10 Best Hiking Shoes Brands

The proper hiking shoes are extremely important for those who love to hike and trek over difficult terrain for long distances and the right shoe is crucial for to make those long walks comfortable. The wrong shoes can result in undue cramping and stress on the calves and that should be avoided on long hikes. There are a number of good hiking shoes out there and here are some of the best brands in this segment which have been greatly favored by seasoned hikers over the years. The prices along with the products will help you to make the best choice for your feet.

Here are the best brands for hiking shoes

1. Best Furo hiking shoes

Furo has always a trusted brand when it comes to sturdy shoes and their hiking boots comes very highly rated. The shoes are made with high quality leather and they are especially treated to withstand the elements of weather. The shoes are priced around a range of Rs 2300 to Rs 4600 approx and are bought by frequent hikers.

2. Best Red Chief hiking shoes

Red Chief hiking boots are made with especially treated leather and the rubber soles definitely make them comfortable, absorbing extra shock and pressure from long miles of hiking. The shoes are unique because they also expand, without the constricting the toes and preventing any kind of nail bites. The shoes can be availed around Rs 2800 and Rs 4200 approx.

3. Best Carlton London hiking shoes

Carlton London is one of the top shoes in the hiking segment and they are extremely sturdy and comfortable at the same time. When maintained properly, they can last years and their durability especially comes in handy during the long miles of hiking. The shoes are waterproof and dry out very quickly and they are availed around Rs 5600 to Rs 7500.

4. Best Campus hiking shoes

One of the more affordable shoes in this segment, Campus is known for its soft soles and strong body that is a boon for hikers. The soles are thick and make walking on difficult terrain pleasurable. The shoes are given shape by some of the best shoe makers in the industry and there are number of loyal customers of the brand. The shoes are priced around Rs 1200 and Rs 2400.

5. Best Unistar hiking shoes

Unistar hiking boots come in a number of sizes so that every hiker can find the perfect fit. The boots are made from latex and rubber and they are made breathable by the use of natural fibers. The shoes are great for young hikers trying out for the first time and they are extremely comfortable. The shoes can be availed around a range of Rs 1250 to Rs 2900.

6. Best T- Rock hiking shoes

T- Rock hiking shoes project a very strong look and the shoes are made with cured leather that can basically withstand any kind of weather or terrain conditions. The shoes are strong and sturdy but are also light compared to most other boots, making it easy to walk and jump around in them. Hikers can have them around a price of Rs 2500 to Rs 5900.

7. Best Wildkraft hiking shoes

Wildkraft hiking shoes are crafted with a lot of care and those who want the best of utility as well as style from their hiking boots are sure to love them. They shoes are made with a lot of precision and they are light and breathable, giving the hikers a completely at-home feeling even in difficult surroundings. One can have them for a price of Rs 3400 to Rs 6200.

8. Best Adidas hiking shoes

Adidas is a world class brand and there are few who can match up to the kind of strength and agility that the shoes provide the user with. The shoes are designed to provide the maximum balance and there are anti- skid soles for better grip on wet surfaces. The shoes are rightly priced around Rs 4500 to Rs 7900 and are fully worth it.

9. Best Nike hiking shoes

Nike is a front runner as far as shoes are concerned and their hiking boots are one of the best in the industry. They are the epitome of strength and the blend of design and technology is seen is every aspect of the shoes.  Hiking in them makes the process so much easier. One can have them around a price range of Rs 3600 to Rs 7200.

10. Best Columbia hiking shoes

Columbia is a well known brand that is known for its shoes and the hiking boots are crafted according to the needs of the hikers and along the lines of their feedback. They are quite affordably priced around Rs 1800 and Rs 3200 and are one of the best shoes in the mid rang segment.

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