Hiking shoes are extremely important for those who love to hike and trek over rugged terrains for long distances. However, choosing the right pair of shoes is crucial to make those long walks comfortable. A wrong pair can result in undue cramping and stress on the calves, which should be avoided on long hikes at every cost.

While there are several best hiking shoe brands out there for you to choose from, here, we have narrowed down your search process. Here are some of the best brands in this segment that have been favoured by seasoned hikers over the years. We’ve also compiled prices along with the products that will help you make the best choice for your feet. Here you can also check some of the best leather shoe brands for men & List of topnotch formal shoe brands in India

List Of 15 Best Hiking Shoes Brands In India

1. Salomon

Best Hiking Shoes Brands
Salomon Hiking Shoes

Salomon is a French company that is known for manufacturing sports equipment and accessories. It also markets sportswear, including trail running and trekking shoes. If you’re looking for a classy pair of shoes for hiking, you can always count on Salomon for the best ones.

The brand equips its footwear with EVA foam that adds to its shock prevention and security. They also have a toecap and mudguard to prevent sudden injuries while walking on uneven ground. You get quick-lacing closure and a soft midsole that cradles the foot offering maximum comfort.

2. Bacca Bucci

Bacca Bucci Hiking Shoes
Bacca Bucci Hiking Shoes

Bacca Bucci is an affordable brand known to bring tons of lovely footwear designs for budget buyers. The brand focuses on making fashion available to all and thus manufactures classy shoes, not just for sports enthusiasts but also for trekkers, hikers, and trail walkers.

You get a host of prints and styles to pick from. The footwear is light in weight, has a breathable insole, a sturdy outsole, and a toe guard.


ASIAN Hiking Shoes
ASIAN Hiking Shoes

ASIAN designs modern, trendy, and classy footwear for men and women. You can always count on the brand for its wide range of casual and sports-inspired designs. We recommend you check out its collection of hiking shoes. Whether you’re looking for printed patchwork or solid-coloured footwear, you can find them all here.

The shoes have a sturdy anti-skid outsole that ensures a firm grip on rough ground, while the soft EVA insole provides ample comfort to the foot. The fabric is washable and allows airflow to keep the feet dry. Each pair is designed to last long and is ever ready for a quick trip.

4. Lancer

Lancer Hiking Shoes
Lancer Hiking Shoes

A renowned footwear brand with a portfolio of designs, Lancer has garnered a huge base of loyal customers who trust it for its affordability. The brand has classy designs in its range of trekking shoes. Lancer footwear has an EVA outsole that lends it the much-needed stability and sturdiness.

You can pick one from slip-ons or lace-up closure as per your convenience. We’re sure you will love them as much as we do.

5. Fila

Fila Hiking Shoes
Fila Hiking Shoes

Fila has an excellent reputation as a footwear manufacturing brand. It produces high-quality footwear for men and women and has a few other lines like apparel and accessories in its bag. When it comes to finding the best hiking shoes, we trust Fila’s Trail Running collection, which has impressive shoes and boots suitable for hikers.

The designs are robust, classy, funky and modish, making them the best choice for most trekkers and hiking enthusiasts. Its shoes are suitable for rugged use and have ample cushioning to support the foot and a thick outsole that ensures stability on uneven ground.

6. Furo

FURO Hiking Shoes
FURO Hiking Shoes

Furo has always been a trusted brand when it comes to sturdy shoes and has highly rated hiking boots. The shoes are made with high-quality materials and are specially treated to withstand the elements of weather. The shoes are bought by people who travel frequently or go hiking.

7. Red Chief

Red Chief Hiking Shoes
Red Chief Hiking Shoes

Red Chief hiking boots are made with specially treated leather, and the rubber soles definitely make them comfortable, absorbing extra shock and pressure from long miles of hiking. The shoes are unique because they also expand without constricting the toes and preventing nail bites.

8. Carlton London

Carlton London Samson Hiking Shoes
Carlton London Samson Hiking Shoes

Carlton London is one of the top shoes in the hiking segment, and they are incredibly sturdy and comfortable at the same time. When maintained properly, they can last years, and their durability comes in handy during the long miles of hiking. The shoes are waterproof and dry out very quickly.

