11 Best Notebook Brands in India for School

One of the greatest innovations of all time is the notebook. You use it for meetings, to-do lists, schoolwork, and other purposes. A notebook is a must-have stationery item for people all around the world.

However, with the recent boom in technology, it may seem that notebooks have become obsolete. Some students, schools, and institutions have completely switched to computers from paper. But using a notebook has its own advantages. A notebook helps you to recall information better. Additionally, they are a creative space where you can organise your notes and to-do lists any way you want. Notebooks also make amazing journals or diaries for people who like to document their thoughts.

So, if you like to write down things or want to gift your kids the best stationeries while they are starting out a new academic year, we are here to help you out. We have compiled a list of the best notebook brands available in India. Keep reading and find the best one for yourself!

Our Top Picks:

How Do We Choose the Best Notebook Brands for You?

In India, good quality notebook costs anywhere between Rs 70 and Rs 660. Before you go through our suggestions of the best notebook brands that are available in India, we would love it if you first go through the factors that we took into consideration while deciding on the best products for you.


The first thing you should decide on while buying a notebook is its size. Your preferred size will mostly rely on how you want to utilise the notebook. Pocket-sized notebooks are often slim and light, sometimes including a small number of pages. Notebooks for students generally come in A4 size. There are also adult-designed notebooks that look nice and provide enough writing space. 


Binding is the process by which pieces of paper are joined to form a notebook. There are various distinct forms of binding. For instance, pocket-sized notebooks more often use staple binding. Letter-sized notebooks are more often seen with spiral rings. Spirals tend to become twisted out of shape and prevent the notebook from lying perfectly flat. Glue binding is also commonly seen on notebooks as well. However, it is not the ideal option since glue-bound notebooks are less durable and often have difficulties resting flat. 

These problems are not present with stitched bindings or bindings made of both stitching and glue. With such a design, the notebook may rest flat, is lightweight, and the pages are securely held in place.

Paper Quality

Next, you should consider the quality of the page. The majority of pages nowadays are chlorine-free and free from harmful substances. We recommend choosing a paper that is smooth and environment-friendly. The paper should also allow easy writing without any ink bleeds.


Between soft and hard covers for notebooks, you’ll have to make a significant decision. A soft-cover notebook can become very personalised, taking the shape of the owner’s pocket. A hardcover can be more durable and also provide a more rigid surface for writing on your lap or while on the go. However, some people prefer a soft-cover notebook or a more flexible cover because it will often allow folding the book in half. Therefore, choose the cover type of your notebook according to your needs.


The design of the pages is another element you need to take into account. The most popular styles are ruled, gridded, and blank. Although they exist in a variety of widths, lines and grids are mostly uniform. The majority of notebook manufacturers provide a variety of sheet types. However, the decision is up to your requirements. 

List of 11 Best Notebook Brands in India


Classmate Notebook

Classmate is India’s leading notebook brand. Launched in 2003, Classmate offers a broad range of writing material goods, including pens, geometry boxes, coloured pencils, sketch pens, and oil pastels, to name a few. Everyone from children to office workers is well aware of the quality Classmate notebooks offer. 

Prominent Features of the Classmate Notebook:

  • The company uses crucial chlorine-free paper in each notebook they produce
  • The pages are whiter, brighter, and smoother since they are made from premium paper and pulp
  • The notebook pages are perfectly aligned without any folded corners thanks to the superb polish and outstanding cut


  • Chlorine-free
  • High-quality paper
  • Enhanced binding strength and wrapper lamination

Why We Picked the Classmate Notebook?

Every Classmate notebook is different because of the wide variety of covers and the various activities and trivia present in them. The sheets in this notebook are of high quality and provide you with the best writing experience.

Navneet Notebook
Navneet Notebook

Navneet primarily sells stationery, notebooks, and educational content. It was founded in Mumbai in 1959 by the Gala Group. Navneet offers a wide range of understudy writing supplies, including notebooks, long books, drawing books, colour pastels, canvas, and more. The Navneet notebooks are well thought out and of excellent quality. Because the wood fibres used to make the paper for this book come from sustainable sources like farms or captive plantations, no rainforests are harmed in the process.

Prominent Features of the Navneet Notebook:

  • Each notebook features an index page with a label, a particular place for putting the date, the page number, and the day of the week on each page
  • The softbound notebook has a strong 3-pin binding and back pressing
  • The notebook paper is made using sustainable materials
  • Additionally, the paper is free from acids and prevents colour reversion


  • Acid-free paper 
  • Laminated covers
  • Calendar and room for a school schedule included
  • Environmentally friendly

Why We Picked the Navneet Notebook?

Navneet notebooks are highly safe for kids since they are printed on acid-free paper. The pulp is bleached using an ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) process, which eliminates environmentally harmful toxic effluents. 


