10 Best Massage Oils for Babies To Pamper Them

Babies have soft and smooth skin that needs special care. It is thus essential to get the best massage oil for your baby. Such oils work as a therapy for babies and promote the development of strong bones and muscles. It also helps to keep skin moisturised and healthy for growth, development and much more. While such oils are good for a baby’s health, we understand that finding the right products for newborns is one of the most challenging tasks of parenting. So, here we have curated a list of the 10 best massage oils for babies that will help keep their skin moisturised and nourished.

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How Do We Choose the Best Massage Oils for You?

Massaging your newborns has numerous benefits. It helps in improving skin texture, promoting healthy blood flow, and strengthening bones for faster growth. In India, there are myriad brands offering high-quality oils that aid in the baby’s overall health. In the Indian market, you can get your hands on one of the best massages oil on a budget of Rs 100 to Rs 500.

Before you pick up a famous oil to pamper your kid, take a look at the factors that helped us in curating this list of the best available options.


Buying a skincare product for your newborn is an incredibly difficult task for parents. This is why we have carefully curated this list of oils paying close attention to their composition. We picked products that are natural and herbal while being free from harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances that are not good for the child’s skin.

Skin Type

There is no one oil for all skin types. This is why it is of utmost importance to choose the right oil that works best for your baby’s skin. To make the selection easier for you, we have listed different kinds of oils for different skin types. You can pick any that goes well with your requirements.

List of the 10 Best Massage Oils for Your Newborns

Himalaya Baby Massage Oil

Himalaya Baby Massage Oil
Himalaya Baby Massage Oil

Himalaya is top-notch herbal health and personal care brand that offers an extensive range of over 500 products. It blends Ayurveda and modern science to develop products that press wellness everywhere. Himalaya baby oil is one of the best massage oils for babies. Give your baby a gentle massage half an hour before bath every day and notice the results yourself.

Prominent Features of the Himalaya Baby Massage Oil: 

  • It has cooling and soothing properties that calm the body and induces relaxation
  • This oil is clinically tested and has the power of pure herbs, making it gentle and safe
  • Available in multiple sizes of packaging: 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, and 500 ml


  • Gets absorb rapidly
  • Balances skin moisture
  • Free from mineral oils
  • High-quality oil


  • Does not provide sun protection

Why We Picked the Himalaya Baby Massage Oil?

Infused with winter cherry extracts, olive oil, and ashwagandha extracts, it makes the baby’s skin nourished and healthy. It is gentle and can be used for all skin types. The oil has a herbal formula that nourishes, moisturises, and contributes to the baby’s overall growth and development.

Dabur Lal Tail

Dabur Lal Tail
Dabur Lal Tail

India’s No. 1 Ayurvedic brand in India, Dabur, has a wide distribution network that operates from over 6.7 million retail outlets across the country. Its Lal Tail is one of the best options for baby massage oils, which is rich in time-tested Ayurvedic ingredients that are safe to use. Also, these oils are clinically proven to offer two times faster physical growth.

Prominent Features of the Dabur Lal Tail: 

  • Made with time-tested herbs, this oil is gentle and leaves behind a soft and glowing skin
  • Contains 6 key Ayurvedic herbs- Seasame oil, Ratanjot, Masha, Karpura, and Shankhapushpi
  • It is devoid of any harmful chemicals like parabens, artificial colours, and synthetic fragrances


  • Induces sleep
  • Protects the skin
  • Nourishes muscles
  • 2x faster growth


  • Packaging could be better

Why We Picked the Dabur Lal Tail?

Dabur Lal Tail is an Ayurvedic massage oil that improves blood circulation and makes the bones and muscles of the baby stronger. This baby oil protects against skin infections and enhances the overall growth of the body. It also promotes better sleeping patterns and preserves suppleness and smoothness of the skin.

Johnson’s Non-Sticky Baby Oil 

Johnson's Non-Sticky Baby Oil
Johnson’s Baby Oil

Johnson’s is one of the most popular brands when it comes to baby products. It provides 100% pure products that are backed by science and are gentle for the skin. The brand brings one of the best oils for a baby massage that is dermatologically tested and causes no allergies. Also, they are mild, gentle and effective while being completely safe for the baby’s skin.

