Fashion magazines cover various topics like travel, relationship, sex, lifestyle, travel, health, etc. These magazines have been key in influencing women and men since 1886. If you enjoy grasping knowledge about emerging fashion trends around the world, a magazine can be really helpful.

How to Choose the Best Fashion Magazine?

Every magazine offers something unique, making it confusing for you to choose what’s best for you. Although you can only acquire taste after exploring, here are some parameters that can help you choose the first magazine.

1. Price – In India, you can get good quality magazines such as Vogue, Savvy, and Cosmopolitan priced around Rs 150 per issue. These magazines will give you an exclusive insight into international fashion as well.

2. Content – Most fashion magazines listed below offer a wide range of information about health, sex, lifestyle, clothing, and even food, so you will get a lot to grasp in one periodical. You can also get magazines that offer wedding trends and relevant stories to inspire you.

3. Availability – Not everyone has the time to purchase and read a physical copy these days; so many brands have digital copies that you can read on the go. If you’re unable to find a physical magazine, you can take the digital route, which is much more hassle-free and may even help you save money.

List of the Top Fashion Magazines in India

1. Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

  • Launch Year – 1867
  • Publisher – Hearst Corporation
  • Language – English
  • Editor – Nonita Kalra
  • Price – Rs 2100/year

Harper’s Bazaar is an American monthly women’s fashion magazine, and the editor for its Indian edition is Nonita Kalra. Its first Indian edition was launched in March 2009. This fashion magazine showcases the views of writers, photographers, artists, and designers who provide their expert views on fashion. Among all fashion magazines in India, this targets the higher strata of society.

2. Vogue Magazine

  • Launch Year – 1892
  • Publisher – Conde Nast India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Language – English
  • Editor – Megha Kapoor
  • Price – Rs 1800/year

Vogue is one of the best fashion magazines in India that concentrates on the fashion needs of Indian women. Its first Indian edition was launched in 2007. The magazine keeps you updated on the best of fashion, beauty, culture, lifestyle, horoscope, etc.

3. New Woman Fashion Magazine

  • Launch Year – 1996
  • Publisher – Pioneer Book Company Private Limited
  • Language – English
  • Editor – Hema Malini
  • Price – Rs 2100/year

New Woman is a popular magazine that talks about women’s health and issues. This fashion magazine provides a healthy dose of entertainment and fashion. Hema Malini is the editor and works hard to give her readers content to better their lives.

4. Cosmopolitan Magazine

  • Launch Year – 1886
  • Publisher – Living Media India Limited
  • Language – English
  • Editor – Nandini Bhalla
  • Price – Rs 1800/year

Cosmopolitan is an international fashion magazine, and its Indian edition is edited by Nandini Bhalla. Like other fashion magazines in India, this fashion magazine concentrates on trends, celebrity styles, health, sex, and self-improvement.

5. Savvy Fashion Magazine

  • Launch Year – 1984
  • Publisher – Magna Publishing
  • Language – English
  • Editor – Andrea Costabir
  • Price – Rs 900/year

Savvy is a fashion magazine that is edited by Andrea Costabir. It focuses on fashion and tries to aid the well-being of women by empowering them with global knowledge. This fashion magazine in India helps women reshape their lives and succeed the way they want.

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6. Verve Fashion Magazine

  • Launch Year – 1995
  • Publisher – Indian and Eastern Engineer Limited
  • Language – English
  • Editor – Anuradha Mahindra
  • Price – Rs 1440/year

Verve is India’s luxury and lifestyle magazine that was launched in 1995. This fashion magazine in India is known across the globe as the top competitor for fashion magazines. This fashion magazine covers fashion, travel, beauty, food, spaces, and Bollywood.

7. Marie Claire Magazine

  • Launch Year – 1937
  • Language – 24 languages
  • Editor – Shefalee Vasudev
  • Price – Rs 1890/year

First published in France in 1937, Marie Claire India is edited by Shefalee Vasudev. It focuses on beauty and fashion. This fashion magazine in India addresses different issues faced by women worldwide and empowers its readers.

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8. Women’s Era Magazine

  • Launch Year – 1973
  • Publisher – Delhi Press
  • Language – English
  • Editor – Divesh Nath
  • Price – Rs 1680/year

A fashion magazine is known to cover every stage in a woman’s life, Woman’s Era was first published in 1973. The editor of Woman’s Era is Divesh Nath. Like other fashion magazines in India, this fashion magazine includes fashion, cooking, art, entertainment, and much more.

