Science Games to Stimulate Your Child’s Brain

Science Games for Kids

Game schooling is a popular trend in the education industry. While a child learns a lot at school, introducing them to some fantastic educational and creative games can help them understand a lot. If your child loves to construct impressive working models, these kits are a good investment to make. They teach kids simple science concepts in a fun way. Gift your kid an awesome science game to make learning fun and stimulate their mind. These science games help kids develop various other skills that are useful in everyday life.

Science Games for Kids

1. Kit4Curious Science Game

This kit features more than 100 premium quality parts that can be reused to construct something new. Suitable for kids of 6 years and above, it can be used to create multiple projects and innovate numerous possibilities in the presets. With this kit, your kid can make robots, levitating pencil, potato battery, stunt racing car, DIY DC motor, electromagnet, lemon battery, etc. Gift your kids this science game and watch them create marvellous models, working as well as non-working.

For Young Engineers

This science game for young kids contains numerous mechanical parts like motors, screws, wires and many more essentials for constructing a life-like model.

Editor’s Choice

What will the Kid Learn?

  • Innovations in predesigned models
  • Magnetic field
  • Construction
  • Usage of tools

2. Smartivity Optics Kaleidoscope

Suitable for kids between 6 and 14 years, this game contains 131 parts to construct an impressive kaleidoscope. It is an engaging DIY kit that allows kids to have fun by mixing pieces of colourful glass to make unique patterns. It does not require any tools for assembly. However, minimal adult assistance can be of help to the kid. The construction time is 60 minutes, and all parts of the game use materials and shapes that are safe for kids.

Concepts of Visuals

This kaleidoscope construction game introduces kids to the world of visuals. It helps them learn about mirror images, reflections, patterns and how they work.

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What will the Kid Learn?

  • Mirrors and lenses
  • Reflective surfaces and reflections
  • Patterns and optics
  • Transparency and opacity
  • Mixing of colours

3. Yucky Science Slime Making Kit

This science game for kids contains seven essential components, including an instruction manual, to make the perfect slime. It has various colours and glitters that can be added to clear slime to make glitter slime, colour slime, mermaid slime and unicorn rainbow slime. The manual teaches easy recipes using which the kids can make squishy and gooey slime. The kit conforms to EN 71 European Toy norms; thus, it is safe and easy to use for kids. The contents of the kit are sufficient to make 15+ slimes at a go. It is ideal for kids of 4 years and above.

Understanding Proportions

This slime kit helps kids understand the importance of proportions and measurement.


What will the Kid Learn?

  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Carrying out experiments
  • Importance of measurement
  • Getting the desired consistency

4. Butterflyfield Optics Physics Kit

This physics kit is suitable for kids of 10 years and above. It can cultivate a love for optical devices, and skills like observation and creativity. This STEM toy allows the kids to indulge in a fun and interactive play that teaches them a lot. With this kit, the kids can build projectors, ray optics setup, 3D glasses and more.

Light Refraction

This science kit teaches the kids light refraction and other basics of physics.

Most Loved

What will the Kid Learn?

  • Convergence and divergence
  • Light emission
  • 3D optics
  • Lenses and mirrors
  • Projection

5. Funvention Drip Irrigation Kit

This science activity is perfect for kids of 5 years and above. This toy educates the kid about the plantation. It helps them understand the various things necessary for a seed to germinate, plant to grow, nutrition, and amount of sunlight and water required for their survival. Furthermore, it helps in the child’s cognitive development, motor skills, reasoning skills, observation, etc. The kit contains eco-friendly parts and a detailed guide to understand the process from step 1.

Closest to Nature

This science kit can keep your kid close to nature and help them imbibe care and attachment towards their plants.


What will the Kid Learn?

  • Plantation
  • Organization
  • Structuring
  • Irrigation and harvesting
  • Natural growth

6. Gear Propeller Flying Machine

Suitable for kids of 6 to 14 years, this flying machine gear game set is perfect for helping the kid understand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts) and Mathematics) concepts. It involves assembling different parts as seen in the instruction booklet, decorating it, and then making it fly. This science game set is eco-friendly and does not require tools for assembly. It is made with high quality engineered wood and comprises 73 elements including plastic blades, rubber bands and wooden components to build the flying machine.

Easy Construction

This game contains numerous utility parts and has a smooth construction process that is easy for kids to understand.

Also Consider

What will the Kid Learn?

  • Aerodynamics
  • Propulsion
  • Gear mechanism
  • Momentum
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