Prominent Features of the Johnson’s Non-Sticky Baby Oil: 

  • This massage oil is entirely free from harmful chemicals and is enriched with extracts like Vitamin E
  • It has a non-sticky, non-greasy formula and does not feel heavy on the baby’s skin and spreads easily
  • An extremely mild formula, this oil nourishes and nurtures the skin while making it soft and supple


  • Pure and natural oil
  • Allergy-tested formula
  • Mild fragrance
  • Nourishes the skin


  • Expensive

Why We Picked the Johnson’s Non-Sticky Baby Oil?

Johnson’s Non-Sticky Baby Oil is a specially formulated formula that nourishes and moisturises the skin and spreads easily for a great massage. Also, this oil passes through an extensive 5-level safety assurance process and is tested by dermatologists to ensure complete safety. With a soothing fragrance, this becomes a great choice for your baby.

Mamaearth Nourishing Baby Hair Oil

Mamaearth Nourishing Baby Hair Oil
Mamaearth Nourishing Hair Oil for Baby

If you are looking for a safe, natural product that is baby friendly, toxin-free and meets stringent international standards, you must check out Mamaearth. Starting back in 2016, this brand offered the best quality products that offer the care that little ones deserve. Its nourishing Baby Hair Oil is an outstanding product that is non-sticky, gentle, and mild for the baby’s scalp.

Prominent Features of the Mamaearth Nourishing Baby Hair Oil: 

  • Made with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil and lavender oil
  • Enriched with Vitamin A, B, D and E, it provides nourishment to hair’s tender roots while promoting their growth
  • This baby massage oil is free from harmful chemicals and does not cause irritations or allergic reactions


  • No mineral oil
  • Cruelty-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Clinically tested


  • It does not prevent dryness

Why We Picked the Mamaearth Nourishing Baby Hair Oil?

Non-sticky, mild and gentle on the baby’s scalp, this baby oil is absolutely safe and healthy for hair and scalp. Massaging your little one’s scalp with this oil helps stimulate blood flow and promotes faster growth. With the goodness of almond, lavender, and coconut, this oil by Mamaearth is the one for you.

The Moms Co. NatuThe Mom’s Co Natural Massage Oil

The Moms Co. NatuThe Mom's Co Natural Massage Oi
The Mom’s Co Natural Massage Oil

The Moms Co. is another renowned brand in India that serves its customers with natural, safe, and effective products. It promises real results and offers one of the best massage oils for newborn babies in India. This baby massage oil is a perfect blend of 10 powerful and natural plant oils like jojoba, chamomile, wheat germ, almond, and others, ensuring the safety of the baby’s soft skin.

Prominent Features of The Moms Co. Natural Baby Massage Oil: 

  • It is free from harmful chemicals like parabens, mineral oils, silicones, fragrances, and others
  • This oil is clinically and dermatologically tested to be a hypoallergenic and toxin-free combination
  • Massaging the body with this oil calms and soothes the skin while keeping it soft and nourished


  • Perfect for daily use
  • Keeps the skin supple
  • Antibacterial properties
  • smooth texture oil


  • High price tag

Why We Picked The Moms Co. Natural Baby Massage Oil?

The Moms Co. Natural Baby Massage Oil is a rich, powerful oil that has a high content of calcium and omega-fatty acids. It is a nourishing oil that helps in building bones and muscle strength. Also, it is a natural formula, free from mineral oils; this oil is the best oil for newborn babies with sensitive skin.

Dabur Baby Oil

Dabur Baby Oil
Dabur Baby Oil

Another Dabur product on the list, Dabur Baby Oil, is an incredible choice for everyday use. This oil is enriched with herbs and is made of all-natural ingredients that are good for the baby’s skin. Also, it does not contain any parabens, sulphates or phthalates, making this oil 100% safe. With excellent results, keep your little one’s skin moisturised all day long with this wonderful oil from Dabur.

Prominent Features of the Dabur Baby Oil: 

  • Enriched with ayurvedic extracts like jojoba, olive and almond, it is extremely gentle on the skin
  • This oil is a light and non-sticky formula that leaves the skin feather smooth and keeps it healthy
  • Being a dermatologically tested formula, it nourishes the baby’s skin and has antioxidant properties


  • Retains skin moisture
  • Non-sticky and non-greasy
  • pH balanced formula
  • Helps in baby’s growth


  • The scent is not loved by all

Sebamed Baby Massage Oil

Sebamed Baby Massage Oil
Sebamed Massage Oil

Sebamed is the world’s leading brand that has over 50 years of rich experience in offering high-quality, natural products. It offers an extensive range of products that safeguards the natural protective layer of the skin and keeps it soft and healthy. Its non-sticky massage oil is perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin and ensures to keep it hydrated and nourished.

