Walking Sticks and Canes

Sticks and canes offer excellent aid while walking. Used by the elderly to provide support while walking, these sticks form an important part of trekking and hiking gears to maintain the right posture and provide body balance on rough terrains. Walking sticks and canes can prove to be one of the best companions for anyone looking for a compact and sturdy piece of support. So, if you’re looking for a walking stick for personal use, check out our top recommendations.

Top Walking Sticks and Canes

1. Tynor

Tynor Walking Stick is a general-purpose walking aid, which can be used by the elderly, by outdoor enthusiasts, and can also be used as a post-operative rehabilitation aid. This cane is light in weight and anti-slip base. The handle is made of high-quality ABS and provides a superior grip for a stable walk. This cane is built to bear a heavy load capacity and thereby is a long-lasting purchase.

Height Adjustment

It comes with a height adjustment feature that ensures proper load bearing, comfort and correct posture.

Editor’s Choice

2. Piesome

This walking stick by Piesome provides additional support for people with arthritic/painful hands when walking indoors and outdoors. It is a lightweight cane that folds up in seconds and fits in a handbag. This folding cane stands up on its own and sports a cushioned handle. It has an anti-skid rubber base that makes for an easy walk on any terrain. Best of all, it comes with an adjustable LED light system at the handle for added convenience in the dark.

Twin Grip

This cane comes with a double handle design to provide ultimate support. It extends in a snap and retracts back for easy storage.

Premium Choice

3. Physiqo Walking Stick

Available as a shiny wooden stick, this walking aid is handcrafted to be used by the elderly. The pretty brown colour and golden metallic ring across its neck add to its royal appearance. Equipped with a robust non-skid PVC base, this walking stick prevents the user from falling while the handle provides a firm grip for maximum support.

Strong and Durable

This walking stick is made with oak wood that offers it sturdiness and longevity even after regular usage.

Popular Choice

4. iWalk

This fashionable cane by iWalk is crafted with anodised aluminium which makes it strong enough to support a weight of upto 100 kg. Lightweight and portable, it can be adjusted to variable heights. This cane is made of steel and sports a fine satin finish. For added comfort and support, this cane features a slip-resistant anti-skid bottom mat.

Anatomical Palm Grip

This cane is designed with an orthopaedic handle that fits comfortably in your hand, reducing the impact on your wrist and helping those with joint and bone problems.

Smart Choice

5. MCP Jindal Walking Stick

This walking stick is available in an attractive black colour and suits well with any situation, regular or in a gathering. The walking cane can be used by trekkers, casual walkers and the elderly. It is made with lightweight aluminium that holds a rubber tip towards its bottom and a contour grip handle on the top. A portable product, this walking aid can offer excellent support and stability on the ground, thus preventing unpredicted fall.

Collapsible Design

This walking stick comes with a collapsible design to offer effortless portability.

Versatile Pick

6. Zosoe

This walking stick by Zosoe is loaded with numerous features for the user’s convenience. This walking stick has a collapsible design, making it easier to carry it anywhere in a compact bag. It features an adjustable height. Besides other multi-utility elements, this stick bears a pivoting, anti-skid base that ensures safety and stability at all angles. Moreover, its cushioned ergonomic handle provides excellent grip for extended use.

LED Lights

This walking stick is equipped with a focus LED light for utmost comfort when walking during the night.

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7. KDS Surgical Walking Stick

This walking cane by KDS is specially designed to provide extra stability during a walk to weak, very old, and physically challenged individuals. This lightweight walking stick is made out of special grade iron and plastic features a simple push-button height adjustment feature. This stick offers maximum stability and support to the users – thanks to its perfect grip rubber shoe. Equipped with an ergonomic handle that features comfortable grooves to settle the hand, this iron stick is an ideal walking companion for seniors.

Broad Base

This walking stick features four feet at its base, which offer the perfect balance and help provide postural support to the user.

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