13 Best Loafer Brands in India to Nail Any Look

If you are style conscious yet want to spend the least time choosing the best pair of footwear for your attire, loafers can be an ideal pick. Be it a casual outfit or a formal one, slipping onto a pair of loafers is easy and effective. Moreover, it is easy to carry and comfortable. For an easy selection, you can go through the list of best loafer brands in India that we have curated to befit everyone’s choice.

Our Top Picks:

How Do We Choose the Loafer Brands for You?

Look for the factors below to pick the top loafers pair for upcoming occasions. 


According to the weather and length of use, you should choose a suitable material for loafers. For summer and spring, suede works well. If you want a regal-looking pair of loafers, opt for leather in different shades


There are quite a few styles of loafers that are meant for different occasions. On a casual day, you can wear apron loafers, penny loafers, or Italian loafers. On the other hand, for a formal event, moccasin and tuxedo loafers make a fine pair.


Whatever the event may be, comfortable shoes are always a priority. So, always opt for loafers that have flexible and cushioned soles. Top loafer brands extensively use thermoplastic elastomers for good elasticity and comfort. 

Care and Maintenance for Loafers

Looking after your loafers is essential to elongate their life span and keep them in ace condition for years. Here are some quick and easy ways to take good care of them and keep them looking like new for a long time.

Clean and Polish

Loafers are super easy to clean, and you can do it by simply brushing off any dirt and debris with a soft brush. After that, you can either use an antibacterial wipe or a wet cloth to wipe the interiors and allow them to dry. This will clean up any sweat and prevent odour build-up.


If you own a pair of leather loafers, you must use a leather conditioner cream to protect them from dryness or cracks. An affordable alternative can also be baby oil, just take a few drops on a cotton ball and wipe the loafers to keep them soft and shiny.


Store the loafers in a cool and dry place where they don’t catch on dust. This way, you will be able to pick them up and wear them whenever you want.

Types of Loafers According to the Occasion

With a variety of loafers in the market, it is common to feel confused about what to buy. But we’ve made it easier for you today. Here are some major types of loafers that you can choose from.

Penny Loafers: These are the most common type of loafers that people wear in India. They have a classic, moccasin-style design, which goes really well with pants, trousers, chinos, etc. These loafers usually have a leather band over the front.

Tassel Loafers: Loafers which have one or two tassels embellished on the top are called tassel loafers. They look very sophisticated and can be paired with casual or semi-formal outfits.

Driving Loafers: If you need a loafer that’s comfortable and stylish, driver loafers can be your go-to choice. They are often made with softer materials and have a rubber sole to make them functional for everyday use. You can wear them when going out for casual meetings or on a day out.

Boat Loafers: Although a bit tricky to style, boat loafers can totally make you the star of the night when worn perfectly. They are usually more suited for the younger crowd and can be paired with linen pants.

List of the Top 13 Loafer Brands in India


Crocs Loafers
Crocs Loafers

To take consumers through a unique footwear experience, Crocs was introduced to the world in 2002. It focuses on comfort and style while designing each of its footwear. It revolutionised the footwear industry by conceptualising unique resin footwear. The brand has a collection of over 300 types of four-season footwear to suit everyone’s style.

Notable Features of Crocs:

  • Crocs sell over 20 million pieces of footwear, including loafers, across the globe.
  • The loafers manufactured by Crocs are multipurpose. You can use them for both formal and informal occasions. 
  • Among the best loafers brands, Crocs is the one that uses removable microfiber inserts to make quirky loafers
  • The men’s Walu loafers are the most popular products of this brand. 
  • The outsoles of the loafers are made with non-marking rubbers for durability and traction


  • Different models of loafers are available
  • Different colours to pick from


  • Little pricey

Why We Picked Crocs?

Crocs is a unique casual footwear brand with a wide range of products for all. It is chosen as one of the top loafers brands in India as it delivers regular-wear loafers with an eccentric look.

