Wonderla (Hyderabad): Prices, Timing, Best Rides & More

Wonderla is famous as one of India’s best amusement parks. Travel through the three worlds of land rides, adrenaline boosters, and water wonders to find yourself having the time of your life. Let in your inner child with Wonderla.


Wonderla Hyderabad Ticket Price – Entry Fees With Criteria

Age Criteria Normal Season (Weekdays) Normal Season (Weekends) Peak Season 
Adult Regular Rs 815 Rs 1015 Rs 1060
Child Regular Rs 635 Rs 790 Rs 825
Senior Citizen (60-69 years) Rs 610 Rs 760 Rs 795
Senior Citizen (70 years & above) Rs 410 Rs 510 Rs 530
Defence Rs 650 Rs 810 Rs 850
Fastrack Adult Rs 1225 Rs 1525 Rs 1590
Fastrack Child Rs 955 Rs 1185 Rs 1240
After Hours Adult Rs 620 Rs 645
After Hours Child/Sr. Citizen/Defence Rs 520 Rs 540


  • 18% GST additional on all the above-mentioned prices
  • Fastrack Tickets allows you to enjoy the rides with a shorter queue. Fastrack Tickets are sold in limited numbers only
  • After Hours is Evening Entry from 4:00 PM
  • Peak Season in Hyderabad Park- 9th October – 21st October 2018, 22nd December 2018- 1st January 2019, 12th January- 16th January 2019

Map of Wonderla (Hyderabad)

Make sure you don’t miss a ride! Use this map to help you check off every ride.


Early bird wins the worm! Reach soon after it opens to beat the rush.

Best Rides in Wonderla (Hyderabad)

S.No Type Of Ride Ride Name
1 Land Ride Adventures of Chikku
2 Land Ride Sky Wheel
3 Land Ride Grand Prix
4 Land Ride Pirate Ship
5 Land Ride Wonder Splash
6 Thrill Ride Recoil
7 Thrill Ride Equinox 360
8 Thrill Ride Space Jam
9 Thrill Ride Twin Flip T Rex
10 Thrill Ride Maverick
11 Water Rides Wavy & Vertical Fall
12 Water Rides Boomerang
13 Water Rides Harakiri
14 Water Rides Wave Pool I & II
15 Water Rides Drop and Tornado

Wonderla offers many rides to ensure maximum enjoyment. The rides are divided between land rides, water rides and thrill rides, making sure everyone finds their favorite. Read on to know about each of these rides in detail.

Land Rides

Adventures of Chikku

Not Meant For: Meant for all

Rating: 4/5

Experience the Wonderla magic by watching Adventures of Chikku. This 3D film equipped with XD MAX is a state of the art ride.

A combination of the experience of movie watching with physical and environmental effects. Enjoy splashes of water, gusts of wind and movie. Feel like you’re in the movie with this 3D ride.

Sky Wheel

Not Meant For: Meant for all

Rating: 4.5/5

Straddling a building 433 meters tall stands the second tallest giant wheel of India. The 30-meter diameter gives rides a bird’s eye view of the park and its surroundings.

Grand Prix


Not Meant For: Meant for all

Rating: 3/5

Ride in mini sized race cars on a life-size track and make the most of this Wonderla experience. Race to the finish line and head to the photo counter to take home a picture of your ride.

Pirate Ship

Not Meant For: People with a fear of heights or vertigo

Rating: 4/5

Board a pirate ship and settle in for the ride of your life. The wooden craft contributes to the riders rising adrenaline as it gathers momentum. The craft swings to reach angles of 180 degrees so hop on and strap in!

Wonder Splash

Not Meant For:  Meant for all

Rating: 4.5/5

If you’ve come to Wonderla it is almost mandatory for you to experience this ride. Find your log, and brace yourself for hills, tunnels and splashing through a shallow pool.

You get on this ride and you are going to get drenched.

Other land rides: Termite coaster and train, Crazy cars I & II, Mission Interstellar etc.

Thrill Rides



Not Meant For: People with heart problems and high blood pressure

Rating: 5/5

Recoil is India’s introduction to reverse looping roller-coasters. The two-track ramp reaching 40 meters high.

The train accelerates to 80kmph in 1 second and you’re sent up the track encountering various loops. Once you reach the second track though, prepare for it all to happen again, only backward. Talk about a thrill!

