Protect Your USB Cables with These 5 Cable Protectors

Best Cable Protectors

We all know the pain of broken cables. Most of us try to twist and fold the cables to make them work, but despite being extra careful, our cables can break. That is where cable protectors come to our rescue. Cable protectors are small devices that can be easily wrapped around the cables and wires to save them from damage and breakage.

Best Cable Protectors

1. Humble Cable Protector

Humble spiral charger cable protector works on all types of wires from earphones to laptop chargers. Made with highly flexible silicone, it protects your cables from tangles and knots. The wire protector is gentle to touch and easy to use. It provides you with the utmost flexibility, thus protecting your cables from breakage. It is easy to install and comes with a step by step manual for effortless installation.

High Flexibility

This cable protector is highly flexible, protecting your charger cables from damage. Its TPU material makes it durable and comfortable to use.

Editor’s Choice

2. CocoRio Cable Protector

Compatible with almost all computers and smartphones cables, CocoRio spiral charger cable protector is made from genuine silicone and is soft to touch. They can easily be installed to help extend the life of your cables by protecting them from pulling and breakage. They also help prevent tangling of the wires. This cable protector can easily fit cables with a diameter of 2.5 – 4mm, thus making it compatible for a wide range of cables.

Multi-Device Compatible

This cable protector which is made from genuine silicone, is easy to use. It can fit a wide range of cables and can be used to protect a variety of wires.

Popular Choice

3 Chronex Cable Protectors

Chronex spiral charger cable protector is designed in a spiral shape to help prevent damaging of the cables. This easily attachable cable protector is highly flexible, durable and extremely lightweight. It can be used on a majority of cables, including those for iPhone, iPads, and earphones amongst others. These spiral cable protectors come in colourful spiral ropes to add a hint of style.


This cable protector is made from high-quality PVC which makes them durable. These colourful spiral ropes protect your cable from frays, tangles, and knots.

We Recommend

4. Axxeum Cable Protector

Axxeum cable protector is suitable for almost all transmission cables from earphones to iPhone cables. It provides your cables with total protection from pulling and breaking and will never detach. Just twist the cable protector around the cable, and it will wrap itself around it for a hassle-free installation. Made with silicone, this cable protector comes in exciting colours and is light in weight.

Easy Installation

This cable protector comes with one-step installation for easy and hassle-free use. It comes in different colours and is light in weight.

Value for Money

5. Crysendo Cable Protector

Last but not the least on our list is this spiral, colourful cable protector by Crysendo. These spiral ropes are available in assorted colours to give your boring black and white cables a touch of colour and style. Easy to use and install, these cable protectors are cost-effective and time-saving. With multi-device compatibility, it is made from the finest virgin grade PVC that protects your cables while charging and is approximately 0.65metres long.

High Quality

This cable protector is made from the finest grade plastic to protect your cables from breakage and damage.

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