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Gone are those days when women-centric magazines dominated the landscape. In today’s date, we have an endless list of magazines for men providing an update for practically everything. Whether you’re looking for articles on sports, cinema, fitness, books, technology, or simply wish to flip through the pages for some hearty entertainment, this list has some of the best men’s magazines in India you can check out this season.

List Of 10 Best Men’s Magazines in India

1. Maxim

Best Men's Magazines

Maxim was introduced in India in January 2006. This men’s magazine features jokes, sports, entertainment, gadget updates, and riddles. The present editor of Maxim India is Vivek Pareek. The first issue came out in January 2006, and since then has taken the Indian readership by storm.

Price: Buy a single issue for Rs. 90 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 500

2. GQ

gq- men's magazine

GQ was introduced in India in October 2005. This men’s magazine focuses on fashion, style, articles on food, movies, fitness, sex, music, travel, sports, technology, books, and celebrities. The present editor GQ is Che Kurien. The first issue came out in October 2008 and continues to be one of the most sought-after lifestyle magazines in India to date.

Price: Buy a single issue for Rs. 150 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 1050

3. Man’s World

Mans-World- men's magazine
Man’s World

Man’s World is the only Indian magazine that successfully rose high on international standards. It is a men’s luxury lifestyle magazine which covers various subjects such as style, automobiles, travel, food & drink, sports, cinema, gadgets, books, fitness, etc.  It is more tilted towards general entertainment. The present editor of Man’s World is Radhakrishnan Nair. The first issue came out in March 2000.

Price: Buy a single issue for Rs. 150 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 714

4. The Man

the-man- men's magazine
The Man

The Man was founded in India as India’s only uber Luxury Monthly for Men. This men’s magazine is not internationally acclaimed but it fits the Indian mainstream market because of its exclusive content. As a men’s lifestyle magazine, it features crispy bits on lifestyle, travel, movies, games, and music. The present editor of The Man is K Sunil Thomas.

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Price: Buy a single issue for Rs. 135 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 454

5. FHM

fhm - men's magazine

FHM is a monthly men’s lifestyle magazine that is currently operating online solely. This men’s magazine covers dating tips, style advice, viral news, life hacks, sports, and entertainment. The present editor of FHM India is Neena Haridas. The first issue came out in October 2007.

Price: Buy a single issue for Rs. 150 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 1500

6. Autocar India

Autocar - men's magazine
Autocar India

Autocar gives the latest car and bike news and reviews. This men’s magazine was first published in 1895.  The present editor of Autocar India is Hormazd Sorabjee. You may also want to know about Overdrive magazine review and other best automobile magazines

Price: Buy a single issue for Rs. 150 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 1103

7. Esquire

Esquire Men's Magazine

First published in 1933, New York-based Esquire Magazine has over 20 international editions. One of the most popular men’s magazines in India, it covers an array of topics from fashion and lifestyle to politics and advice-based columns. The magazine is slightly more expensive compared to what the Indian readers are accustomed to, but it more than makes up for it with its spicy reads.

Price: Buy a single issue for Rs. 1119 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 15300


Fitlook Magazine

FITLOOK was launched in 2016 as India’s first-ever Fitness Style Magazine. Spearheaded by Karnika Budhiraja and Mohit Kathuria, the magazine strives to help its readers strike the perfect balance between their exhausting professional and overlooked personal lifestyles. The first issue came out in November 2016, and the magazine continues to be a favorite among the youth.

Price: Buy a single issue for Rs. 100

9. Business Today

Business Today Men's Magazine
Business Today

Incepted in 1992, Business Today is presently India’s largest circulated business magazine. Published fortnightly, the magazine gives its readers an insider’s take on the world of business. From management theories and startup stories to business news, this magazine will keep you updated through the ups and downs of the economy. Published under the India Today Group, this magazine is truly the best of journalism and business brought together.

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Price: Buy a single issue for Rs. 100 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 2600

10. CAR India

Car India Men's Magazine
CAR India

If there is an automobile fanatic in you, CAR India is the magazine to checkout. Regarded as the world’s best car magazine, this one is for those who have a passion for their ride. From new launches and recent upgrades to the history and making of some of the best cars across the globe, this magazine covers it all. The current editor of this magazine is Aspi Bathena, one of the most revered names in motoring journalism.

Price: Buy a single issue for Rs. 125 or get a yearly subscription for Rs. 899

Top 10 Men’s Magazines in India

Best Men’s MagazinesPrice*
MaximRs 90
GQRs 150
Man’s WorldRs 150
The ManRs 135
FHMRs 150
Autocar IndiaRs 150
EsquireRs 1119
Business TodayRs 100
Car IndiaRs 125
*Prices are subject to change.

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