Unigo Notebook
Unigo Notebook

Unigo offers the highest calibre of notebooks for all of your needs, especially for students. The prices are easy on the pocket and the notebooks are durable because of the hardbound cover and better binding strength.

Prominent Features of the Unigo Notebook:

  • Every page has a date and day column for your convenience
  • The cardboard-bound notebook features rounded edges for a polished appearance
  • Notebooks are kept firmly closed with the use of elastic fasteners
  • Pages are constructed of acid-free paper that resists fading from light and air.


  • Excellent alignment without any folded corners 
  • Constructed from PU leather and pulp
  • Design with a 180-degree flat lay for easy usage


  • Ink may get imprinted on the reverse side of the page

Why We Picked the Unigo Notebook?

The pages of the Unigo notebooks are whiter, more beautiful, and smoother since they are made using paper and mash of the highest quality. The pages are in perfect alignment with no collapsed corners, thanks to the beautiful cut and excellent finish. 


Mead Notebook
Mead Notebook

Mead notebooks are simple, versatile, and robust, with a plastic cover that is resistant to water. The water-resistant cover contributes significantly to their durability, and certain notebooks even guarantee that the notepad will last all year. The notebooks feature ink drain-safe paper with perforations, making it simple to take off a sheet. 

Prominent Features of the Mead Notebook:

  • The sheets are shielded by a durable cover that endures throughout the academic year
  • You can find grammar rules, a multiplication table, and a conversion table in addition to the class schedule on the back inner cover of the notebook
  • Features stitched-in sheets and a strong sewn binding


  • Durable cover
  • Secure binding
  • Stitched-in sheet

Why We Picked the Mead Notebook?

Every assignment in your class can be completed easily in the Mead Notebook. Wherever you are, write down your ideas as soon as they come to you. Your writing will have plenty of room on the wide-ruled pages, which are firmly stitched to the binding.


Camlin Notebook
Camlin Notebook

Kokuyo Camlin is a joint venture between Camlin, India, and Kokuyo, Japan. The brand was founded in 1946 as an ink manufacturer but gradually expanded to include additional print and writing supplies. The brand now produces writing instruments, including wellspring pens, markers, inks, colours, pencils, and oil pastels. Users from a variety of sectors have been motivated to try their products because of their commitment to providing widely accepted quality

Prominent Features of the Camlin Notebook:

  • To keep your notes organised, the 64 GSM sheets are thicker than before
  • Every notebook paper is thick enough to prevent pencil or pen markings on the reverse side
  • Perfect for children who like their homework materials to be well-written


  • Smooth pages
  • Numbered edges on pages
  • Slender look

Why We Picked the Camlin Notebook?

Camlin provides a wide variety of notebooks for its consumers. This includes single-line notebooks, workout books, writing books, college notebooks, premium notebooks, ruled notebooks, and more. Additionally, their range of Camlin Premio notebooks differs from standard school or college textbooks.


Luxor Notebook
Luxor Notebook

Luxor notebooks have a snag-free twin-wire fastening and utilise 70 GSM paper. Your notes are kept safe in all weather situations with the notebook’s protective poly cover. You can quickly differentiate between your topics with the help of the 300-page notebook’s five subject differentiation marks. 

Prominent Features of the Luxor Notebook:

  • The Luxor notebook has a sturdy poly cover that is water-resistant
  • The twin-wired binding makes it simple for the user to fold the content in half and lay it flat
  • The notebook’s pen loop is fastened to the inside rear cover for convenience


  • Thick and smooth paper
  • Durable cover
  • Poly separators for different subjects
  • Water-resistant


  • Complaints with size


Paperkraft Notebook
Paperkraft Notebook

One of the best notebook brands, Paperkraft products are well-designed and provide a good first impression. The paper is produced using Ozone treated Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) technology at the country’s greenest paper mills. Paper of the highest quality is used in the production of Paperkraft Notepads to meet strict standards. The Expression Series gives the notebook a modern, fresh, and in-vogue look by using symbols, signs, and photos. The Green Impression line of environmentally friendly notebooks features paper from reliable suppliers.

Prominent Features of the Paperkraft Notebook:

  • The notebooks provide a more common writing experience since they are whiter and smoother than typical scratch pads
  • The notebook has section separators for convenience
  • Their Expression series incorporates patterns, signs, and symbols to give the notebook a modern, stylish, and new look.


  • Environment-friendly paper
  • Smooth paper
  • Beautiful designs

Amazon Brand

Amazon Brand Notebook
Amazon Brand Notebook

With the Amazon Brand notebook, taking notes, creating to-do lists, studying, and even organising trips is simple. The foam cover of this hard-bound notebook provides cushioning on both sides and rounded corners. The ruled, non-dated 80 GSM pages of the notebook journal are thick. 