Equinox 360

Not Meant For: People with heart problems and high blood pressure

Rating: 5/5

Equinox 360 is a must visit for an adrenaline junkie. It shows you around the world as the ride turns 360 degrees whilst also rotating axially. This ride does indeed, take you for a real spin.

Space Jam

Not Meant For: Ages below 12, people with heart problems and high blood pressure

Rating: 3/5

The eighteen-seater ride is designed to shake you up. Move up, down, clockwise and anti-clockwise, all whilst guessing what’s coming next. The rides unpredictable motions can even demonstrate a sudden drop you from heights of 5.5 meters.

Twin Flip T Rex

Not Meant For: People with blood pressure problems, heart patients, and pregnant women

Rating: 4/.55

This ride will make you feel like you’re at the mercy of a robot. At the end of each arm are three capsules that reach up to 10 meters in height. Each of the arms spins, swirl and move up and down, making you feel like you’re caught in a whirlwind.


Not Meant For: Children below 12 years of age, heart patients and people with high blood pressure

Rating: 5/5

Maverick has no rules, just turns, twists, and tilts. Board the ride and defy the rules of motion with this scream-inducing ride. If you do it once, you will want to do it again.

Other thrill rides: Techno jump

Water Rides

Wavy & Vertical Fall

Not Meant For: People afraid of heights and those who don’t meet the height requirements

Rating: 3/5

Slide down a vertical descent with this ride. Begin from the height of a six-storied building, only to gain speed in the absence of turns or bumps. Enjoy your ride to come to a slow halt.


Not Meant For: People afraid of the dark and those who don’t make the height requirement

Rating: 3.5/5

If you’re visiting WonderLa, you’re visiting the Boomerang ride. Find a float and make your way through a calm tunnel before making a sudden drop to the boomerang-shaped slide.


Not Meant For: No restrictions

Rating: 4/5

This water slide levels out midway before throwing you back on the slope. With this ride, reach the end and then some more. The float heads back up the slide with your momentum.

Wave Pool I & II

Not Meant For: No restrictions

Rating: 4/5

Find the beach without leaving the city. The waves pools are designed to relax you as they imitate the waves of the ocean. There are deep and shallow ends to cater to people of all ages.

Drop and Tornado

Not Meant For: People afraid of heights

Rating: 4.5/5

Brace yourself before you get on this ride. Drop and Tornado takes you through several loops and turns on water slides built like tubes. Start up top to find yourself racing through the tubes only to land in a shallow pool.

Other water rides: Mammoth, uphill racers, lazy river etc.

Food Options at Wonderla (Hyderabad)

  • Park View Restaurant
  • Chillies Restaurant
  • Waves Restaurant
  • Food Court
  • Galaxy Restaurant

How to Get to Wonderla (Hyderabad)

By Car:

  • Wonderla is 28 kms away from Hyderabad City.
  • Take NH765
  • Turn left onto the service road
  • Merge onto Nehru Outer Ring Road
  • Take Exit 13
  • Sharp left onto Kongara Kalan Road

By Bus:

Wonderla Hyderabad works hard towards making your wishes come true. This is why they offer their very own pick up and drop service

  • Make a simple call and mention your location to discover the best location to pick you up or drop you back.
  • Route 1- First Stop: Lingampally X Roads BHEL Check Post//Last Stop: Kurmaguda
  • Route 2- First Stop: New Bowenpally RTC Bus stop//Last Stop: Balapur X Road
  • Fare: 250/- per head
  • Buses terminate from starting points at 8 am and reach Wonderla by 11 am

Facilities Available at Wonderla (Hyderabad)

  • Lockers
  • Changing Rooms
  • Drinking Water
  • First Aid
  • ATM counter
  • Cloak Room
  • Parking
  • Smoking Areas
  • Wheelchairs
  • Prams
  • Baby Feeding Room
  • Prayer Room
  • Phone Facility
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Lost and Found
  • EZ Pay

Wonderla Entry Timings (Hyderabad)

Criteria Weekdays Weekends
Normal Season 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Peak Season 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Normal Season (Water Park) 12:30 PM – 5:00 PM 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Peak Season (Water Park) 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Where to Buy Tickets to Wonderla (Hyderabad)

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Wonderla Contact Details (Hyderabad)

Wonderla Hyderabad Park
Outer Ring Road, Exit No. 13,
Ravirala, Hyderabad – 501510
Email: mail.hyd@wonderla.com
Phone: +91 40 23490333

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