9. Elle Fashion Magazine

  • Launch Year – 1945
  • Publisher – Ogaan Media Pvt. Ltd.
  • Language – English
  • Editor – Kamna Malik
  • Price – Rs 900/year

An international magazine that came into existence in 1945, the name itself is the French word for ‘She’. The first issue in India was launched in 1996, and its current editor is Kamna Malik. It ranks among the bestselling magazines in the world. This fashion magazine in India covers fashion, entertainment, health, and beauty.

10. Femina Magazine

  • Launch Year – 1959
  • Publisher – The Times Group
  • Language – English
  • Editor – Tanya Chaitanya
  • Price – Rs 720/year

First published in 1959, Femina is a magazine for women by women. The editor of this fashion magazine is Tanya Chaitanya. This fashion magazine in India covers fashion, fitness, health, beauty, cuisine, and relationships.

11. Grazia Fashion Magazine

Grazia Fashion Magazine
  • Launch Year – 2008
  • Publisher – Anupama Bhalla
  • Language – English
  • Editor – Mehernaaz Dhondy
  • Price – Rs 1800/year

Grazia India is the Indian edition of the Italian women’s fashion and celebrity gossip magazine Grazia. It was first launched in India in 2008 and is targeted toward the urban women of today. This monthly lifestyle magazine covers fashion, health, and current events. Grazia leads the way when it comes to the latest trends in both fashion and beauty, and highlights the best buys.

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12. GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine
  • Launch Year – 1931
  • Publisher – Conde Nast India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Language – English and Spanish
  • Editor – Che Kurrien
  • Price – Rs 1800/year

GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) is one of the best fashion magazines for men globally. Based in America, GQ’s Indian edition known as GQ India is a monthly men’s fashion magazine, published by Condé Nast India. GQ was the second magazine released in India, after Vogue India, which is 100% foreign-owned. It provides the latest style, fashion, and lifestyle trends for men.

13. Maxim Magazine

Maxim Magazine
  • Launch Year – 1995
  • Publisher – Media Transasia India Ltd and Burda Media India
  • Language – English
  • Editor – Vivek Pareek
  • Price – Rs 900/year

A men’s fashion magazine that has over 9 million readers each month across the globe, Maxim was devised and launched in the UK in 1995 but has been based in New York City since 1997. Its first Indian issue was launched in 2006. The magazine is prominent for its photography of actresses, singers, and female models whose careers are at a current peak.

14. FHM Magazine

FHM Magazine
  • Launch Year – 1985
  • Publisher – TCG Media Limited
  • Language – English
  • Editor – Nitin Agarwal
  • Price – Rs 1800/year

FHM is a British multinational men’s lifestyle magazine published in several countries. Its master edition featured the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World, including models, actresses, musicians, TV presenters, and reality stars. FHM India’s first issue was launched in 2007.

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What are the top 5 fashion magazines?

Some of the best fashion magazines in India include Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Verve, Elle, and Femina. All these magazines have various articles, feature stories, and more to keep you updated with the latest fashion trends in India and globally. These magazines cover everything from apparel, bags, shoes, accessories, and everything else that has got to do with fashion.

What is the best fashion magazine to subscribe to?

Cosmopolitan is one of the best fashion magazines to subscribe to. Cosmo caters to a large set of audience and has content for all. From flea market fashion to global designers, they cover it all which makes it exceptionally relatable. Apart from that, Cosmo also focuses on other topics such as health, relationship, travel, and more.

What is the most successful fashion magazine?

Vogue is the most successful fashion magazine in India. It was launched in 2007 in India and has ever since been a market leader. It covers everything to do with fashion and has a very distinct layout. Their feature story and editorial need a special mention for their topic selection and writing style. Vogue magazine sets new trends with every issue.

What jobs are there in fashion magazines?

A fashion magazine has various departments and job roles in each department. Editorial is one the biggest department as has job opportunities such as writer, sub-editor, feature writer, editor, etc. Apart from that, other job roles in a fashion magazine include stylist, makeup artist, d.o.p, production assistant, and photographer, amongst others.

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