10 Awesome Lighting Ideas For This Diwali

Diyas, wax candles and even scented candles are too passé. Illuminate the darkest night of the year (read Kartik Amavasya) with these fabulous lighting ideas.

LED Tea Light Candles

Go fire-less to create beautiful diya patterns with LED Tea Lights. These lights are safe for children, use minimal power, and do not emit any harmful gases while they’re lit up. So you can use them on the tables inside your home and also in your balcony.


Image source: Amazon

Shop now at Amazon: Goyal LED Tea Light Candles – Yellow (Box of 24 and 48).

Water lamps

These lamps contain special salts that have light-emitting powers. Switching on these lamps stimulates the salts to move inside the lamp’s water volume and after some time, the salts form beautiful effects inside the panel. These are available in different colours, patterns, shapes and sizes and are ideal decoration items for any corners in your home. You can also improvise with water bubble lamps and water bottle lamps!

233Water lamps are available in prominent interior décor stores and if you’ve got some time, you could try recycling an old wine bottle with warm salt water and create one yourself. Shop for Lamps and more home decor products at Urban Ladder and avail these Coupons for Urban Ladder to get them at discounted rates.

Falling LED Cascade Lights

Hang them from the edges of your false ceilings or top edges of windows, and let your living room sparkle. You can add them to the top ridges at the entrance too. These lights set the right ambience for the party conversations!

Floating lanterns

If you have a swimming pool outside your balcony, or a Jacuzzi, these will come in handy! These lanterns are made of paper and are available in wonderful designs, such as floating water flowers. If you’re not too fond of the paper kind, you can buy floating wax candles to get the same effect.

Shop now at Amazon: GrandShop Sky Lanterns (Pack of 10).   

Disco Light Mini

How can the party start without these disco lights which take only a few seconds to start glowing! All you have to do is plug it to the centre of the ceiling. With 80% energy conserving capacity and 20K hours of shelf-life, the party night never ends!


LED Strip Lights

These lights can be used around trees, wound over balcony railings and attached to the ceiling too. You can use these wires as you like and create beautiful designs.

ledstrip5ftShop now at Amazon: Home Delight 5 meter Blue LED Strip Light Decorative Party Light.

Rice Lights

These traditional lights are obvious items used to light up the garden and the exteriors! you can also hang them from table edges and windows to create a shimmering effect in your living-dining area, or hang them over curtain rods.


Kalash Lights

d14singlekalashlight_556d970c71f2c-_decorative-lights-single-layer-kalash-lightThis time, let electric Kalash-like LED illuminators to make your balconies glow instead of diyas.You can also use this revolving mangal-Kalash for the Diwali puja.

Shop now from Amazon: Ascension Kalash Light String and Golden Kalash String Light


Gold Electric Diya

The Tu Casa Electric Diya is flameless and available in various designs. They work best for places like the puja room and entrance of your house. You can keep them at the centre of your rangoli too


Shop Now from Amazon: Tu Casa Electric Diya (Gold).

LED Swastika and Om lights

This is best for the entrance to your puja rooms. Hang them with a careful electrical connection so that there are no wires which someone could trip into. Let there be light, let the fire burn away all your worries and let your home reverberate with Rishton Ki Dhan Lakshmi as you celebrate a happy and safe Diwali.


Image source: Amazon

Let the lights brighten up your lives this Diwali! But don’t forget to keep your houses ultra clean with Emerald Carpet Cleaning.

So Bling up the Party, People!!

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