6 Best Health Magazines in India: Top Healthcare & Fitness Magazines


Health magazines keep you updated with the latest in the world of fitness today. These magazines deal with issues regarding the upkeep of health and provide information about every aspect of health and fitness imaginable. They offer an amazing level of detail and with so much variety to choose from, it is often difficult to decide. Here is a list of the best health magazines in India to help you pick:


Best Health Magazines In India 

1. Health & Nutrition Magazine


Health & Nutrition is targeted primarily at the lay Indian and is published by Magna. This healthcare magazine aims to provide their readers with motivation and information. The aim is to enable their readers to take the reins of their own health. This fitness magazine in India provides the latest information about medical breakthroughs, health, fitness and nutritional advice.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1,440/-

2. Men’s Health India – Fitness Magazine 


This health magazine in India was launched in 2006 and its published by the India Today Group and edited by Jamal Shaikh. Like other health magazines in India, this magazine offers health, sex and grooming advice to men. This healthcare magazine focuses on fitness and is famous for its “how to” section to answer questions often asked by men.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1,545/-

3. Women’s Health India Magazine 


Women’s Health is published by the India Today Group and edited by Sanghamitra Chakraborty. First published in 2012, the brand addresses the new generation of contemporary and ambitious women. This health magazine provides guidance regarding fitness, nutrition, relations etc. This healthcare magazine in India transcends its title and touches every aspect of life as a woman.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1,545/-

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4. B Positive – Healthcare Magazine 


B Positive is a health and lifestyle magazine, launched in 2008 and is edited by Upasna Ram Charan. This health magazine strives to empower, liberate and educate its readers. It provides exclusive content of areas like health, disease management and nutrition. It features specials about safety and hygiene, fitness and nutrition. This fitness magazine stands out from other health magazines in India with its articles on stress, dependency management and psychology.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1,200/-

5. Food & Health Magazine


Food & Health is published by the Worldwide Media Corporation Group. This health magazines key focus is attaining health and wellbeing. Food and Health provides articles about good food, habit changing, care etc. They give tips of maintaining healthy social and personal lives. This fitness magazine in India offers specials about sports, lifestyle and beauty care. They also concentrate on mental wellbeing.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 2,300/-

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6. Psychology Today – Health Magazine


This health magazine is edited by Kaja Perina and was founded in 1967. US based magazine Psychology Today is a magazine that takes information from the latest research in the field of psychology and makes it useful to people in their everyday lives. This fitness magazines coverage encompasses self-improvement, relationships, the mind-body connection, health, and the workplace.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 4,432/-

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