11 Best DIY & Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas

A level above all the cliched Christmas gift ideas, these DIY & Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas are sure to make you a pro in selecting amazing gifts. While there are many gifts that are available in the market, handmade gifts have their own charm on the recipient. With a lot many emotions and personal touch added in their making, the love enmeshed into these gifts outshines everything else.

Here we have compiled a list of best DIY Christmas gifts and cards that are sure to make you feel proud.

11 Best DIY Christmas Gifts And Cards

1. Flower Totes For A Fragrant Festival

Flower Totes For A Fragrant Festival

Here comes the best DIY gift idea. If your girlfriend has a thing for bags, this Christmas, gift her a DIY flower tote bag.  DIY Tote bags are one of the best choice of gifts during Christmas because of their unique fragrance and art. All you must do is buy a plain tote bag and collect some colourful flowers. Place them on the tote bag and tape them up. Place a paper towel over the area and hammer the flowers once or twice so that the colour and scent of the flowers gets tapped on the tote bag. And you’re done!

2. Christmas Tea Tree For Tea Lovers

Christmas Tea Tree For Tea Lovers

While Christmas is a winter festival, having something warm is a must. So, gift your dear ones a Christmas Tea Tree. One of the best diy Christmas gifts for friends, a Christmas Tea Tree is something that your friend will love to receive. Well if you’re wondering how to make this Christmas Tea Tree, read on.

What you’ll need:

  • A paper mache cone
  • Packaged teabags
  • Ribbons and Christmas ornaments
  • Glue

Start glueing the teabags from the bottom of the cone and overlap them as you move upwards to create a Christmas tree-like appearance. Embellish with ribbons and other Christmas ornaments. One of the best personalised gifts for a tea lover, this handmade Christmas tree is sure to garner you lots of praises.

3. Hand Made Christmas Tree Ornaments to Add that Midas Touch

Hand Made Christmas Tree Ornaments to Add that Midas Touch

Metal Christmas ornaments are too mainstream. This festive season gift your favourite people a set of handmade Christmas decoration ornaments made with paper, cardboard or other material. One of the best DIY Christmas gift ideas, handmade ornaments always prove to be worthy additions.

You can make numerous Frosty – The Snowman ornaments by glueing bottle caps together and adorning them with ribbons. Or try your hand at making Snowflakes by glueing together the pieces of clothespins.

4. Get Creative With Card Making Kit 

Card Making Kit

Available on: Amazon
Price: Starts from Rs.284

Well, if you’re not into gifting or hand making gifts for your loved ones but still want to gift something authentic, then it’s time to grab a nice handmade Christmas greeting cards kit. One of the best handmade Christmas card ideas, this DIY kit equips you with all things that are necessary for creating a Christmas card. We’re sure, your girlfriend is sure to feel touched by this small gesture.

5. Photo Transfer Art For A Christmassy Look

Photo Transfer Art For A Christmassy Look

Seal the bond of love by gifting this unique photo transfer art to your beau. One of the best and creative in-style gifts, photo transfer art is something that you can make with minimal effort. Their unique wooden look is what makes them an apt gift for the Christmas season. One of the best DIY Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, this gift can be easily made at home. Check out the items you need below to begin.

Supplies Required:

  • Mod Podge (craft supply)
  • A Brush
  • A Square or Shaped Wooden Board
  • A Photograph
  • Water

Apply a little amount of mod podge on the wooden plank and place the photograph with its white side up on it. Press a little from all the edges to release any kind of trapped air bubbles and set aside. When dry, apply a little amount of water on the photograph and gently remove the paper using your hands and brush. The photograph will get printed on the plank.

6. Knit Blanket To Snuggle Up This Winter 

Knit Blanket To Snuggle Up In Those Winter Months

Available on: Amazon
Price: Rs.2309

What’s better than gifting some comfort to your beloved this winter. One of the best handmade Christmas gifts, this cosy DIY knit blanket will make them feel super happy. Buy these Christmas gifts online and surprise your best person.

PS. You also get to snuggle up with him/her. ?

7. String Art For Wishing A Merry Christmas

String Art For Wishing A Merry Christmas

String art, just like photo transfer art is something that is worth gifting to your friend. A decorative gift item, string art can be placed anywhere near a Christmas tree with a Merry Christmas message. One of the most creative DIY Christmas gifts, string art is truly a gift worth the effort. Outline a nice picture on a wooden plank with the help of board pins. Use a string to wound and tighten around random pins to make a pattern. And you’re done.


8. Rope Votives For Home Decor

Rope Votives For Home Decor

Scented candles are quite a cliche Christmas gifting option. This Christmas, give this gift an innovative twist by gifting your friends a set of hand-painted rope wrapped votives. A cute decorative item painted in red and green colour is all you need to get that christmassy vibe.

All you have to do is grab a pair of glass containers and cover those up with a rope and some glue. Paint them as usual and gift these beautiful diy gifts to your dear ones this Christmas season.

9. Mosaic Art For A Bright Festive Vibe

Mosaic Art For A Bright Festive Vibe

Add some sparkle this Christmas by gifting this shimmery mosaic art to your close pals. Let your creativity flow free with this one! All you need is a plain white decorative tray, some broken compact discs, glue and POP. Cut the CD’s out in pieces and paste them on the tray. When dry, layer the spaces in between using POP and you’re done. You can even add small Christmas sculptures in between and add a layer of resin in place of POP.

10. Pop Up Cards For A Creative Surprise

Pop Up Cards For A Creative Surprise

Available on: Amazon
Price: Rs.254

Pop up cards are a best way to surprise your dear ones. Grab these unique handmade Christmas cards online or make one yourself. A surprise Christmas gift idea, these cards when opened, pop out surprising the receiver.  A creative surprise gift, these cards will pop out a 3D Christmas tree adorned with decorative ornaments.

11. Tea/Coffee Wreath For  Warm Christmassy Vibe

Tea/Coffee Wreath For A Warm Embrace

Wreaths often add that cosy and festive vibe to Christmas celebrations. This Christmas, gift your near and dear ones a handmade Christmas wreath which can adorn their living spaces.

Grab some small packets of tea and coffee of your favourite brand and a round donut shaped cardboard. Gently paste the tea and coffee packs on the cardboard and fill up any spaces left in between too. Tie some red and green ribbons around it to make it look like a Christmas wreath. Decorate it with holly, glitter, flowers, and Christmas ornaments to complete it.

Niharika (CK Book Critic)
Niharika (CK Book Critic)

A curious shutterbug, Niharika has a penchant for all things new. An ardent animal lover and a literature enthusiast, she loves writing fiction and creating her own world of words. Apart from her pure love for Maggi, her perseverance for doing things her way is something that defines her persona. She’s often found around the greens, gazing at the sky or cherishing music while at work.

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