Fashion magazines cover topics like travel, relationship, sex, lifestyle and more. Truly limitless, fashion covers a wide range of topics and these magazines have been key in influencing women since 1586.

Fashion magazines are among the most popular in India. Here is the list of top 10 Indian Fashion Magazines for fashion-forward individual in India:

Best Fashion Magazines In India

1. Savvy – Fashion Magazine 1984


Launched in 1984, Savvy is a fashion magazine that is edited by Andrea Costabir. Savvy focuses on fashion and tries to aid the well-being of women by empowering them with global knowledge. This fashion magazine in India helps women reshape their lives and succeed the way they want.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 900/-

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2. Harper’s Bazaar – Fashion Magazine 1980


Harper’s Bazaar is a fashion magazine in India that was first published in the year 1980. Editor for the Indian edition is Nonita Kalra. An American fashion magazine, it ensures to cater to its India readers too. This  fashion magazines showcase views of writers, photographers, artists and designers who provide their expert view on fashion. Among all fashion magazines in India, this targets higher strata of society.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 2100/-

3. Vogue – Fashion Magazine 1892


Founded in 1892, Vogue India was launched in 2007. Vogue is considered one ofthe best fashion magazines in India and is edited by Priya Tanna. Vogue fashion magazine concentrates on the fashion needs of Indian women leaving behind nothing. They include accessories, new fashion, new trends, style and every aspect of fashion.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1800/-

4. New Woman – Fashion Magazine 1996


New Woman is a fashion magazine that was founded in 1996. The magazine is about women health and issues. This fashion magazine provides a healthy dose of entertainment and fashion. Hema Malini is the editor and works hard to give her readers content to better their lives. Save when you subscribe to this and other fashion magazines in India on Magzter via CashKaro.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 720/-

5. Cosmopolitan – Fashion Magazine 1886


Cosmopolitan is an international fashion magazine started in 1886. Also available in India, Cosmopolitan India is edited by Nandini Bhalla. Like other fashion magazines in India, this fashion magazine too concentrates on trends, celebrity styles, health, sex and self-improvement.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1800/-

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6. Verve – Fashion Magazine 1995


Verve was founded in 1995. Although it is an international magazine, the editor is Anuradha Mahindra, a woman of Indian origin. This fashion magazine in India is known across the globe as top competition for fashion magazines. This  fashion magazine covers aspects like fashion and travelogue and even Bollywood.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1400/-

7. Marie Claire – Fashion Magazine 1937


First published in France in 1937, Marie Claire India is edited by Shefalee Vasudev. It focuses on beauty and fashion. This fashion magazine in India addresses different issues faced by women worldwide and empowers its readers.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1800/-

8. Women’s Era – Fashion Magazine 1973


A fashion magazine known to cover every stage in a woman’s life, Woman’s Era was first published in 1973. The editor of Woman’s Era is Divesh Nath. Like other fashion magazines in India, this fashion magazine includes fashion, cooking, art, entertainment and much more in the content they publish.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1460/-

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9. Elle – Fashion Magazine 1945


An international magazine and came to existence in 1945, the name itself is the French word for ‘She’. The Indian edition is edited by Aishwarya Subramanyam. It ranks among the bestselling magazines in world. This  fashion magazine in India covers fashion, entertainment, health and beauty.

Annual Subscription: 1800/-

10. Femina – Fashion Magazine 1959


First published in 1959, Femina is a magazine for women by women. The editor of this  fashion magazine is Tanya Chaitanya. This fashion magazine in India covers fashion, fitness, health, beauty, cuisine and relationships.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1560/-

Top Fashion Magazines In India with Price

Fashion Magazine

Savvy Rs. 900 Annual
Harper’s Bazaar Rs. 2100 Annual
Vogue Rs. 1800 Annual
New Woman Rs. 720 Annual
Cosmopolitan Rs. 1800 Annual
Verve Rs. 1400 Annua
Marie Claire Rs. 1800 Annual
Women’s Era Rs. 1460 Annual
Elle Rs. 1800 Annual
Femina Rs. 1560 Annual

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