Sidney Sheldon Books You Just Cannot Put Down

Starting his career as a Broadway play writer, ‘The Master of Suspense’, Sidney Sheldon later went on to become one of the most noted American writers and producers. Crime, suspense, mystery and thriller are the genres that inspire his writings. Sheldon’s 18 novels have sold over 300 million copies and have been published in 51 languages.

Regarded as the seventh bestselling writer of all time and one of the top ten bestselling fiction writers, his list of achievements is unmatched. He won the Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay for The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer in 1947 and a Tony Award for his musical, Redhead in 1959. He was also included in the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1988.

Sidney Sheldon Books: 2019 Price and Ratings

Sidney Sheldon Books Price Rating
Tell Me Your Dreams Rs.198 4.4/5
The Best Laid Plans Rs.218 4.2/5
Nothing Lasts Forever Rs.319 4.2/5
Memories Of Midnight Rs.256 4/5
If Tomorrow Comes Rs.266 4.4/5
Master Of The Game Rs.128 4/5
Rage Of Angels Rs.332 4.6/5
Bloodline Rs.216 4.2/5
The Other Side Of Midnight Rs.236 4.4/5
The Naked Face Rs.218 4.1/5


1. Tell Me Your Dreams

Chilling in every way, Tell Me Your Dreams is a story about a computer whiz Ashley Patterson. Lately, Ashley’s sleep is filled with nightmares as she believes that she’s being stalked. Soon, Ashley along with two other beautiful women is suspected of committing a series of brutal murders, which lead to the most bizarre trials of the century. Fast, sinister and dark, this novel is bound to leave its readers stunned.

Year Of Publication: 1998
Price: Rs.198

2. The Best Laid Plans

The Best Laid Plans is an explosive story about Oliver Russell, a handsome governor of a small southern state and Leslie Stewart, his betrayed fiancée. He wanted power and she wanted revenge. As Oliver strategizes to win the White House, Leslie has the scheme to make him suffer. However, their best-laid plans are about to go dangerously astray. Deadly and intriguing, it has all that a reader can expect from a Sidney Sheldon novel.

Year Of Publication: 1997
Number Of Copies Sold: 10,000 copies
Price: Rs.218

3. Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing Lasts Forever accounts the hopes, dreams and unexpected desires of three young doctors. Set in a large corporate hospital, this thrilling fiction takes a turn when the dark sides of each doctor’s personality are exposed as they turn from lovers to betrayers and even possible killers. Packed with fireworks of murder trials, this novel was also adapted for a film in 1995.

Year Of Publication: 1994
Price: Rs.236

4. Memories Of Midnight

Written as a sequel to ‘The Other Side of Midnight’, Memories of Midnight traces how Catherine, tragedy-stricken and amnesia-driven desperately tries to return to reality. To challenge her husband’s killer, the Greek shipping-tycoon Constantin Demiris, she journeys to the carefree playgrounds of post-war Europe. Powered by passion, this unforgettable story records the innocent woman’s fight against terrifying destiny.

Year Of Publication: 1990
Price: Rs.256

5. If Tomorrow Comes

If Tomorrow Comes is a story of intrigue and revenge. Tracy Whitney, a young, intelligent and beautiful girl who is about to marry into wealth and glamour is suddenly betrayed. Framed by a ruthless Mafia gang and abandoned by the man she loved, it is only her ingenuity that saves her and gives her the courage to fight back. This one is a nerve-racking piece of crime fiction that will leave you wanting for more. The book was also adapted for television in 1986.

Year Of Publication: 1985
Number Of Copies Sold: 17,000 copies
Price: Rs.266

6. Master Of The Game

Packed with suspense, intrigue and passion, Master Of The Game is a thrilling read about Kate Blackwell, one of the richest and most powerful women in the world. Kate is an enigma, surrounded by thousands of unanswered questions. At the extravagant celebration of her nineteenth birthday, Kate is encountered with the ghosts from a life of blackmail and murder. Carrying a dark past and uncompromised future, Kate is the master of the game each time.

Year Of Publication: 1982
Price: Rs.236

  • No.1 on the New York Times Bestseller list

7. Rage Of Angels

Rages of Angels is a novel that revolves around Jennifer Parker, a brilliant, beautiful, bold and successful lawyer. The story unravels when Jennifer falls in love with Adam Warner, a politician who gets her pregnant. Soon enough, Jennifer’s heart is broken when she realises that he is already married. Being alone makes her more vulnerable to those who are determined to destroy her. Her life takes another unexpected turn when she is wrongly accused of being involved with the Mafia headed by Micheal Moretti. Persuasive and appealing, this novel was also adapted for a miniseries in 1983.

Year Of Publication: 1980
Price: Rs.332

8. Bloodline

Revolving around the character of Elizabeth Roffe, Bloodline is a thriller novel that accounts the journey of a shy and diffident girl into a confident lady. An unexpected accident leads to the death of Elizabeth’s father and she becomes the sole heiress of his billion-dollar empire, Roffe and Sons. As this intelligent, tough and beautiful young woman fights her way to save the company, she must also outwit those who secretly want her power and position. This saga of greed, betrayal and danger will keep you gripped till the end.

Year Of Publication: 1977
Price: Rs.216

9. The Other Side Of Midnight

Highlighting the themes of obsession and jealousy, The Other Side of Midnight is a tale that explores deceit and manipulation. The novel revolves around Noelle Page and Catherine Alexander. They are constantly in conflict with each other. Noelle falls in love with a dashing American pilot, Larry Douglas and expects to marry him. However, Larry abandons her to be with Catherine. The pages unfold the plans of Noelle’s revenge on her one-time lover but will her plan fall in place?

Year Of Publication: 1973
Number Of Copies Sold: 16 million copies
Price: Rs.236

10. The Naked Face

The Naked Face is the account of a psychoanalyst, Judd Stevens who has to uncover the real face of a murderer to save himself. This racy thriller describes how the doctor discovers two of his associates dead and tracks down his patients to find out who is responsible for such neurotic behaviour. Gripping and intense, this scandalous novel was also adapted for television.

Year Of Publication: 1970
Number Of Copies Sold: 21,000 copies in hardcover
Price: Rs.218

  • Nominated by the Mystery Writers of America for the Edgar Allan Poe
  • Award for Best First Novel by an American author
Niharika (CK Book Critic)
Niharika (CK Book Critic)

A curious shutterbug, Niharika has a penchant for all things new. An ardent animal lover and a literature enthusiast, she loves writing fiction and creating her own world of words. Apart from her pure love for Maggi, her perseverance for doing things her way is something that defines her persona. She’s often found around the greens, gazing at the sky or cherishing music while at work.

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