User Rating: 3.5-4.5 stars

Price: Starting from Rs 1,899 

Red Tape

Red Tape Loafers
Red Tape Loafers

Red Tape produces lifestyle products for the gen-next youth aspiring for change. It provides an unparalleled footwear collection with international designs and styles. The brand first showcased its products in 1996 in the Indian market and presently has a strong presence in the global market. 

Notable Features of Red Tape:

  • Red Tape makes products of various domains. Some of them include men’s clothing, accessories, wallets, and footwear. 
  • The loafers manufactured by Red Tape are made with premium quality rubber and leather
  • It makes loafers of different patterns to fit all events
  • Most loafer varieties are made in slip-on style for a convenient experience. 


  • Numerous design options
  • Variety of colours
  • All-season loafers available
  • Easy on wallet

Why We Picked Red Tape?

Red Tape fulfils everyone’s footwear needs by improvising on traditional styles available in the market. It is a top loafers brand in India as it understands the distinct taste of Indian consumers when it comes to fashion. 

User Rating: 3.5-4.5 stars

Price: Starting from Rs 1,199 


Bata Loafers
Bata Loafers

One of India’s largest retailing footwear brands, Bata has a larger-than-life history. It had a humble beginning in 1931 and attained success by reaching all parts of India with over 1300 stores. It brings affordable footwear for all Indians. 

Notable Features of Bata:

  • Bata explores different synthetic materials and leather to make long-lasting shoes and loafers.
  • The Bata loafers are mostly water-resistant and have cushioning inside for extra comfort
  • The soles of loafers are highly flexible, making them suitable for different purposes. 
  • It uses fine strings for stitching different parts for extended durability. 


  • Padded inside for zero shoe bites
  • Available for both men and women
  • Many options available
  • Affordable brand

Why We Picked Bata?

Bata is a reliable brand for every Indian as it has been a household name for several decades owing to its quality and affordability. Consumers love the loafers manufactured by Bata for their flexibility and the quality of the material.

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User Rating: 3.5-5 stars

Price: Starting from Rs 490 


Woodland Loafers
Woodland Loafers

Woodland has been exploring various niches of products since the early 50s. It is among the top 10 loafer brands in India as it curates various designs of loafers meticulously. To date, the company is flourishing with great brand value. 

Notable Features of Woodland:

  • Woodland makes loafers majorly with thermoplastic elastomers, a high-performance material that elongates durability and adds elasticity to footwear.
  • It makes both formal and casual loafers in various sizes. 
  • The formal leather loafers have a leather upper to enhance the look of the footwear. 


  • Available in different patterns
  • Highly flexible loafers
  • TPR soles for firm grip


  • Little pricey

Why We Picked Woodland?

The incredible product line of Woodland is appreciated by users all over the world. We picked it as one of the best loafers brands as it creates each product, including loafers, after going through extensive research and trials

User Rating: 4-5 stars

Price: Starting from Rs 1,699 

Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper Loafers
Lee Cooper Loafers

Lee Cooper started its expedition as a jeans brand in London in 1908. In over a century of its existence, it has traversed through different product genres like footwear and apparel. 

Notable Features of Lee Cooper:

  • This brand has a wide range of loafers in different colours and patterns
  • It uses numerous types of leather to make perfect pairs of loafers for both men and women. 
  • The loafers are finely stitched with strings having high elasticity


  • Easy to wash
  • Comes with a 30 days manufacturer’s warranty
  • Waterproof options available


  • Little pricey

Why We Picked Lee Cooper?

The globally popular denim brand Lee Cooper has tons to offer in the loafers footwear range. It is among the best brands of loafers in India as it manufactures each piece of loafer with finesse. 

User Rating: 4-5 stars

Price: Starting from Rs 1,699 

Alberto Torresi


When it comes to a supreme selection of shoes and related accessories, Alberto Torresi takes one of the top spots. It carefully crafts comfortable shoes that define modern style and class. The brand resonates with sophistication and makes everything with perfection. 

