Ready to get back to basics? While trends come and go, there are some wardrobe essentials that’ll last a lifetime. It’s all about the basics, the kind that will help you bring your outfits together from start to finish without having to spend a single second worrying about what to wear. Let’s go ahead and know more about this, shall we?

6 Best Wardrobe Essentials for Women

1. Little Black Dress (LBD)

Wardrobe Essentials
Little Black Dress (LBD)

The little black dress (LBD) is a black evening or cocktail dress, cut simply and often short. An LBD can be worn on any occasion and makes for an adorably cute outfit or doubles up as a glam style statement depending on how ad where you wish to wear it. For all those moments when you’re in two minds about an outfit – an LBD always comes to the rescue!

2. Neutral Colour Pumps

Neutral Colour Pumps
Neutral Colour Pumps

A classic pair of black or nude pumps will never fail you or any of your outfits. Even though pumps are mostly worn with a suit or a uniform, one can also wear them with formal and informal dresses, skirts, or trousers. They’re the perfect shoe option to wear for your 9-to-5, a happy hour, or a weekend date night with jeans.

3. Sneakers


From Hollywood A-listers to every girl next door, sneakers have sure made a comeback in a woman’s wardrobe. They are still very much in style for everyday wear. Everyone should have at least one pair of casual trainers in their wardrobe. Hitting the mall with your girls or stepping out for a fun picnic with your gang, your sneakers will amp up any basic outfit.

4. White & Black T-Shirt

White & Black T-Shirt
White & Black T-Shirt

Let’s take inspiration from Rihanna’s multiple street outings in comfortable black and white tees. A plain white/black t-shirt can never go wrong when all else fails. What’s even better is that you can pair any jacket or scarf of your choice and voila! For a casual day look, most people team their basic t-shirts with a pair of relaxed jeans.

5. A Pair of go-to Denims

Jeans for women
A Pair of go-to Denims

Jeans have crossed all borders, social cultures, classes, and it is one of the most wanted outfits in the world. In terms of style, jeans are without a doubt one of the most attractive types of pants on the market. One of the reasons for the beauty of jeans lies in their ability to age gracefully. A pair of well-fitted jeans can be worn almost anywhere and makes one look oh-so-chic.

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6. Leggings/Tights


Have you ever wondered why so many women choose to wear leggings or tights? There are multiple reasons, some being the comfort they provide upon wearing, their versatility, and look. You can wear it to work, your workout class, to the movies, and almost anywhere and look great in it.

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6 Best Wardrobe Essentials for Men

1. Loafers


The right pair of loafers can be dressed up and dressed down, worn with or without socks, and only look better once worn with full confidence. Don’t worry, it’ll come naturally to you once you get yourself a pair. The best part? Loafers don’t require lacing or tying, which is a big advantage for people who’re mostly on the go throughout the day.

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2. A Polo T-Shirt

A Polo T-Shirt
A Polo T-Shirt

A clean white Polo T-shirt is your savior. You can wear them to your Friday soirees, summer vacays, or lunches with your pals. Wear them under your blazer or just with your jeans and chinos. Why go the hard way to impress when a simple tee is all you need!

3. Navy Double Breasted Blazer

Navy Double Breasted Blazer
Navy Double Breasted Blazer

One cannot bypass the power of this sartorially essential piece of menswear. A navy blazer is a classic form of effortless cool and the nautical tones of this blazer are ageless in every sense of style. Wear it like a suit, or break it down with beige /white trousers for some off-duty swag.

4. Watch


Who said you must own a Rolex or an Omega to look good? With multiple good watch brands available online, you can get yourself a classy watch without spending a bomb. The very idea that the watch on your wrist will last for more than one lifetime is another reason why men buy watches. In an age when your phone is out of date in a year or two, it gives a sense of comfort to have something that is built to last.

5. Neutral Coloured Chinos

Neutral Coloured Chinos
Neutral Coloured Chinos

Maybe the best partner for any of your darker shirts or tees, a pair of neutral chinos is like your insurance to any wardrobe doubts. A classic slim cut in twill cotton is the supreme choice. Match it up with a navy blazer and your Oxford shirts. The list of partners for this staple bottom wear is endless, make your choice and go look dapper!

6. Well-fitted Jeans

Jeans for men
Well-fitted Jeans

A neat pair of jeans in a slim cut (no skinny please) is a versatile wardrobe essential. Every modern guy should own one pair in light and dark shades of Indigo or blues. Dark jeans have the power of giving a strong sense of your personality when you pair them with serious wardrobe numbers like a cardigan or a tweed blazer. Wear it with an Oxford shirt and your sneakers for a laid-back look or with your shiny coffee brown brogues for the “I own the night and this place” attitude.

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