Are you a man/woman of few words? If the answer is a silent yes, here’s a trend you’re definitely gonna love. Slogan tees or texty tees are  for people who literally want to make a statement with their fashion. Ditch your monotonous tees and switch it up with these options that speak for themselves:

Make Margaritas Not War

Slogan 1

When you’re just a peaceful man looking to have kickass parties, and this tee is the only kind of tank you want.

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Unclaimed & Unapologetic

Slogan 2

Flaunt your freedom with this grungy T-shirt dress. Its tulle overlay provides a hint of femininity and we adore it.

I’m Naughty & I Know It

Slogan 3

For those who solemnly swear that their up to no good, this tee will let the world know there’s a badass in town.

All About Priorities

Slogan 4

Did you hear the one about the guy who walks into a bar and gets what he wants without saying a word? You could be that guy with this tee.

Fabulously Carefree

Slogan 5

This T-shirt dress is truly the holy grail of off-duty fashion. Be sassy and classy with this perfectly worded piece.

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Work Hard Or Go Home

Slogan 6

It’s a fact that losing is harder than training. So go ahead and train till you’re sore so you never have to be sorry.

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Sulk >Sad >Eat

Slogan 7

Years of therapy cannot make you as happy as pizza, fries and a coke can? Let everyone around you know how to make you happy. For food is bae!

Good Looks Galore

Slogan 8

You know you’re having a good day when every pose is your best one. This one’s for all those men who look the best when they’re simply being themselves.

Say No To Stress

Slogan 9

This brighter than sunshine tank top says something most of us need to hear. Overthinking never works out for anyone. Instead, rest easy in this laid-back tee!

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The Simple Life

Slogan 10

Inhale – Exhale – Repeat. Follow this simple mantra and lead a peaceful, stress-free life. Remember, life is only as complicated as you make it.

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What would you like your clothes to say? Make up your mind and shop all these designs at!


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