Prominent Features of the Sebamed Baby Massage Oil: 

  • Contains 95% soy oil and 5% wheat germ oil; this oil is a dermatologically tested, safe product
  • It is a botanical oil that is rich in vitamin F, ensuring high skin tolerability and keeping it moisturised
  • Comes with a unique pump applicator for mess-free usage and preventing wastage of the oil


  • Free from allergens
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Free from irritants
  • Dermatologically tested


  • Not so easily available product

Moreover, we would also suggest our guide, where we have listed the top baby creams and lotions essential for babies. Do have a look and let us know if you find it helpful.

Chicco Baby Moments Massage Oil

Chicco Baby Moments Massage Oil
Chicco Baby Moments Massage Oil

Chicco is a highly innovative, environmental-friendly brand that has been serving the market for over 60 years. It is committed to ambitious quality products that make it easier for parents and ensure the good health of their children. One such product by this brand is baby massaging oil. One of the best massage oils for babies, it is a nourishing and moisturising formula for healthy results.

Prominent Features of the Chicco Baby Moments Massage Oil: 

  • Enriched with the goodness of rice bran oil and vitamin E, it is great for nourishing a baby’s skin and scalp
  • This non-sticky formulation does not clog pores, gets absorbed quickly, and works well to remove the cradle cap
  • It is a clinically tested oil, including vegetarian and natural ingredients, that are gentle and safe for the skin


  • Free from chemicals
  • Maintains natural moisture
  • For 0 months+ babies
  • Phenoxyethanol free oil


  • The fragrance is a little bit strong for babies

Figaro Baby Massage Oil

Figaro Baby Massage Oil
Figaro Baby Massage Oil

A reliable and credible brand, Figaro is committed to quality and ensures the good health of babies with its extensive range of baby care products. It develops products with enriching qualities of olives oils and vitamin E and promises a 100% natural formula. The baby massage oil by Figaro is dermatologically tested and is mineral and paraben free for safe usage.

Prominent Features of the Figaro Baby Massage Oil: 

  • It is a quick absorption oil that spreads easily and gives an ideal moisturisation to sensitive skin
  • This oil has a mild and subtle fragrance that penetrates deep into the skin and balances the pH level
  • Available in two sizes of packaging and comes in beautiful green colour packaging to attract kids
  • Pros:
  • 84% improved moisturisation
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Ideal for body and hair massage
  • Perfect for daily usage

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Oil

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Oil
Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Oil

Blue Nectar is a 100% Ayurvedic brand that originated with the aim of offering the best quality products that hold natural goodness. For children to adults, it has an extensive range of options to choose from. The Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Oil is an incredible addition to the list of best baby massage oil that is enriched with almond and ghee and offers great results.

Prominent Features of the Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Oil: 

  • Offering deep and long-lasting nourishment, this oil improves blood circulation and offers smooth skin
  • It is a massaging oil that lubricates joints, ensures healthy growth of muscles, and aids in digestion
  • This clinically proven formula calms the senses, relaxes the mind and induces better sleep


  • Release gas and soothe Colic
  • Lightweight, non-greasy oil
  • Stimulates senses
  • 100% ayurvedic formulation


  • Expensive

Final Words

The baby’s skin is soft and smooth, which requires excellent care in the form of massage. It has many health benefits and helps in developing bones, promoting sleep, boosting digestion, improving skin texture, etc. Of the above-mentioned options of best oils, our personal favourites are Himalaya, Dabur, and Mamaearth for natural formula, easy availability, and fair pricing. You do check out the entire list and choose the one that grabs your interest the most. Get oil and gift your child the promise of healthy and nourished skin!


Which massage oil is best for baby growth?

While all the above-mentioned options are a great choice for a baby’s growth, the oils from Dabur and Blue Nector are highly loved by customers.

When should I stop massaging my baby?

There is no fixed age limit to giving and stopping massages. While some prefer daily massage for the first years, others prefer to continue it till five to six years of age. Hence, you can continue massaging as long as you wish.

Is Johnson’s baby oil Safe?

Yes, Johnson’s baby oil is considered safe for the child. There is no side effect associated with this oil, and it is also made with natural ingredients that are safe for the skin.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro reviews are meticulously created by a team of experts who test and study different products to provide customers with the best possible suggestions. For recommending the best massage oils for babies, we have assessed multiple options on the basis of their composition, consistency, absorption power, fragrance, packaging, and price. Customer reviews are also taken into consideration to ensure that you never find a shady product on the list.

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