Notable Features of Alberto Torresi:

  • This brand utilises different synthetic materials like polyurethane and thermoplastic elastomers for manufacturing loafers. 
  • All the loafers are durable and provide the utmost comfort
  • The loafers are classic yet modern and define bold taste. 
  • The brand manufactures both casual and formal loafers to suit everyone’s needs. 
  • Most of the models come with padded interiors for an extra grip and comfortable walk.


  • Lightweight loafers
  • Flexible loafers for multiple purposes
  • All-season options available

User Rating: 3.5-4.5 stars

Price: Starting from Rs 999 

Louis Stitch


Louis Stitch is a contemporary brand with a presence in several parts of the world. The products are hand-crafted perfectly to suit the changing tastes of all its users. It uses materials with high tolerance to environmental stress. Furthermore, it manufactures multi-dimensional products like German designer wallets, bio-washed T-shirts, handbags, belts, wallets, and pocket organisers.

Notable Features of Louis Stitch:

  • Louis Stitch utilises high-strength virgin leather with a great texture, enhancing comfort level
  • The brand globally offers different categories of shoes and sandals, including loafers, across different markets worldwide.  
  • The loafers are nano-coated and dual-polished for long shine retention
  • TPR is used to make the soles of most loafers. 


  • Comes with 6-month International and domestic warranty
  • Top grain leather used
  • Flexible loafers models
  • Different patterns and colours available

User Rating: 4-4.5 stars

Price: Starting from Rs 1,199 

U.S. Polo Association

US Polo Association Loafers
US Polo Association Loafers

The U.S. Polo Association is a multi-dimensional brand that has been manufacturing goods like shoes, watches, clothing, luggage, and home furnishing since 1890. It has a presence in over 135 nations with thousands of retail stores. 

Notable Features of the U.S. Polo Association:

  • Eminent designers curate elegant designs for the U.S. Polo Association, one of the best brands for loafers in India.
  • The U.S. Polo association makes shoes and loafers out of rubber of superior quality
  • It produces slip-on style loafers for the convenience of wearing them anywhere, anytime. 


  • Comes with a 90 days manufacturer’s warranty
  • Flexible sole for easy movement
  • Ease maintenance 


  • Little pricey

User Rating: 3.5-5 stars

Price: Starting from Rs 1,299 


Mochi Loafers
Mochi Loafers

When it comes to fashion footwear, Mochi is a step ahead of other brands. It has a wide assortment of products like socks, belts, mobile cases, foot and shoe care products. You will find versatile products befitting different events and occasions. The brand started its journey in 2000 and made a revolutionary fashion statement. 

Notable Features of Mochi:

  • Mochi makes loafers of a wide variety with thermoplastic elastomer soles as it ensures longevity and tensile strength
  • The uppercase of each loafer is made with fine leather to give them an elegant and classy look
  • The designs of this brand are trendy and fit different purposes. 


  • Easy maintenance
  • Comes with a shoe bag for safe storage
  • Good elasticity


  • Little expensive

User Rating: 3-4 stars

Price: Starting from Rs 400 


Sparx Loafers
Sparx Loafers

Sparx has introduced a wide range of footwear at budget-friendly prices without compromising quality. It is a part of the famous footwear brand Relaxo, which has been trusted in India since 1984. It makes new goals every year to meet the footwear needs of everyone, regardless of its type. 

Notable Features of Sparx:

  • Sparx loafers are manufactured with fine craftsmanship to curate a comfortable design
  • It upgrades the designs and patterns with every season to suit different moods and occasions. 
  • It is one of the best loafer brands in India in the casual category. 


  • Easy on wallet
  • Multiple designs and colours
  • Easily washable

User Rating: 3.5-4.5 stars

Price: Starting from Rs 999 


Metro Loafers
Metro Loafers

Metro is a retro footwear brand in India, established in Mumbai in 1955. It is a family footwear heaven as it manufactures different fashionable footwear for both formal and casual events. It is driven by customer satisfaction and devotes a reasonable amount of time to getting consumer feedback. 