9. Campus

Campus Hiking Shoes
Campus Hiking Shoes

One of the more affordable shoes in this segment, Campus is known for its soft soles and strong body that is a boon for hikers. The soles are thick and make walking on rough terrain pleasurable. Its shoes are shaped by the best shoemakers in the industry, and has several loyal customers that trust the brand for comfort and durability.

10. Unistar

Unistar Hiking Shoes
Unistar Hiking Shoes

Unistar hiking boots come in numerous sizes so that every hiker can find the perfect fit. The boots are made of latex and rubber with breathable natural fibres. The shoes are great for young hikers looking to buy a pair for the first time and are extremely comfortable when worn.

11. T-Rock

T-Rock Hiking Shoes
T-Rock Hiking Shoes

T-Rock hiking shoes project a strong look and are made with cured leather that can withstand any weather or terrain conditions. The shoes are sturdy but light compared to most other boots, making it easy to walk and jump around in them. Pick these shoes if you want a durable pair of shoes for yourself.

12. Wildkraft

Wildcraft Hiking Shoes
Wildcraft Hiking Shoes

Wildkraft hiking shoes are crafted with a lot of care and offer the best of utility as well as style from their hiking boots are sure to love them. The shoes are made with a lot of precision, and are light and breathable, giving the hikers a completely at-home feeling even in challenging surroundings.

13. Adidas

Adidas Hiking Shoes
Adidas Hiking Shoes

Adidas is a world-class brand and has a strong and agile collection of shoes. The shoes are designed to provide maximum balance and have anti-skid soles for better grip on wet surfaces. The shoes are somewhat pricey but are worth it.

14. Columbia

Columbia Hiking Shoes
Columbia Hiking Shoes

Columbia is a well-known brand known for its shoes. Its hiking boots are crafted according to the needs of the hikers and along the lines of their feedback. They have a sturdy outsole paired with a comfy insole to prevent sudden jerks and injuries to the foot. They are affordable and the best shoes in the mid-range segment.

15. Nike

Nike Hiking Shoes
Nike Hiking Shoes

Nike is a front runner as it has the best collection of hiking boots vouched to be the best in the industry. They are the epitome of strength and flash a perfect blend of design and technology. Uniqueness is seen in every aspect of these shoes. You can wear them whenever you go hiking. We’re sure you will love Nike shoes as much as we do.

List Of Best Hiking Shoes Brands In India With Price List

Best Hiking Shoes BrandsPrice*
SalomonStarting at Rs 6,821
Bacca Bucci Starting at Rs 974
ASIAN Starting at Rs 699
Lancer Starting at Rs 462
FilaStarting at Rs 1,220
FURO Starting at Rs 1,596
Red Chief Starting at Rs 2,173
Unistar Starting at Rs 892
T-Rock Starting at Rs 499
Wildcraft Starting at Rs 3,919
Adidas Starting at Rs 4,239
Columbia Starting at Rs 4,356
Best Hiking Shoes Brands

*Prices are subject to change.


1. Which is the best hiking boot for hiking, trekking, mountaineering?

Boots generally light in weight that have a comfortable cushioned insole, and a strong and force resistant outsole are the best boots for hiking, trekking, and mountaineering. These boots generally are ankle-high and are suitable for rugged usage. Most of them are also available in high-ankle cuts for maximum support. All you must do is make sure that the boots are made of breathable fabric and have a groovy sole for maximum grip on the ground.

2. How to choose a hiking shoe?

Hiking boots are usually picked depending upon the type, components, and fit. They are available in three variants – hiking shoes (regular ankle length), day hiking boots (mid to high ankle support), and backpacking boots (high ankle cut). Make sure that the boot upper is made of waterproof, breathable, and lightweight material. In most cases, it is also insulated, making it suitable for trekking in snow. The midsoles must be made with soft EVA or polyurethane, while the outsole must have a sturdy lug pattern and a toe guard. You can even pick shoes that are compatible with crampons that help you during winter backpacking. If the boots tick all the pointers, you can then check for the right fit.

3. What are the three main types of footwear in hiking?

The three main types of footwear in hiking are:

a) Trail Shoes: Best for hiking in a dry climate, day hiking, less rugged or rocky path.

b) Trail Hikers: Perfect for steeper inclines and muddy pathways

c) Mountain walking: Best for hill walking, backpacking, and mountaineering

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