How to Choose the Ideal Guitar For Beginners?

Music has always been a force that binds people together. It transcends above religion, race, caste and language. For any music lover, the sound of strings will always remain special. When you think of string instruments, guitars (undoubtedly) pop up in memory!

For any beginner,  a guitar will be an ideal instrument to begin the musical journey. However, not all guitars are the same. There are different types of guitars that suit people of different tastes. If you are a music lover trying your hand at guitars for the first time, then here is how you choose an ideal guitar for yourself.

Starting Out

It is always good to start with a Classical Guitar like the one that people in 90’s used. You can ask your friends, family members or neighbours if you don’t have one readily available. After getting your hands on an old Classical Guitar, you can try it for sometime.

Maybe take some classes and see if the guitar really suits your style. If not, there is always the option of going ahead and buying an electric or acoustic guitar.

Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar

As the name suggests, Classical Guitars are suited well for classical music. The instrument has a warm and mellow sound which makes it perfect for old songs. The nylon strings give the full bodied sound out of it. Classical Guitars are usually cheap when compared to Acoustic and Electric Guitars. You can check for guitar prices on online shopping websites like Amazon India, Flipkart or Paytm. These websites give you exciting discounts on your purchase.

Acoustic Guitar

How to Choose the Ideal Guitar

The Acoustic Guitar gives out sound by means of transmitting vibration of the stings to the air – giving out pleasant music. These guitars give a rich and clear natural sound. They do not need amplification since the body of the guitar in itself serves as an amplifier. The simplicity of the device attracts people to use it.

Acoustic Guitar prices range between Classical Guitars and Electric Guitars. You can buy a basic model to practice on and then move on to a more advanced type.

Electric Guitars

Are you a lover of loud music? If yes, then Electric Guitars are yours to own. A wonderful instrument for clean sounds, you can play rock, metal and blues-rock with ease. Because of the small neck in these instruments, they are easy to hold and play. The light gauge strings do not cause much noise when plugged out from an amplifier.

However, an electric guitar needs amplifier, some cables and good handling to play great music. If you are looking for a good instrument to begin with, we suggest you to check out electric guitars prices on Amazon India and Paytm before making a decision.

Important Tips When Choosing a Guitar

There are some very important things to keep in mind while picking a guitar.

  1. Look for a guitar with low action. Low action means there is some distance between the strings and the fret which makes it easy to pull the strings down. As you can easily pull the strings down, you will find it easy to play music.
  2. Try out many guitars in different stores like AliExpress, Amazon India, Flipkart or Paytm. Only when you get your hands on as many instruments as possible, you can tell which one suits you perfectly.
  3. Choose a guitar that you really like. It is not about people suggesting which one will work well for you. You are the master of your instrument, so it is up to you to decide which guitar suits you.

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