List Of Types of Magazines Available in India

India is home to several magazines. You will find magazines in over 15 different categories and 70 niches. Magazines range over a large variety of interests. With over 300 magazines available in India, everyone can find something they like.

List of Types of Magazines Available in India

Type of Magazine: Lifestyle Magazines in India

A lifestyle magazine is one that is concerned with health, tourism and culture.
What to expect:

  • Inspiration for interior design
  • Theme suggestions
  • Places to visit
  • What to wear
  • Tips on health

Top Lifestyle Magazines in India:

  • Femina
  • Vogue India
  • VERVE.
  • Harpers Bazar
  • ELLE

Readership: Designers, fashion enthusiasts and decorators

Type of Magazine: Business Magazines in India

Business magazines are fodder for all those hungry for information about the latest new on corporations that matter.
What to expect:

  • Current events and their impact
  • Investment opportunities
  • Event analyses

Top Business Magazines in India:

  • Business Today
  • Data Quest
  • Sampadyam

Readership: Businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors

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Type of Magazine: Education Magazines in India

Education magazines feature articles on research, education and careers.
What to Expect:

  • Advancements in educational technology
  • Methods of teaching and learning
  • Project sharing platforms
  • Application and examination tips

Top Education Magazines in India:

  • Dmystify
  • EDU
  • BBC Knowledge
  • General Knowledge Today

Readership: Educators, parents and students

Type of Magazine: Women’s Interest Magazine in India

Women’s Interest magazines are published with content for women and their concerns.
What to Expect:

  • Personal Care
  • Healthy Living
  • Relationship advice
  • Women Empowerment
  • Dressing for your type

Top Women’s Interest Magazines in India:

  • Good Housekeeping
  • Women’s Health
  • Woman’s Day
  • Parenting
  • OK!

Readership: Professionals, home makers and mothers

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Type of Magazine: Entertainment Magazines in India

Entertainment magazines contain the latest news in the world of entertainment.
What to Expect:

  • Event review
  • Release review
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • Reviews on books, movies and music

Top Entertainment Magazines in India:

  • Stardust
  • Roopatara
  • Rolling Stone India
  • Filmfare
  • Cineblitz

Readership: People looking for light reading or reviews

Type of Magazine: Fashion Magazines in India

These magazines are devoted to fashion and the latest styles.
What to Expect:

  • Latest trends
  • Best and worst dressed
  • Affordable fashion
  • Wardrobe and make up tips

Top Fashion Magazines in India:

  • Marie Clare
  • Apparel
  • Business of Fashion
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Beauty

Readership: Fashion enthusiasts, aspiring models, etc.

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Type of Magazine: Travel Magazines in India

A travel magazine contains tips and articles about travel and tourism.
What to Expect:

  • Maps
  • Must visit spots
  • Travelling on a budget
  • Travel tips
  • Reviews

Top Travel Magazines in India:

  • Lonely Planet
  • Outlook Traveller Getaways
  • Safari India
  • Travel and Flavours
  • Traveller

Readership: Travel bloggers, travel enthusiasts and frequent tourists

Type of Magazine: Men’s Interest Magazines in India

Men’s interest magazines are published to cater wholly to men and their interests.
What to Expect:

  • Automobile comparison
  • New gadgets
  • Fashion
  • Healthcare
  • Sports

Top Men’s Interest Magazines:

  • Autocar India
  • Man’s World
  • GQ India
  • Car India

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Type of Magazine: News Magazines in India

News magazines are periodical publications devoted mostly to current affairs.
What to Expect:

  • Detailed event analyses
  • Politics
  • Historical analyses
  • Debates
  • Advancements

Top News Magazines:

Readership: People interested in current events and politics

Type of Magazine: Home Magazines in India

Home magazines feature content about home improvement and decoration.
What to Expect:

  • Inspiration for interior design
  • Outdoor design ideas
  • Minimal wastage
  • Space efficient storage

Top Home Magazines:

  • Good Homes
  • Ideal Home
  • Better Interiors
  • Inside Outside
  • Elle Decor

Readership: Designers, decorators and home owners

Type of Magazine: Sports Magazines in India

Sports magazines provide their readers with stories about sports and sports personalities.
What to Expect:

  • Interviews and career analyses
  • Best Plays
  • Best Players
  • Tips for sportspersons
  • Health and nutritional guidance

Top Sports Magazines:

  • 90 Minutes
  • Barefoot
  • Cricket Today
  • Sports Plus
  • Sports Illustrated

Readership: Sportsperson, coaches and sports enthusiasts

Type of Magazine: Technology Magazines in India

Technology magazines contain articles about the latest apps and gadgets.
What to Expect:

  • Upcoming brands
  • Technological advancements
  • Gadget reviews
  • Comparisons

Top Technology Magazines:

  • Stuff India
  • T3 India
  • What Hi-Fi
  • Apps World Mag

Readership: Technology enthusiasts, investors etc

Type of Magazine: Automotive Magazines in India

These magazines write about cars and the latest advancements in automotive technology.
What to Expect:

  • Automobile reviews
  • Auto Event reviews
  • Best Buys
  • Concept cars
  • Rare automobiles and owners

Top Automotive Magazines:

  • Autocar
  • Top Gear
  • Bike
  • Car

Readership: Automobile enthusiasts, prospective buyers etc.