Prominent Features of the Amazon Brand Notebook:

  • These journals are made of 80 GSM paper, which may also be used to doodle, draw, or write down meeting notes or recipes
  • This journal is useful for students, artists, and businesspeople
  • The pages of the notebook are smooth and white


  • Smooth pages
  • Rounded cover
  • Excellent for gifting purposes

Happy Craft

Happy Craft Notebook
Happy Craft Notebook

The notebooks from Happy Craft have an inside pocket envelope, lace bookmarks, and pages with little holes punched through them. The notebooks are an amazing gift for students, teachers, and everyone else. Printed on premium white paper, you can use this notebook to jot down tasks or updates for upcoming events or keep a school diary for the semester.

Prominent Features of the Happy Craft Notebook:

  • The pliable cover makes it an exceptional choice for a flexible travel notepad, perfect for those in a rush 
  • The notebook has a round corner shape for safety and is appropriate for use in an office, school, or college
  • Elegant and really fashionable cover that works well for any occasion
  • Because the twin-wire binding is so strong, the notebook opens fully flat and without difficulty


  • Premium quality paper
  • Beautiful design
  • Rounded edges
  • Twin-wire binding

Factor Notes

Factor Notes Notebook
Factor Notes Notebook

The main driving force for the birth of Factor Notes was the influence art and telling tales has had on every person who encountered these works. Factor Notes was founded with the single goal of enhancing the creativity, spirit, organisation, and happiness of people’s lives. The brand aims to provide high-quality stationery that would satisfy everyone’s needs.

Prominent Features of the Factor Notes Notebook:

  • Factor Notes notebook is meant to be your go-to diary at a price that fits your budget without sacrificing quality
  • With these notebooks, you can do anything, from taking notes and doodling to tracking your days and creating crafts
  • The notebook features premium-quality paper so that you can write smoothly


  • Wide variety of covers
  • Perfect for travelling
  • Smooth pages


Artangle Notebook
Artangle Notebook

You will be inspired to write, draw, doodle, travel, and turn heads with the Artangle notebooks. The beautiful Van Gogh painting designs are sure to attract you. Additionally, the pages are thick and smooth, making them perfect for journaling and sketching out your thoughts and ideas.

Prominent Features of the Artangle Notebook:

  • The notebooks feature beautiful paintings on its cover, making them attractive
  • The premium quality of the pages offers you the freedom to materialize your ideas
  • Additionally, the affordable prices of the notebook make this an ideal choice


  • Soft and thick pages
  • Perfect for diary writing and doodling
  • Affordable


  • Pages may not be glued properly

Final Word

Based on our research, Classmate, Navneet, and Unigo are our top picks for the best notebook brands in India. We also considered factors like size, binding, page, cover, and design while making our recommendations for the best notebook brands in India. We would like to know which one worked out best for you.


Which brand is best for notebooks?

According to us, Classmate, Navneet, and Unigo are the best brands of notebooks in India. The brands provide high-quality notebooks at affordable prices.

What are the notebook types?

Spiral Notebooks: The pages of spiral notebooks are kept together by the spiral binding. Although any kind of paper may be contained by a spiral bound, lined sheets are most often used.
Bound Notebooks: The spine of bound notebooks is flat. Sewn pages that have been bonded and coated hold them together. These pages may be dotted, lined, grid, or any combination thereof.
Composition Notebooks: Students often use composition notebooks as writing pads, and workplaces sometimes utilise them as well. On the interior, they have lined pages. Additionally, the cover has a noticeable black-and-white spotty design.
Pocket Notebooks: You can always pocket notebooks with you since they are tiny enough to fit in a pocket or small purse. They are thus perfect for taking notes on the run.

What makes a high-quality notebook?

A high-quality paper notebook will often be thick, robust, and have significant paperweight. They are more erasable and have less show-through. 

Which notebooks are best for students?

Notebooks from brands like Classmate, Navneet, and Camlin are popular among students. However, if you want a notebook for sketching or journaling, you can also use the Artangle notebook since they are aesthetic as well as sturdy.

Which GSM is best for notebook?

Standard copy paper typically weighs 70 to 80 gsm. Decent notebook paper weighs 80 to 90 gsm. Additionally, premium writing paper weighs 90 gsm or more.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly seasoned and qualified researchers at CashKaro work hard to supply you with the greatest market advice accessible online. To build a list of products you can trust, we examine numerous products and compare them based on a range of characteristics. We hope our recommendations of the best notebook brands have helped you out. We genuinely hope that this list will aid you in making an informed judgement.

Mourbi Dutta
Mourbi Dutta

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