Travelling is fun. The joy of meeting new people, discovering new cultures and gaining new experiences is incomparable to any. However, there are times during a travel journey when you feel that a little more sophistication could go a long way.

Be it a portable stereo, a travel iron or purifier bottle, some things make the whole travel experience more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Here are 10 cool gadgets which are designed especially for the travel lovers. It’s time to pack your bags (and these gadgets too!).

1. Water Purifier Bottle

Water Purifier Bottle

One of the most common problems while travelling is the unavailability of purified drinking water. At times when you run out of packaged water, you’ll have to be content with tap water. This can cause health problems if the water is contaminated.

Fret not! Here’s a solution to this problem. Buy a water purifier bottle and forget worrying about drinking unsafe water. Purifier bottles come with a purification cartridge which remove dirt, sediments, dust, bacteria and viruses. This makes sure your every sip is safe to drink.

2. Portable Wireless Speaker

Portable Wireless Speaker

When Music is the soul of life, it is irresistible to travel without a speaker. Wires and cables shouldn’t come in the way of your love for music. Tackle this problem with portable wireless speakers.

JBL Go Wireless speaker gives you great sound quality and comes in a compact form factor. Stream music wirelessly on the go with this affordable wireless speaker.

3. Portable Laundry Wash Bag

Scrubba Bag Travel

Say goodbye to stained clothes when you are on the move. The Scrubba Wash Bag is a handy washer that removes dirt and stains from your clothes. Made of hydrolysis-resistant polyether, Scrubba can also be used as a dry-bag.

4. The Ostrich Pillow

Ostrich Pillow

Squeeze in a quick nap any time and any where with the Ostrich Pillow. The soundproof pillow fits around your head and prevents light from entering in. An ideal way to beat jet lag and get some quick sleep on the move.

5. Sandless Beach Mat

Sandless Beach Mat Travel

Planning for a holiday or vacation? This one’s for you. Sandless Beach Mat is designed to keep away water, sand and dirt to help you have a peaceful beach outing. Relax and enjoy the seaside ambience without worrying about wet sand and water.

6. Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick Travel Gadget

If you think you can hold your phone in one hand and take selfie shots from a cliff, by the sea or on the move, then go ahead. If you’re concerned about your phone slipping from hand, then take a selfie stick along. The ones with inbuilt Bluetooth Remote Shutter are ideal for travelers.

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7. Sleepphones


Have trouble sleeping in your new location? Mask your eyes while you listen to soothing music from Sleepphones that can take you to la-la land. The soft and wireless band contains speakers and can be even washed.

8. GoPro Camera

GoPro Travel Gadget

Catch all the adventure you have on the other side of the world with a GoPro Camera. Mount it on your head and you’ll have a third eye that records all the fun you have on your trip. Relieve the moment when you play the recordings back. Use Shopclues coupons to get GoPro cameras at cheap prices.

9. Travel Iron

Travel Iron

When you are on the move and want your clothes to look perfect, a travel iron is the best choice. They are lightweight, come with a foldable handle and fit easily into a travel pouch.

10. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Forget about the pile of books eating up space in your backpack. All you need is a Kindle, the perfect reading device from Amazon! The huge battery backup will last till the time you are back from your trip.



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