Best Juicers

If health is on your mind, an efficient juicer can prove to be your best companion. Read on to check out our top picks.

Before office or after the gym, a glass of juice will instantly fulfil your daily dose of nutrition. Did you know that around 95% of the body’s nutrition requirement can be fulfilled with fresh fruit and vegetable juice? Yes, and that’s exactly why adding a juicer to your kitchen makes sense. Not just juices, you can make smoothies, shakes, and cold soups, and so much more with a juicer. The best thing about homemade juices is that they are clean, fresh, and free from preservatives and artificial flavours. To add the refreshment of fresh, healthy juices to your life, check out some of the most amazing brands of juicers we’ve picked for you.

Best Juicers

1. Wonderchef

Now enjoy juices and smoothies with this high-power juicer that mixes and blends perfectly. This compact and durable juicer comes with two unbreakable jars and a set of two stainless steel blades for grinding and blending. The hassle-free smart juicer is a good choice for working professionals.

Maximum Nutrition

The powerful grinding feature breaks down the food completely to extract all its nutrients and offer the smoothest texture.

Best Buy

2. Kuvings

Kuvings B1700 is a cold-press juicer that operates on a patented technology for maximum performance compared to its industry counterparts. Powered by a sturdy 240 Watt motor, this juicer can effortlessly churn out fresh juices without making much noise. It sports an elegant design with a wide feeding tube, a smart drip-free cap, and a safety lock mechanism for added features. A superb combination of practicality and utility, this juicer is a user-friendly product.

Cleaning Tool

This juicer comes with a unique cleaning tool designed for the strainer to smoothen the cleaning process.

Editor’s Choice

3. Sujata Powermatic Plus

Now get fresh, hygienic, and nutritional juices within seconds with this efficient Sujata Powermatic juicer. This juicer-mixer-grinder comes with 3-speed controls to extract juice from a whole range of fruits. Robust stainless-steel blades integrated into this juicer provide superior performance with every use. With a unique honeycomb filter mesh, this juicer enables you to extract maximum juice without any wastage. This 900-Watt juicer comes with transparent and unbreakable mixer jars that add to its durability.

Extended Use

This juicer can continuously run for 90 minutes and is suitable for long-term usage.

Popular Choice

4. Havells

This advanced juicer’s powerful motor combined with high durability makes it a must-have product in your kitchen. It is an easy-to-use machine featuring a feeder tube, a three-speed control regulator, and a transparent serving jar. This juicer is integrated with a custom designed 304 stainless steel sieve and a bigger pulp container that can hold up to 2 kg pulp in one go. This modern-day juicer from Havells lets you prepare a range of juices, shakes, smoothies, and chutneys instantly.

Fruit Filter

The unique fruit filter gives you lump-free and smooth juice preparation each time.

Trusted Choice

5. Philips

This Philips juicer is equipped with an optimally designed motor integrated on a long-lasting plastic (ABS) body. It features a big round chute that reduces the peeling and chopping time and adds to efficiency. With an easy-to-clean assembly and transparent online pulp chamber, the removable spout and blade add to user convenience. A superb combination of practicality and utility, it does not require any installation and is ready to use.


The sieve features a plastic coupling design for extended life.

Value Product

6. Hestia Appliances

Now get fresh, hygienic, and nutritional juices within seconds with this efficient juicer from Hestia Appliances. It comes with multiple speed controls for juicing soft as well as hard fruits. The extra-large feeding tube allows you to put in whole fruits and vegetables without any chopping. The screw-shaped pulverising auger is the tallest in the industry. The auger with patented knobs will enable you to drain every drop of the dense juice without any air bubbles. Interestingly, this multipurpose juicer cum blender sports an entirely BPA free plastic body made of spacecraft material.

Cold Press Technology

This juicer uses cold press technology to retain maximum nutrition and long-lasting freshness in the extracted juices.

Smart Choice

7. Prestige

Prestige juicer is a power-packed machine boasting a detachable pulp collector and anti-drip features to keep your kitchen counter spotlessly clean. The rotary switch with two variable speed control functions comes in handy to solve all your juicing needs. Sporting a sophisticated look, this juicer is equipped with whole razor-sharp stainless-steel blades and an advanced sieve design to ensure the best extraction and blending. Moreover, it comes with a dual locking system for complete user safety.

Overload Protection

This juicer is integrated with thermal overload protection to protect against overheating and overloading, making this product safe.

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