8 Types of Loafer Shoes – All About Stylish & Trendy Loafers for 2024

In the earlier post, we told you about the 5 types of shoes every man should have in his wardrobe. Moving forward with this, we want to put some light on shoes which have been there with us for more than 80 years- Loafers! Penny and Tassel shoes are the two most popular types of loafers but there is more that you should know about them.

So, we tell you about 8 types of loafer shoes and when to wear them and which attire they look best with.

What are the different Styles and Types of Loafers?

1. Kiltie Loafer Shoes

Kilt Loafers

Kiltie loafer shoe might take you back to the Victorian era because of their old school looks. At first, you might confuse them as Tassel but what makes them different is the fringed tongue or extra piece in the shape of a fence that lies over the tongue.

2. Penny Loafer Shoes

Penny Loafers

Penny is undoubtedly the most popular type of loafer shoes. It has a leather strap across the top with a diamond shaped design. A shoe company in the early 1930s named its version of loafers as Weejuns. When they became highly popular, Americans gave it a name- Penny Loafer Shoes. According to an alternate theory of 1930s, two pennies are enough to make an emergency call and hence the name, Penny.

3. Pump Loafer Shoes

Pump Loafers

Pump loafer shoes are best known to be complemented with a tuxedo. They are black, shiny and have a very low vamp which means you’ll have to be careful while picking up a pair of socks. Keep it in mind, pump loafers are not everyday wear and should be reserved only for formal gatherings. Buy the trendy pump loafer shoes at super affordable price using Ajio offers and save on your shopping

4. Tassel Loafer Shoes

Tassel Loafers

The origin of tasselled loafer shoes is still a mystery but history says an American movie actor named Paul Lukas bought a pair of an oxford with tassels at the end of laces. Then a shoe manufacturer by the name Alen Shoe Co. sensed the potential and launched the first tasselled loafers in 1950. Their timelessness is still intact as tassel loafer shoes are very versatile and can be worn be jeans, chinos and shorts.

5. Slipper Loafer Shoes

Slipper Loafers

With minimal design, a slipper is usually made from velvet as an alternate for pump loafer shoes with a slightly higher vamp. Designed keeping summer in mind, slippers are to be worn without socks.

6. Espadrille Loafer Shoes


If you happen to google world’s oldest shoes, chances are you’ll find a pair similar to  Espadrille. They are with us since the 14th century. Espadrille is a simple slip-on summer shoe which one can wear without socks.

7. Driving Loafer Shoes

Driving Shoes

As the name suggests, Driving loafer shoes are suited for driving and not walking. They are generally crafted with suede or supple leather. Driving loafer shoes have a flat bottom with rubber grip as heels get caught on the pedals. The best time to buy a pair of driving shoes is when Shopclues Sunday Flea market is live. So, now you know when Shopclues offers are at its peak. *winks*

8. Horsebit Loafer Shoes

horsebit Shoes

The Horsebit is the successor of penny shoes with a metal strap across the top which will remind you of a horse snaffle. In 1953,the Italian designer Guccio Gucci designed the horsebit after working as a lift boy at the Savoy hotel in London post second world war. He carefully analysed the offbeat style of the elite guests there. And that’s how the horsebit loafer became an iconic shoe.

Given the types of loafers, here is an infographic telling you about when to wear them and what dress to wear them with

Loafers Guide
Image source: bows n ties

How many did you know about?

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