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Type of Magazine: Health Magazines in India

Magazines categorized under health focus on content regarding nutrition and wellbeing.
What to Expect:

  • What to eat and avoid
  • Experts column
  • Suggestive exercises
  • Nutritional management
  • Surviving a disease

Top Health Magazines:

  • Life Positive
  • Stay Fit
  • Food & Health
  • Health
  • Complete Wellbeing

Readership: Health conscious people, sportsperson and nutritionists.

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Type of Magazine: Art Magazines in India

Art magazines publish content about art and design.
What to Expect:

  • Architectural analyses
  • Designers and their history
  • Style comparison
  • Showcase reviews
  • Tips for beginners

Top Art Magazines:

  • Architect and Interiors India
  • The Design Source
  • Gallerie
  • Architecture + Design

Readership: Designers, students and enthusiasts

Type of Magazine: Children Magazines in India

Children’s magazines are designed to engage and educate children.
What to Expect:

  • Puzzles
  • Interviews
  • Comics
  • Stories
  • Moral lessons

Top Children’s Magazines in India:

Readership: School going children

Type of Magazine: Food Magazines in India

Food magazines give their readers content about food and cooking.
What to Expect:

  • Recipes
  • Cooking tips
  • Food criticism
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Popular dishes and where to find them

Top Food Magazines in India:

  • Cooking & More
  • Good Food
  • Food Service
  • Bakery Review
  • Food and Beverage

Readership: Aspiring chefs or bakers, food enthusiast, critics and journalists

Type of Magazine: Science Magazines in India

Science magazines provide their readers with articles about theories and advancements in science.
What to Expect:

  • Event Analyses
  • Predictions
  • Advancements in science and research
  • Prominent researchers
  • Ongoing research

Top Science Magazines in India:

  • BBC Knowledge
  • Dmystify
  • Brainwave
  • Down to Earth
  • Chemistry Today

Readership: Researchers, science enthusiasts etc.

Type of Magazine: Music Magazines in India

These magazines write about music and music makers.
What to Expect:

  • Release reviews
  • Concert reviews
  • Anticipated releases
  • Top charts

Top Music Magazines in India:

  • Rolling Stones India
  • Eclectic Vibes
  • Aalaap
  • The Score Magazine
  • MusiCulture

Readership: Musicians, managers, music lovers etc.

Type of Magazine: Photography Magazines in India

Photography magazines feature the best photographs and related content.
What to Expect:

  • Top photographer
  • Best entries
  • Photography tricks
  • What to buy
  • Competitions

Top Photography Magazines in India:

  • Better Photography
  • Smart Photography
  • Our Jaipur
  • Shutterbug
  • Amateur Photographer

Readership: photographers, photography enthusiasts, artists etc.

Type of Magazine: Bridal Magazines in India

Bridal magazines provide inspiration for themes and wedding ideas.
What to Expect:

  • Latest trends
  • Theme suggestions
  • Budget shopping
  • Organisational tips
  • Ideal gifts

Top Bridal Magazines in India:

  • Wedding Vows
  • Plan Your Wedding
  • Wedding Affair
  • Brides Today
  • Haute Brides and Honeymoons

Readership: People planning a wedding and event planners

Type of Magazine: Animal Magazines in India

These magazines contain articles about animals and pets.
What to Expect:

  • Most popular treats
  • Behaviour analysis
  • Animal facts
  • Animal welfare

Top Animal Magazines:

  • Dogs & Pups
  • Dogs & More
  • Horse and Hound
  • HQ

Type of Magazine: Young Adult Magazines in India

Young adult magazines are popular amongst ages 12-18.
What to Expect:

  • Back to school ideas
  • Celebrity interviews
  • Clothing tips
  • DIY ideas

Young Adult Magazines in India:

  • Seventeen
  • Teenage Magazines
  • Oops
  • Cool
  • Youth Street

Type of Magazine: Parenting Magazines in India

Parenting magazines offer their readers articles about life with children.
What to Expect:

  • Most popular treats
  • Behaviour analysis
  • Animal facts
  • Animal welfare

Top Parenting Magazines in India:

Outlook Money
  • Mother & Baby India
  • Child India
  • Parent Circle
  • Parent Edge
  • Nanhey Samrat
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