10 Best Elliptical Trainers Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

Those who are extremely cautious and mindful about their training routine regularly hit the gym or exercise at home and the elliptical trainer is a very good equipment for that. As a bike, it helps in losing a number of calories and also provides a scope to undergo aerobic exercises that keeps the body fit and healthy and the heart in good shape. With gymming becoming quite common, this is one of the best equipments to invest in and here are some of the brands with their price that one can benefit from.

Here are the best brands for the Elliptical Trainers

1. Best Afton Elliptical Trainers

One of the best equipment manufacturers, the elliptical trainer bikes provide ample resistance that really works the muscle and helps in toning the legs and the lower half of the body. The body is made from high quality steel and can provide ample support to the training person. The trainer is priced around Rs

2. Best JSB Cardio Max Elliptical Trainers

JSB equipments are known for their reliability and their rigidity and the trainers are extremely good for those who want to do cardio. The trainer can help in improving the heart rate and also improve blood circulation in the body. The body is extremely strong and rigid. The trainers are priced around Rs 27, 372 and Rs 30, 232.

3. Best Bowflex Elliptical Trainers

The Bowflex trainer is a standard equipment in most gyms and almost all the users go by them. The equipment is not bulky and quite sleek in itself and yet it provides ample support to the user. The trainers are made to perfection and the steel body has made according to international specifications. The trainers are priced around Rs 35,720 and Rs 42,722.

4. Best Welcare Elliptical Trainers

Welcare elliptical trainers have been around for quite some time and many gym trainers recommend them because of their user friendly design and also because of their efficiency. The trainers are one of a kind and they really work the lower half of the body, making them toned and shapely with use. They are priced around Rs 15,270 and Rs 17,273.

5. Best Cockatoo Elliptical Trainers

Cockatoo is a much used brand of equipment and the trainers are designed in a very sleek manner, which means it can also be installed and used at home. The trainers provide great exercise and are hence great for training the entire body. The Smart series comes with manual tension for perfect toning. They are priced around Rs 16,238 and Rs 27,383.

6. Best Lifecare Fitness Elliptical Trainers

When it comes to fitness equipments, this is one of the best brands to opt for if one is looking for great value for money. Not only is the trainer a great piece of equipment in itself but it also comes with a good after care facility, which means that the brand provides support for maintenance later on. One can have the trainers for about Rs 7282 and Rs 10,272.

7. Best Xterra Elliptical Trainers

The robust steel body makes for a great fitness equipment and the cross design facilitates the maximum use of the muscles while training. The trainer has a very sleek design and almost all the gyms are storing them because of the good reviews it has managed to garner. The trainers come around a price range of Rs 42, 373 and Rs 63,237 and are a bit expensive.

8. Best Proline Elliptical Trainers

Proline has always been associated with the best of the training equipments and their elliptical trainers are no different. They are made with the highest quality steel body and the trainers are known to provide great support while training, which minimizes chances of injury even for beginners. They are priced around Rs 18,236 and Rs 23,283.

9. Best Ozoy Elliptical Trainers

One of the most affordable elliptical trainers in the market, at Rs 5000, the trainers are not just good but they have all the features of the higher priced equipments. They are well recommended and are used by a number of home users. The body is made from good quality steel and will last quite a number of years.

10. Best Powermax Elliptical Trainers

A very highly recommended equipment, the arch style trainer has a very sleek and sophisticated look and comes with a number of features and combinations to help with the exercise. The motorized modern design has already garnered rave reviews as the trainer of the future. They are slightly highly priced at Rs 59,238 and Rs 62,237.

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