Kapil Sharma Net Worth Will Blow Your Mind

Comedy has touched a new dimension and has a new name, it is called Kapil Sharma. When it comes to an Indian comedy show, the first thing that comes to our mind is, The Kapil Sharma Show. He has become the hot sensation of Indian television who has not only won the TRPs but also the heart of millions. Find below the net worth of Kapil Sharma.

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Did you ever wonder how much Kapil Sharma is actually making out of his show? Did you know Kapil Sharma is earning more than most of the young brigade of Bollywood celebrities? Well Kapil Sharma net worth will surprise you

What is the Earning and Net Worth of Kapil Sharma?

Here is a little glimpse into the earning life of Kapil Sharma, the most admired stand-up comedian in India. Read and know the net worth of Kapil Sharma.

Rs 100 Crore Show Contract for 2017

Nope, you cannot calculate his per episode earnings on your fingertips, so do not even try. According to the latest reports, the contract has been renewed for 2017 and it skyrocketed to Rs 100 crores. That means he earns between 60-80 lakhs for a single episode of his show, The Kapil Sharma Show. That sums up to almost 5 crores per month! Shaken already? Kapil Sharma net worth will definitely surprise you!

His Car Collection includes Mercedes S-class & Range Rover Evoque


With great income comes great expenditure. Kapil Sharma owns a Mercedes-Benz S-class and Range Rover Evoque which costs somewhere around 2 crores and 60 lakhs respectively.

Pays Rs 15 crore Annual Tax


Plej bring achche din

This shows he is not just about jokes and punchlines, he is also a responsible citizen of the country. In recent times, he posted a tweet which says he is paying Rs 15 crores as income tax from last 5 years. Nothing else can really shed a light on Kapil Sharma net worth.

Ranked 27th in Forbes Celebrity-100 List

Kapil Sharma is not confined to the Indian audience only, he is also leaving impressions at a global level. He was ranked 27th by Forbes India for Celebrity-100 list in 2015. Well, net worth of Kapil Sharma surely qualifies him to be on Forbes list.

Charges a Whopping Rs 60 Lakhs for Hosting an Event


Bitto Sharma is not everyone’s cup of tea. He is on cloud 9 since his debut movie Kis Kis Ko Pyar Karun got a lot of accolades. Last year, he co-staged a comic act for a festival in Uttar Pradesh for which he charged a whopping Rs 65 lakhs. No wonder net worth of Kapil Sharma is so much!

Signed His First Endorsement for Rs 4.5 Crores


The perks of being a hot trend celebrity include signing an endorsement at whatever price you want. Kapil Sharma demanded a mountainous 4.5cr for Honda Mobilio’s 2 minutes and 30 seconds advertisement and it was duly met. That’s more than what Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh get for an endorsement. He has now more brands in his fortune bag like OLX, Policy Bazaar, and Micromax. How much are you getting paid for a mere 2 minutes? No wonder this added to Kapil Sharma net worth.

That Sums-up to an Annual Income of Rs $9 Million

The comedy king is getting spotlight for all the good reasons. Kapil’s net worth including his TV show, events, and endorsements is around 60 crores ($9 million). The fun fact is he is just getting started.

good going Sharma ji!

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