Best Kid Toys

Toys are a big part of a kid’s life; they keep them engaged and help them learn new things. Bring home any of these to keep them occupied.

By the age of 3-4, kids tend to understand a few things. Therefore, it is important to surround them with the right kind of toys that provide physical and mental development. There are various toys available, but here are some top choices that will entertain and help your child develop fundamental skills.

Best Toys for 3 – 4-Year-Olds

1. FunBlast Dancing Robot

This battery-operated six-inch robot is an entertaining toy that dances on pre-installed songs. Volume control, 3D flashlights, enthusiastic dance moves, 360° rotation, durable battery, etc., are some of its impressive features. It is made of sturdy and non-toxic ABS plastic that is safe for young children. It looks like a robot with a fan on its head, which happens to attract kids instantaneously. The 3D flashlight also looks impressive at night and in a dimly lit environment.

Fun Dancing Toy

This dancing robot has interesting songs with a volume control feature that adjusts the sound according to your preference.

Editor’s Choice

2. Little Monkey Wooden Xylophone

This Xylophone is a musical instrument with eight notes. It is a vibrant toy with a wooden base and ends. The toy is travel-friendly and has smooth edges to ensure your child’s safety. It comes with two sticks and keeps kids entertained for long durations by making enjoyable sounds.

Melodious Entertainment

It is a colourful and sturdy compact instrument apt to hone your child’s musical skills.

Popular Pick

3. Sartham Building Block Toys for Kids

Building block toys are an excellent choice to keep the kids engaged. It has been designed for kids aged three to four years. The toy is made up of non-toxic material, has blunt edges, and a smooth finish to ensure complete safety. It is made up of multi-coloured blocks which can be used to build various structures. Parents can also join the kids to help them make creative buildings.

Develops Imagination

It can be fun to play with your kid while watching them develop motor skills, colour identification, etc.

Most Loved

4. Creative’s Number Fun 123 Puzzle

This game is a great educational aid for kids of three to five years. It will keep your child busy and help them learn numbers and names of the things in the pictures. The game can develop skills, such as motor skills, hand-eye coordination, number sequencing, colour names etc. Besides, the package comes with an activity book to help the child perform different tasks.

Simple & Informative

It is a fun game for pre-school kids that contains 40 pieces of multi-coloured picture puzzles to solve.

Next Best

5. Butterfly EduFields Magnetic Shapes Puzzles Toys

This toy has 23 geometrical magnets to make various objects like ice cream, boats, rocket, house, animals, and more. It includes shapes such as squares, rectangles, trapeziums, circles, semi-circles, ovals, triangles, and more, which allows kids to count and recognise. This colourful toy is perfect for developing their STEM skills and has soft edges to keep them safe from cuts and wounds.

Encourages Curiosity

This puzzle game encourages curiosity and develops their interest in science.


6. Pluspoint Realistic Sliceable Fruits and Vegetables Set

Sliceable fruit and vegetable toys are great for teaching kids hand dexterity. This adorable pretend playset containing seven pieces of fruits, seven pieces of vegetables, two knives, and two cutting boards. It is made up of high-quality non-toxic material that is resistant to stains, crush-resistant, and durable. These toys ensure a safer environment for your child and have vibrant and permanent colour that does not wear off with regular use.

Educative and Fun

Your child can learn about vegetables, fruits, and colours at the same time while they play and have fun.

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