Notable Features of Metro:

  • Metro manufactures loafers using durable synthetic materials that give them shine and make them look gorgeous. 
  • The wide variety of trendy designs is the brand’s USP. 
  • For 6 decades, Metro has been innovating designs of loafer types


  • Easy maintenance
  • For both men and women
  • Good elasticity of loafers

User Rating: 3.5-4.5 stars

Price: Starting from Rs 900 


Clarks Loafers
Clarks Loafers

Clarks is a footwear brand that dates back almost 200 years when shoes were a thing of luxury.  It was founded by James Clark, one of the finest shoemakers of all time. Since its beginning, the brand has been making inventive styles through innovation. 

Notable Features of Clarks:

  • Clarks uses a wide range of leather and rubbers for making loafers.
  • The materials are processed to add flexibility to the loafers. 
  • The corners are well-knit with fine-quality strings to ensure longevity.


  • Comes with a warranty of 30 days for manufacturing defects
  • Different models and colours are available


  • Expensive 

User Rating: 3.5-4.5 stars

Price: Starting from Rs 2,500

Big Fox

Big Fox Loafers
Big Fox Loafers

Big Fox greatly impacted the footwear industry when it started with innovative designs and stylish shoes in the year 2016. The brand flourished in the e-commerce market as it produced unconventional designs at a lower pocket pinch

Notable Features of Big Fox:

  • Big Fox designs with passion and caters to everyone’s needs with numerous patterns that match perfectly with every type of attire. 
  • The upper part of the loafers is made with soft and rich quality suede to enhance their looks
  • Their loafers are super comfy as the soles are made with fine thermoplastics. 


  • Available in exciting colours
  • Comes with a complimentary shoe bag
  • Water-resistant options available

User Rating: 3.5-4.5 stars

Price: Starting from Rs 999 

Final Word

All 13 best loafers shoe brands here resonate with quality and class. You can find a large variety of loafers produced by each one of them. Among these, Crocs is chosen the most for casual loafers, whereas, for formal loafers, Red Tape is prioritised by consumers. However, all the included brands have numerous perks that can suit your requirements. So, make your ideal choice after checking out all these brands. 


Which material is best for loafers?

While leather is the best choice for loafers or formal shoes, other materials like suede, textiles like cotton, and synthetic materials like PVC are popular when it comes to loafers.

How do I choose a loafer?

While picking a loafer, check the kind of outfit you want to pair it with. Accordingly, you can choose whether to go for a formal pair or a semi-formal pair. You should also look for the fit of the shoe, the comfort offered by the sole, its material and its type.

Which brand is best for loafers in India?

All the brands listed above bring the best loafers. While some are on the expensive side, others are quite affordable. However, all of them offer a variety of designs for you to choose from. Red Tape, Bata, and Mochi are some of the best brands for loafers that you can explore.

Can loafers be worn with jeans?

Yes, loafers can be worn with jeans. You can get suede loafers in a colour that will go with your jeans. For example, medium brown loafers can work well with lighter jeans.

Are loafers casual shoes?

Loafers started as casual shoes but are now designed to fit into the formal world as well. So, depending on the type, style, and texture, loafers can be both casual and formal.

Where can I buy the best loafer brands in India?

Sites such as Amazon offer a wide range of loafers from the best brands across the world. To save money on your purchases, you can also check out CashKaro and make your purchase via the site.

Can I wear loafers with socks?

Yes, you can use dress socks or shoe liners with loafers to get the look you want.

Can I wear loafers to formal events?

Yes, loafers can be worn to formal, semi-formal, and casual events.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro creates all reviews after comprehensive research. For creating the list of the best brands for loafers in India, the same was followed. All features of different loafer brands were checked carefully by experts. Then, the brands with the best features and positive customer feedback were placed on the list.

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