List of Top Audiobooks on Amazon Audible

Audiobooks have almost taken over the novels and have become the new fancy in the world of narration. Whether you are doing your daily chores, driving to work, stuck in a crowded public transport barely able to move arms, you can always to listen to audio books and hit the boredom out of the court. With many A-list actors voicing the narration to the bestsellers and a host of classics, audio books cater to every taste. Here, we bring to you the top and best audiobooks available on Amazon Audible, so plug in your earphones and let those narrations excite your nerves and soothe your ears at the same time.

1. The Tales of Beedle the Bard

If you are a great admirer of wizardry and share an interest in Harry Potter, your ears are definitely in for a treat. This science-fiction audiobook by J.K. Rowling purports to be a voguish collection of popular fairy tales for young wizards and witches. The Tales of Beedle the Bard had been mentioned in the final iteration of the Harry Potter audiobook series, and now you get a chance to hear all those tales.

Genre – Science Fiction & Fantasy

Price – ₹652

2. Habits for Happiness

In our fast-paced day-to-day lives, we often miss out on being happy and that affects our relationship with ourselves. This audiobook takes you through a step-by-step guide on how you can create and maintain personal happiness with ten daily habits. Find this audiobook exclusively on Amazon Audible and tread towards happiness.

Genre – Self Development, How-to

Price – ₹575

3. Ikigai

Another inspiring and comforting audiobook about living happily by following the Japanese secrets – leave urgency behind, do what you love, nurture relationships, be social and throw yourself into your passion. Ikigai provides you with the practical tools to help discover personal happiness.

Genre – Self Development

Price – ₹615

4. The Dark Web

If you are more into entertainment sort of audiobooks that could send chills down your spine, then The Dark Web is perfect for you. Backed by covert recordings, anonymous tipsters, and expert interviews, this comprehensive investigation will uncover the truth by hook or by crook.

Genre – Arts & Entertainment, Film, Radio & TV

Price – ₹759

5. Life’s Amazing Secrets

Gaur Gopal Das treads you through a memorable voyage with his valuable wisdom to strengthen your relationships, understand how to perform well at work, discover your truest potential and capabilities, and how to give back to the society, as a whole.

Genre – Self Development, Motivational

Price – ₹1,005

6. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Yuval Noah Harari provides us a thrilling account of the extraordinary history of humankind right from the Stone Age to the present Silicon Age. Sapiens is a bold and provocative audiobook that lets us explore who we are, how we came here, and where we are destined to.

Genre – Politics & Social Sciences

Price – ₹1,093

7. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad audio bookchallenges the way the whole humankind thinks about money. It changes our perspective by bursting the myths around earning a higher income to become rich, defining what our true assets or liabilities are in real life, and how schools aren’t reliable on teaching kids about money.

Genre – Business & Money

Price – ₹837

8. Think Like a Spy

The audiobook assembles three ex-officers from the British Royal Marines, the FBI, and the CIA who recount their survival experiences in the most stressed circumstances around the world, and how you can leverage those instincts and techniques to become more productive, confident, and more perceptive towards your life.

Genre – Politics & Social Sciences

Price – ₹759

9. Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection

Legendary actor Stephen Fry has his own vocal way with some of the best Audible books and we love them. Now he takes us on another adventure to the Baker Street with Sherlock Holmes. If you are a mystery buff yourself, you can’t miss this British literature titan that includes four novels and five collections of tales featuring greatest detective in the world.

Genre – Mysteries & Thrillers

Price – ₹3,037

10. Becoming

Michelle Obama, the first African American First Lady of the United States, takes us to her inspirational journey about a woman from the South Side of Chicago into the White House. What makes this audiobook feel even more extra-personal is that Michelle, herself, narrates her memoir.

Genre – Biographies & Memoirs

Price – ₹1,093

These were our picks in the list of top 10 English audio books on Amazon Audible. The spoken audio entertainment platform serves a plethora of other language books such as Hindi audio books, Marathi audio books, or Tamil audio books and caters to the education sector as well with NCERT audio books. You can find a huge collection of Amazon audio books and other Audible books on the digital platform. If you haven’t ever tried Audible Amazon Prime subscription, you can avail a 30-day trial to hear to 100s of free audiobooks including the Intelligent Investor audiobook. During this trial period, you can listen to the best free Audible books available on Amazon Audible at zero cost while enjoying full access. Existing Amazon Prime members can avail a 90-day trial period of Audible to listen to the best free audio books online!

Shubham (CK Tech Guru)
Shubham (CK Tech Guru)

An introvert by nature, Shubham doesn’t interact at first but when he does you can’t make him stop. His love for gadgets, gizmos, and gaming is plausible, he likes to cook, and conceals a mimic inside him who could jump in between conversations. When he’s not writing about tech or entertainment, you could easily find him binge-watching Marvel movies or F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Being a die-hard SRK fan and the fact that he belongs to the “City of Taj”, he likes to write love-struck poems when he’s alone.

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