10 Best Automobile Magazines in India: Top Automotive & Car Magazines

India is the 10th largest automobile industry in the world. The Indian car market has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Therefore, it is safe to say India has a significant number of automobile enthusiasts. They quench their thirst for news and knowledge by grabbing one of the many automobile magazines available in India.

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From news about the latest technology to comparisons for new buyers, the following car magazines cover it all. Be sure to amp up your knowledge on the latest car news thanks to these magazines. Here is a list of the top 10 automobile magazines in India.

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Best Automobile & Car Magazines In India

1. Motoring World – Automobile Magazine


Motoring World is among India’s oldest and most popular motor magazine dedicated to cars and bikes. It was founded in 1999 and today, is edited by Pablo Chaterjee. This car magazine covers all the latest automobile news and reviews motor vehicles. This automobile magazine provides vehicle comparisons and covers motoring awards. The magazine known for its unique presentation.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1,500/-

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2. Overdrive – Car Magazine

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<Overdrive is another popular auto magazine in India and is edited by Sirish Chandran. It provides information about all the latest vehicles. A leading automobile magazine, it provides articles like Road Test and reviews on cars and bikes. This automobile blog provides news and special features like in-depth reviews of the latest vehicles, tips on safe driving and posters.

Annual Subscription For This Automobile Magazine: Rs. 1,800/-

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3. Autocar – Automotive Magazine 


Autocar India is a part of the world’s oldest car magazine – Autocar U.K. The first issue dates to 1895.  Autocar India is edited by Hormazd Sorabjee and provides car and bike road tests, reviews and the latest news in automobiles.  Compared to the competition, Autocar contains the most information per issue. This automobile magazine has the best scoops in the industry, and small statistics and industry insights that make subscription worth the money.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1,800/-

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4. TopGear – Automobile Magazine 


TopGear was first published in India in 2005. This auto magazine is inspired by the hit show BB TopGear. Edited by Girish Karkera, the magazine brings you up-to-date news. The car magazine contains the latest launches in the market, features, humorous content and a buyer’s guide covering the cars and bikes in the market. It’s one of the best magazines to cover reviews, prices and comparisons of latest cars.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1,800/-

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5. EVO – Car Magazine 


EVO was launched in the UK in 1998. Over time, EVO has come to be arguably the world’s most respected car magazine for automobile enthusiasts. EVO India is edited by Sirish Chandran. The content is focussed on driving reviews and adventures. This automobile magazine provides their readers with the latest in automobile news and technology. This auto magazine has special features that you don’t want to miss about guides and group tests.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1,600/-

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6. WhatCar? – Auto Magazine 


WhatCar was first published in 1973 and is edited by Steve Huntingford. WhatCar India is an Indian automobile buyers best friend. This automobile magazine strives to give its readers the information to buy the best car for the best deal. This automotive magazine provides comparisons and opinions to their readers, helping them decide what to choose.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 960/-

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7. Car India – Automotive Magazine 


Car was founded in 1962. Car India is edited by Aspi Bhathena and features international stories, Indian features and all the latest news in the motorsport world. Car is among the most popular automobile magazines in the world. This auto magazine is known for its award-winning design and publicity. This car magazine is written for people with a passion for anything on wheels.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1,560/-

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8. Bike India – Two Wheeler Magazine


Bike India was launched in 2005. For the second largest two-wheeler market in the world, India was without a dedicated two-wheeler magazine for very long. Also edited by Aspi Bhathena, Bike India caters to bike fanatics and regular commuters alike. It features content about the latest in bikes across the globe and comparisons for people looking to buy solely to ease their commute.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1,200/-

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9. xBHP – Motorcycle Magazine


The xBHP or Extra Braking Horse Power magazine is acknowledged as one of the finest touring magazines in the world. Founded in 2010 and published out of New Delhi, the auto magazine is edited by Sundeep Gajjar and is run by a group of hardcore motorcyclists. They imbibe their philosophy of “I, the biker” in the making of the magazine, putting the biker before the bike.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 750/-

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10. AutoBild – Auto Magazine 


AutoBild was first published in 1986. Edited by Yogendra Pratap, AutoBild India is published by the India Today Group. AutoBild is one of the highest circulated magazines in the world. This automobile magazine works hard to give its readers what they want, without bias.

Annual Subscription: Rs. 1,200/-

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