Best Bamboo Murabba

Bamboo shoots are a traditional culinary ingredient used in certain diets. Are you also looking to explore its food potential? Start your journey with bamboo murabba.

Bamboo shoots are an integral part of Asiatic cuisine and a staple in North East India as well. Bamboo shoots boast an impressive nutritional profile containing vitamins and minerals. They are low in carbs and host plenty of fibre, making them gut friendly. Although bamboo shoots can be easily availed in raw, canned, fermented, and preserved forms, the nutritional content remains the same. Bamboo murabba is a preserved form prepared by boiling together fresh bamboo shoots, sugar, and water. Planning to give this decades-old recipe a try? Take a quick look at some of the best options available.

Best Bamboo Murabba

1. Sun Grow

The Sun Grow bamboo murabba contains preserved bamboo shoots that offer a rich homemade taste. This murabba is made of fresh bamboo shoots. It also has the nutritional boost of musk melon seeds that perk up the murabba’s flavour. This 500 gm of bamboo murabba comes in a hygienically packed, air-tight plastic jar.


This bamboo murabba is an organic product free from preservatives, added colours, and flavours.

Best Overall

2. Add me

The Add me bamboo murabba is a carefully prepared preserve of fresh bamboo shoots in refined sugar. This 750 gm of murabba is hygienically processed and packed without sugar syrup to deliver a well-balanced flavour.

Vacuum Packed

This bamboo murabba is sealed under vacuum conditions to ensure longer shelf life and high-quality taste.

Popular Choice

3. Jayani

Jayani bamboo murabba is a homegrown product that offers an authentic taste of preserved bans (bamboo shoots). It is crafted with excellence to deliver the right proportion of flavours. This product comes in a well-packaged 800 gm food-grade plastic PET container.


This bans murabba is flavoured with a dash of lemon juice to increase the taste profile.

Trusted Choice

4. Cactus Spices

Cactus Spices brings to you a 100% natural preparation of sliced bamboo shoots with a drizzle of lemon juice. It contains no added sugar or salt and is free from preservatives, additives, and vegetable oil. This 450 gm of preserved preparation is carefully packaged in a glass container.

Neem Honey

This recipe of bamboo murabba contains 100% raw neem honey for an added punch of healthful sweetness.

Value for Money

5. Murti’s

Murti’s bamboo murabba is a hygienically processed preserve of bamboo shoots. It comes well-packaged in a 1 kg plastic container. Add it to your daily diet for a wholesome dose of fibre.


This delicious bamboo murabba is free from artificial colours, flavours, and additives.

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