Top 5 Washing Bowl and Strainers Every Kitchen Needs

Washing Bowls & Strainers

Washing bowls and strainers are an essential accessory in all kitchens. They are the most efficient way to wash fruits, vegetables, pulses, and grains as they avoid wastage or spillage that happens when washed in a plain bowl. The washing, straining and even storing can be done in the same bowl conveniently. Some bowls even have the provision for soaking the food first and then manually letting the water out. Strainers also have intricate holes due to which they help in thorough washing and therefore, hygienic food preparation.

Top 5 Washing Bowls & Strainers

1. Quark Mart Washing Bowl and Strainer

The multi-functional washing bowl and strainer not only helps you wash fruits and vegetables but also works well for cleaning and draining spaghetti, pastas, leafy vegetables, and boiled vegetables. It has elongated holes that draw the water away from the food, making sure that the muddy water doesn’t stick to the food. It comes with a detachable bowl and a colander that can be used together as well as separately.

Space-Saving Design

The detachable bowl and colander make it easy to store together and save your kitchen space. The handles on the bowl make it easy to hold and control while draining water.

Top Choice

2. MosQuick Washing Bowl & Strainer

The MosQuick washing bowl and strainer is made of high-quality plastic. It is a spill-free washing bowl, so one does not need to use their hands to save grains of rice or pulses from draining. This bowl can be used for a plethora of items like rice, fruits, vegetables, noodles, leafy vegetables, legumes, etc. It can also be used for storing and displaying fruits.

Large Size

This washing bowl has a large enough size to make sure there is no spillage and allows you to wash multiple pieces of fruit or vegetables at one go.

Leading Contender

3. Atman Washing Bowl & Strainer

The Atman washing bowl with an integrated strainer is a made of high-quality BPA-free plastic, making it a good option for your kitchen. Available in various colours, this bowl can be used to wash, strain, and drain food items and add a quirky touch to your kitchen. An easy to use, store and wash product, the Atman washing bowl is a good choice for your daily kitchen needs.


This bowl can be used for washing and draining fruit, vegetables, legumes, pasta, leafy vegetables, potatoes, etc. It can also be used to display fruits and store food items

Next Best

4. Floraware Washing Bowl & Strainer

Made with high-quality food-grade plastic, the Floraware washing bowl and strainer is sturdy and unbreakable. It can be used to wash fruits, vegetables, rice, grams, etc. as the bowl has tiny holes that don’t let small grains escape. The Floraware bowl can also be used to store fruits & vegetables.


This washing bowl and strainer is made with high-quality food-grade ABS plastic that makes it unbreakable, long-lasting, as well as cost-effective.


5. Whole Mart Washing Bowl & Strainer

This washing bowl and strainer by Whole Mart has one of the most unique bowl designs. This collapsible colander can be used as an over the sink washer as well as a free-standing washer. The over the sink feature reduces water spillage over the kitchen counter and makes for a clean wash. Both sides of the handle have a hook design which makes it easy to hold and hang in the kitchen. This product works for washing and straining rice, pulses, vegetables, pasta, fruits and even noodles.


This product uses environment-friendly rubber and plastic, making it safer for washing food. It also has no smell that might stick to the food.

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