When it comes to magazines, there are far too many to choose from. So if you’re trying to unearth a list of the best women’s magazines in India, you’ve found the right blog! Whether you’re looking for financial advice, home tips, health advice, makeup guides, or just want to flip through pictures of pretty bags and gowns, this list has at least one magazine that you will love. Here you can also check some of the best health magazines & the List Of best men’s magazines in India.

Top 16 Women’s Magazines In India

1. Elle India

Best Women's Magazines
Elle India

Elle is a worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin. The first edition of Elle India came out in December 1996. It is a monthly magazine that covers fashion, beauty, culture, fitness, and astrology. The present Editor-in-Chief of Elle India is Aishwarya Subramanyam. One of the best fashion magazines in the country, it has come to be loved by women of all ages.


  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 130 or get a yearly subscription only for Rs. 1000

2. Femina

Femina Women's Magazine

First published in July 1959, Femina is an Indian, women-centric magazine. Published fortnightly, the magazine talks about beauty, relationships, fashion, and lifestyle. It also publishes articles on celebrities and cultural facets of Indian women. The present Editor and Chief Community Officer of Femina are Tanya Chaitanya.


  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 110 or get a yearly subscription only for Rs. 480

3. Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping Women's Magazine
Good Housekeeping

The present Editor of Good Housekeeping India is Manjira Dutta. This magazine is the fastest-growing women’s magazine in India. It features articles about women’s interests, product testing by The Good Housekeeping Institute, recipes, diets, as well as literary articles. It has been published in the United States for the last 126 years and is still going strong across the globe.


  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 125

4. Savvy

Savvy Women's Magazine

Launched in 1984- Savvy is India’s leading women’s magazine.  Women choose to read Savvy for its stories on success, grit, and glamor. Unlike regular women’s magazines, Savvy inspires and informs women towards being more individualistic and powerful. The present editor of Savvy is Nawaz Modi Singhania.


  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 75 or get a yearly subscription only for Rs. 765

5. Verve


Verve is India’s very own luxury and lifestyle magazine. It has been in publication since 1995. The focus of this magazine remains on including new trends, national and international fashion, arts and culture, and everything else in between. Anuradha Mahindra has been the editor since 1995 and has ensured that every new edition redefines contemporary ideas of fashion and style.


  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 199 or get a yearly subscription only for Rs. 1440

6. Women’s Era

Women’s Era

Women’s Era is a fortnightly women’s magazine that was first published in 1973. It covers an array of topics like cookery, poems, book reviews, technology, etc. It is the second most popular women’s magazine after Femina. Since 2002, Divesh Nath has been the managing editor.


  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 100 or get a yearly subscription only for Rs. 588

7. Harper’s Bazaar India

Harpers-Bazaar Woman's Magazine
Harper’s Bazaar India

 Harper’s Bazaar brings to you fashion trends straight from the runway. It is sophisticated, elegant, and every classy woman’s best friend. The magazine was first published in the United States in 1867. The former editor of Elle India, Nonita Kalra was appointed as the editor of Harper’s Bazaar India.

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  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 200 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 2200

8. Vogue India

Vogue Women's Magazine
Vogue India

Internationally acclaimed, Vogue is a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine. Vogue India was the first magazine released in India that is 100% foreign-owned. The magazine was founded in 2007. The present Editor-in-Chief of Vogue India is Priya Tanna. A favourite among fashion fanatics and trendsetters alike, Vogue India is the holy grail of fashion magazines in the country.


  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 185 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 1260

9. Cosmopolitan


Cosmopolitan is a leading beauty and fashion magazine in India. Endorsed by several celebrities and stylists, it features articles on fashion, relationships, careers, sex tips, celebrity news, etc. The present Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan India is the celebrated writer Nandini Bhalla.


  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 220 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 1800

10. Grehshobha

Grehshobha Women's Magazine

Grehshobha is a biweekly magazine aimed at bringing the best tips and advice to Indian women. It features housekeeping, cookery, knitting, interior decoration, beauty care, dress designing, hobbies, and handicrafts. One of the most popular Indian women’s magazines, it boasts a loyal readership, thanks to its Hindi publication.


  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 50 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 624 via Magzter!

11. Filmfare

Filmfare women's magazine

If you’re someone who likes to be up to date with all that is happening in the life of your favourite celebrities, Filmfare is the magazine for you. Published fortnightly, it covers exclusive interviews, insider stories, sneak peeks, pictures, and all the Bollywood gossip you need.


  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 55 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 360

12. Grazia

Grazia Women's magazine

Grazia India is one of the hottest fashion and lifestyle magazines in the country. The Italian-origin magazine caters to the chic lifestyle of the modern-day woman. A global trendsetter, Grazia is headed by Mehernaaz Dhondy as the present Editor-in-Chief.


  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 105 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 900

13. Vanita

Vanita Magazine

Published in Hindi, Vanita is one of the most sought-after magazines in a vernacular language in India. From advice columns to quick recipes, the magazine covers it all. The magazine is published monthly and continues to be a favourite among middle-aged women.


  • Buy a set of 4 issues for Rs. 170

14. New Woman

New Woman Magazine
New Woman

Whether you’re a homemaker, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a doctor, or a stylist, New Woman is the magazine for the women of today. From in-depth articles to FAQs on contemporary topics like fashion, careers, beauty, health, food, and travel, the magazine continues to inspire women from all walks of life. Spearheaded by superstar Hema Malini, this magazine was founded in 1995.


  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 60

15. Fitlook

Fitlook women's magazine

Fitlook was launched in 2016 as India’s first-ever Fitness Style Magazine. Launched by Karnika Budhiraja and Mohit Kathuria, the magazine strives to help modern women strike the perfect balance between their exhausting professional and overlooked personal lifestyles. The first issue came out in November 2016, and the magazine continues to be a favorite among youth.


  • Buy a single issue for Rs. 100

16. Sarita

Sarita Women's magazine

This fortnightly magazine is one of the oldest magazines in the country. Targeted to reach every Indian woman, this magazine is published in Hindi. From excerpts about celebrities to fashion tips and advice sections, this magazine is as wholesome as could be.

Price: Buy a single issue for Rs. 50

List of the Best Women’s Magazines in India with pricing

Best Women’s MagazinesPrice*
Elle IndiaRs 130
FeminaRs 110
Good HousekeepingRs 125
SavvyRS 75
VerveRs 199
Women’s EraRs 100
Harper’s Bazaar IndiaRs 200
Vogue IndiaRs 185
CosmopolitanRs 220
GrihshobhaRs 50
FilmfareRs 55
GraziaRs 105
VanitaRs 170 (Set of 4)
New WomanRs 60
FitlookRs 100
SaritaRs 50
*Prices are subject to change.

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