala, and golden sweet potato with peri-peri flavour.

Premium Choice

4. Looms & Weaves Banana Chips

These banana chips are made from high-quality, matured bananas selected from the organic farms led by women of Kerala. These tasty banana chips are fried in coconut oil which is only used once and isn’t re-used. Bananas are peeled, chopped and washed, after which the chopped bananas are again washed, this time in distilled water with turmeric and salt. The chips are then allowed to dry. Next, they are fried in pure, fresh coconut oil to ensure quality and taste. Looms and Weaves make sure to take care of the environment and the purity of the product by using hygienic packaging methods and minimal plastic in packaging the banana chips.


Made without any added preservatives or artificial ingredients, the chips are prepared fresh and shipped within 12-18 hours of preparation.

Popular Choice

5. Beyond Snack Chips

These banana chips are made from an exclusive variety of bananas from Kerala, called Nendran Bananas. These farm-fresh banana chips are gluten-free, non- GMO and also trans-fat free so you can munch on them guilt-free. The chips are packed through a machine with no hand interaction to ensure a pure and hygienic product. The chips have 20% less fat than regular chips as they are dipped in oil for significantly less time which ensures less oil absorption. These healthy chips are packed with taste and nutrients and are rich in fibre. These chips come in an air-puffed pack which prevents breakage and delivers full coin-sized banana chips at your doorstep.

High Quality

These chips have no artificial ingredients and go through 3 levels of quality check. These crispy chips are precisely sliced, easy to bite, and appropriate for all age groups.

Value for Money

6.BLUFF Baked Coconut Chips

These crunchy healthy chips by BLUFF are made from handpicked coconuts sourced from the farms of Thailand. These nutritious chips are high in healthy fats and dietary fibre. These coconut chips are baked and do not contain any preservatives or additives. It is a vegan, gluten-free, zero trans-fat and zero cholesterol alternative to your traditional fried chips. The best thing about these chips is that they can go along with almost anything as per your taste. Have these with your beverages, yoghurt, ice cream, shakes, or sprinkle them on your salads for an extra crunch.

Pack Of 4

These coconut chips come in a pack of 4 variants with different flavours of sweet, salty, caramel, and pepper.

Expert Recommended

7. Graminway – From the Roots Chips

These healthy and crunchy chips are made from ragi, which is high in protein and calcium. They are a great alternative to deal with hunger pangs and allow you to snack guilt-free without worrying about your health or weight. These chips aren’t just tasty but also healthy. Additionally, the chips come in sealed airtight packaging to preserve these healthy chips’ taste and flavour.

Fresh Chips

These ragi chips are produced in small batches to ensure quality. The chips are not stocked and are therefore as fresh as they can be when delivered to your doorstep.

Runner Up

8. BRB Popped Chips

BRB Popped Chips are healthy crunchy chips made from potatoes. These gluten-free chips are prepared through the latest popping technology. These chips are neither baked nor fried and contain 60% less fat than other fried chips. These chips are garnished with the highest quality of sunflower oil and have calories even lower than baked chips. This multipack of 8 comes in different flavours of chipotle, roasted garlic, cheese and bhel.

Smudge Free

These chips contain less oil and keep your fingers grease-free while you munch.

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