Want Long Lasting Fragrance? Keep These Tips In Mind!

What good is a pricey perfume if it wears off merely 2 hours into our day? The confidence boost that accompanies a really good scent needs to last all day long. Check out these failsafe hacks which will ensure an entire day of lasting fragrance.

Target The Pulse Points

Pulse Points

Your pulse points, including your wrists, the base of your neck and inside your elbows, generate body heat which diffuse and intensify the fragrance.

Dab Vaseline On Your Pulse Points


Do this before applying the perfume. This makes the fragrance linger for longer. Fragrance tends to evaporate when applied to dry skin.

Spray Before You Get Dressed


The benefits of this are twofold – Your fragrance sticks to your skin and your clothes remain stain-free.

Store Your Perfume The Right Way

Store Perfume

Storing your perfume in a damp place (like your bathroom) will break down the scent and it’ll wear off even quicker. Instead, place it in a cool, dry place like on your dresser.

Don’t rub the wrists

Applying Perfume

Perfume protocol has always been Spray on wrists – Rub wrists together. Wrong. This just speeds up the wearing off process.

Spray and Walk


Spraying a bit of the perfume in the air and walking through the mist will give you evenly distributed fragrance that lingers lightly across your body.

Distance it Right

bigstock-Woman-spraying-perfume-on-her-90303971 (1)

The nozzle of your perfume should be at least 6 inches away from your body while you spray.

Layer your Scent

Layering Fragrance

A really great way to lock in your scent is to layer it using multiple scents that complement each other. However, take care when you layer because you might end up smelling too strong.

Fragrance Insights

Did you know that the little French phrase on your perfume bottle has a huge role to play in its longevity?

You might have noticed one of these before:


Know The Facts:

Eau De Parfum (EDP)

  • 8-15% concentration of fragrance
  • Lasts 3 to 5 hours
  • Pretty Expensive

Eau De Toilette (EDT)

  • 4-8% concentration of fragrance
  • Lasts 2 to 4 hours
  • Moderately Expensive

Eau De Cologne (EDC)

  • Only 3-5% concentration of perfume essence.
  • Lasts for only 2 hours
  • Relatively Cheap

Now that you know, you will never go wrong. You will smell oh-so-sweet all day long!

Sunakshi Mehta
Sunakshi Mehta

Reader, writer, pizza lover and blogger: Sunakshi is all of these things. She believes language is the best thing invented by man and has a passionate new-word-learning fetish. Even though she is forever in a dilemma between weight loss and food love, her love for books surpasses all other addictions.

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